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I want with the help of plastic surgery to solve the problem of the hanging age. Maybe someone in Astana has already come across this and will advise a good clinic?
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Answered on June 27 15:29
Do you want to solve the problem with a scalpel or laser? I heard that now new techniques have appeared, but there are still very few reviews, and they are ambiguous.
Marina Yaroshenko
Marina Yaroshenko
The laser will not exactly remove the excess skin, it can help from wrinkles and that should be consulted with the surgeon. Read about bleating - this is the method of Professor Blokhin where laser polishing is the final stage.
Answered on August 1 20:56, Clara |
Answered on June 27 16:06
I already think about blepharoplasty eyelids too. Kremchiki with a lifting effect does not help at all, wrinkles are also quite obvious, so that we need heavier artillery. I saw a Darus clinic in Astana, in which, inter alia, blepharoplasty is performed, here is the link to it. The author, have you already examined this clinic?
Answered on June 27 16:10
Does anyone know what recovery period after this operation? Do I have a vacation scheduled for August, I wonder, will they have time to get off their tracks in two weeks or will I still have to take work at my own expense?
Two weeks usually, depending on how your body will recover.
Answered on July 23, 19:58, Nate |
Answered on July 23 20:01
For blepharoplasty there is an author's technique, after which there are no noticeable stitches left - blefarolifting Look for doctors who can perform an operation using this method, and recovery takes place there faster.

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