Celery Diet. Effective way to lose weight

Celery benefits

celery dietCelery is a vegetable that has only recently been used exclusively for pickling and pickling at home. However, at present, the popularity of this plant has increased. First of all, it is connected with a large number of vitamins and microelements, which are contained both in the leaves and in the celery roots. This means that absolutely all parts of the plant can be used for the treatment or preparation of healthy dishes. Secondly, this vegetable contains very few calories - only about 20 kcal per 100 grams of product. Because of this, celery is an excellent tool for all those who want to lose weight and at the same time not harm their body. It can be safely used as a daily independent dish, effectively helping in the fight against overweight. And, thirdly, it is worth noting the fact that to digest celery the body of any person needs to spend much more energy than he received.That is why nutritionists around the world urge all slimming people to pay special attention to such a weight loss method as the celery diet.

celery soup diet

Special features

Numerous modern studies have shown that the two-week consumption of this unique vegetable culture allows you to lose five to ten kilograms. Moreover, it is not difficult to do this, because the celery diet does not impose a strict ban on other types of products. The most important thing in this case is to consume them in limited quantities. In general, the course of weight loss is designed for two-time repetition of the weekly menu for fourteen days. At the heart of nutrition is a diet on celery soup. In parallel, the diet includes fresh vegetables, fruits, rice, dairy products and lean meat.

Soup recipe

celery soup dietIn order to prepare the main component of nutrition, you need to take two hundred grams of celery root, one cabbage, five or six medium tomatoes, two small carrots, one onion, two green peppers and a half liter of tomato juice. All of these ingredients, which are allowed, if you choose a celery diet, must be finely chopped and put in a saucepan. Next, add tomato juice and a small amount of water.Then you need to bring the soup to a boil and keep fifteen or twenty minutes over medium heat until fully cooked.

Celery diet menu

Eating the above dish is necessary every day. In addition, the diet of celery soup can be supplemented with other products, used strictly on certain days. For example, on Monday you can eat fresh fruit, on Tuesday - vegetables, on Wednesday - kefir, on Thursday - rice and so on. There are no strict restrictions. The most important thing is not to forget to drink as much pure water as possible and not to drink alcohol, sweets and flour. Adhering to this type of food, as celery diet, you should abandon the salt, canned foods and a variety of smoked meats.

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