Chainsaw Attachment: Features, Types, Manufacturers, and Reviews

The chainsaw can be used not only for the procurement of firewood - it is a universal tool. If your favorite device is idle, then with the help of nozzles for chainsaws it can be turned into a mobile "grinder" or garden tools. And this is not all possibilities. What are these devices and what kinds of them? Consider in our today's article.

Chainsaw features

They are powerful enough in relation to weight and at the same time a compact engine that can be operated in difficult conditions. Membrane carburetors together with a pressurized fuel mixture supply system make it possible to work with the tool in any position. The design of the centrifugal clutch reliably protects the nodes from excessive loads and damage. And finally, the main advantage of chainsaws is autonomy and mobility.

chainsaw nozzle


The nozzle "Bulgarian" on a chainsaw is the most popular device. It is a nozzle that is mounted on the saw and turns it into a power cutter and angle grinders. The device works by means of a belt and pulley. The latter must be installed on the shaft of the drive sprocket.

This tool is securely attached to the body of the chainsaw on the studs. Depending on the manufacturer, the diameter of the circle with which the nozzle is supposed to work may vary. So, on the product from "Izhtehmash" the maximum possible diameter is 180 millimeters.

The Bulgarian grinder on the UShM-1 chainsaw will perfectly cope with abrasive machining and cutting of various products. It can be natural or artificial materials, all types of ceramic tiles. She also cope with stripping welds. The nozzle UShM-1 can be operated with standard as well as diamond abrasive wheels. The maximum diameter is 200 millimeters, and the mounting hole is 22 millimeters.

nozzle Bulgarian on a chainsaw

Use Restrictions

Where can I use the above device? According to the masters, the nozzle "Bulgarian" on the chainsaw "Shtil" is most suitable.As for the models, this is “Calm-180” and “Calm-250”. This is due to the features and characteristics of these tools. At the beginning of work, when using a centrifugal clutch, the number of revolutions is 4500 per minute. At such a speed, the spindle is as stable as possible. Further rpm increase to 7000-8000 per minute.

Manufacturers are advised to use only 75 percent of power chainsaws when working with such a “grinder” and not to use a tool without a safety guard. This attachment has some limitations. So, in the process of cutting it is necessary to take care of the filter, which would hold fine steel or stone dust (it will be formed in the process of working with the "Bulgarian"). Given this circumstance, one should carefully approach the selection of abrasive wheels.

Effective air filters when working with such devices recognize all masters. Established filters that are equipped with modern chainsaws, unable to cope with small particles and chips.

There are two types of cleaning elements. For Chinese chainsaws, manufacturers install simple single-stage filters.According to reviews, they are not worth taking. They quickly become clogged and become unusable. On chainsaws of higher price categories (for example, “Calm” or “Huskvarna”), the manufacturer installs two- and sometimes three-stage filters. They can hold particles of different sizes.

Therefore, it is always better to work with this nozzle on models with three cleaning filters. They are difficult to damage with metal shavings. As for the selection of disks, not all of them are designed to work under conditions of high loads. This is claimed by the chainsaw manufacturers themselves. The abrasive wheel may collapse during rotation from centrifugal force.

This chainsaw nozzle is a useful tool that can be used in a household. Prices are quite affordable. For the saw "Huskvarna" the product can be purchased at a cost of one and a half to two thousand rubles, and for models "Shtil" - about two and a half thousand rubles.

chainsaw attachments calm


What it is? This device will be useful to all those involved in the processing and harvesting of wood. The main function of the nozzle is to remove the bark from the tree. Reviews say that this unit copes well with boughs and other irregularities on the trunks. Most of all, this tool is useful in the construction of wooden houses.All the advantages of the attachment to the chainsaw "Shtil-180" are felt in the process of working with it.

Nozzles with different characteristics are produced. So, the width can be 80 or 100 millimeters. Cutting parts can be sharpened, if necessary, or buy new ones from the manufacturer.

Installation is simple. The device is installed on the studs, but they should be slightly longer than the standard. These studs can be found in the kit with the nozzle. The tool is driven by a pulley installed instead of a standard driving star.

nozzles for chainsaw calm 180

Boat motor

Nozzles for chainsaws significantly expand the functionality of this tool. Once not using a saw! With this device you can turn it into an engine for a small boat. Of course, a full-fledged motor can not be made due to the technical characteristics. But to travel on lakes or calm rivers at low speeds is quite possible.

As a work item used screw. He can have two or three blades. The force on the screw goes through the gearbox and extension cord from the pulley. The device is installed instead of the leading star.

Technical characteristics of the outboard motor of chainsaw

Gear ratio 2: 1. Passport power is 1500 watts. The maximum speed of movement is 20 kilometers per hour. As for fuel consumption, the chainsaw needs up to one liter per hour. The number of blades on the screw - two, with a screw diameter of 150 millimeters. The weight of the device is small - only five kilograms.

Manufacturers recommend installing attachments on the chainsaw "Shtil" and "Huskvarna" because of their stable technical characteristics. Inexpensive Chinese products are better not to use for these tasks.

nozzle Bulgarian on a chainsaw calm

Chainsaw as a drill

With the help of a simple and convenient nozzle you can solve a lot of different tasks, for example, to get a drill for making holes in the thickness of the ice. This adaptation is popular among fishermen and in fish farms. Chainsaws with such a nozzle make holes in the thickness of the ice and punch holes for air supply to the reservoir. The effectiveness of this device is not once confirmed in practice.

The MB-2 motor drill has excellent performance. The nozzle is driven from the pulley through a reduction gear. It reduces the rotational speed of the shaft to 150 per minute.This model differs from similar drills in speed of installation on a chainsaw. Reviews say that the installation will take no more than 10 minutes.

But a motor drill is needed in a household not only in winter. Often, it can be used to solve different problems on the site at any time of the year. Practice shows that with the aid of the chainsaw nozzle, you can drill holes in the ground under the fence posts. To make it easier to work with the device, manufacturers produce special extenders.

Please note: experts do not recommend the use of a nozzle for working with heavy soils or soils that are saturated with stones.

chainsaw sharpener


This is another useful device that will extend the standard functional features of a chainsaw. Thrust force depends on the characteristics of the saw itself. The maximum effort can be up to two tons. The thrust force is about one and a half thousand kilograms. The length of the complete cable is 30 meters. The size of the device is small. It is recommended to install this attachment on the chainsaw "Shtil" or similar technical characteristics. Inexpensive Chinese equipment does not provide the necessary power.

With the help of such a winch, you can pull out a car stuck in mud, lift the car to a tow truck, lift the boat to the trailer of the car. Using a winch, you can move fallen trees and move loads in space.

chainsaw sharpener

Nozzle for sharpening chainsaws

Cutting chain can be sharpened with a file. But this is not always possible. And not every chain can be well sharpened in this way. If the saw was working with sand or gravel soil, then a special machine is needed for sharpening. The Shtil company lets out the special nozzles allowing to sharpen a chain qualitatively.

What it is? Chain saw for sharpening chainsaws is a device mounted directly on the saw bar. The working part looks like an archery saw, but instead of a blade in the nozzle there is a round file. With the help of such attachments, you can not only sharpen, but also adjust the chain to fit one size.

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