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The Central House of Artists (CHA) is one of thelargest and most famous exhibition centers in Russia. For more than 35 years of its existence, it has repeatedly become a venue for important cultural events. And today it is difficult to overestimate the role played by the CHA in the cultural life of the capital. Exhibitions held within its walls are interesting and diverse. And this means that everyone can find there a temporary or permanent exposition to their taste.

real estate exhibition in CHA

A few words about the history of the CHA

In 1956, it was decided to buildin the capital of two buildings, in one of which it was planned to place part of the Tretyakov Gallery exposition, and the second - to transfer to the Union of Artists of the USSR for exhibitions and other events. Over time, the idea arose to develop a single construction project, where both objects would be located. It was successfully implemented by the architects N. Sukoyan and Yu. Sheverdyaev, and in 1979 an exhibition of artists in the Central House of Artists and the exposition of the State Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean shaft opened their doors to the first visitors.Crimean shaft ddh exhibition

Demolition plans

In 2008, it became known about the project, according to whichon the site of the Central House of Art it was planned to build a multifunctional building in the form of cut fruit, in which, apart from part of the Tretyakov Gallery exposition, the hotel, high-level residential apartments and offices were to be located. A year later, Muscovites announced that the 15-story "Orange" will not be erected, instead of it a new complex will appear in the capital, the location of which will be the Crimean shaft. The Central House of Artists, an exhibition of Russian and Soviet artists of the 1920-1960 (part of the Tretyakov Gallery), according to the authorities' new plan, were to move to new buildings. It was assumed that the construction created by N. Sukoyan and J. Sheverdyaev should be placed at the disposal of the investor. Fortunately, this plan was also not implemented, as the public began to protect the building of the CHA. Whatever it was, today the exposition of the Central House of Artists is located in the same place as before, and there are a variety of interesting cultural events.

CHA of the exhibition

"Primordial Russia" (exhibition CHA)

From January 23 to February 26 in Moscow was a festival,dedicated to the beauty of nature of our country. Within its framework was opened an exhibition of wildlife in the Central House of Artists. Her visitors were presented with photos and documentary tapes telling about the lives of our smaller brothers in the protected corners of the country and in the depths of the sea, as well as pictures of the incredibly beautiful landscapes of the Command Islands, the Kologrivsky Forest and the Putorana Plateau. A huge interest was caused by the exhibition of photographers engaged in the creation of works on which, with the help of the latest technologies, a microcosm hidden from the eyes of a person is imprinted. Anton Lange presented his new project. It is called "Ridge", and was prepared specifically for the festival "Primordial Russia". Exhibition CHA, dedicated to the nature of Russian regions, also included a children's cognitive and entertaining program and meetings with famous Russian travelers. Also within its framework were master classes of famous foreign and domestic photographers.

Exposition of the State Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean shaft

As already mentioned, in addition to the historic building,located in Lavrushinsky lane, part of the Tretyakov Gallery is exhibited in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val. It consists of a permanent exposition called "The Art of the 20th Century" and various exhibitions. In particular, in May you can see the works presented in the framework of projects devoted to hyperrealism and Georgy Yakulov.

exhibition of artists in the CHA

Real Estate Exhibition in CHA

Works of art - this is not the only thing thatcan be seen in the halls of the Central House of Artists. For more than one year the pavilions of this building have become the venue for the exhibition of residential real estate. This year this event is scheduled for the period from 24 to 27 September. Visiting the CHA these days, everyone will be able to:

  • pick up and buy an apartment, a country house or an apartment in a new building directly from the builder;
  • select the appropriate option in the secondary housing market;
  • get free legal advice on issues related to the purchase / sale of real estate;
  • choose a suitable option for a mortgage loan, for example, preferential, for a young family or without a down payment;
  • become a participant of seminars and conferences organized by leading experts in the real estate field, etc.

"Primordial Russia" exhibition of the Central House of Artists

Children's creative workshop

The CHA traditionally paid much attention tothe upbringing of the younger generation of good taste and the desire for beauty. In particular, there operates a children's creative workshop, in which boys and girls are helped to reveal their talents and create real works of art. In addition, children who are engaged in painting and sculpture in the Central House of Artists, exhibitions of famous artists see almost daily, they participate in various cultural events. So, from April 24 to May 17, a contest "Personal Victory" is held. It is dedicated to the feat of the Soviet people during the Second World War, and within its framework an exhibition of 67 children's works, created including students of a children's creative workshop, is organized. The 70th anniversary of the Great Victory was a source of inspiration for the young participants of the master classes "Symbols of the World", "Sun Hunters" and others. They were known masters of arts and crafts who showed everyone how to paint glass in stained glass technique, work in the technique of multilayer watercolor, create collages and much more.

"Italomania 2015"

From 6 to 7 June in Moscow will host a festivalItalian culture, a platform for which will become the CHA. Exhibitions of books and products from Italy, language courses, master classes on making mosaics, wine tasting and masterpieces of national cuisine of this country and much more are just a small list of activities that will be available to the guests of the holiday. Also they will be shown novelties of the Italian cinema and animation, will acquaint them with the information, concerning the possibility of obtaining higher education in local universities.

Upcoming events

Between mid-May and mid-SeptemberIn 2015, the Central House of Artists will host exhibitions of works by E. Yashin, S. Karev, M. Blinov, E. Sevastyanov, V. Tryamkin, V. Grig, A. Kopytzeva, A. Zabarovskaya, S. Pakhomov and G. Osterstov. Also in the concert hall of the House you can listen to the performance of the "Stars of Peterburg Jazz" (May 27) by Pavel Kashin (October 25), and on October 23 see the solo performance "Gogol against Gogol".

exhibition of wildlife in CHA

If you find yourself in Moscow, then be surevisit the CHA. Exhibitions, concerts, fairs and other events are held there throughout the year, so you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with all the new things that the capital can offer today to lovers of contemporary art.

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