Chandelier in the style of country for home interior

At a design design of dwelling always risesthe question of the preference for a particular style both of the whole situation and of its individual elements. So, a country-style chandelier will perfectly fit into its own interior, and in other stylistic solutions.

Country Style

Interior design in the country style is characterized byits simplicity and comfort, it is adjacent to a more gentle and light style - the French Provence. But unlike the latter, he is somewhat rude and more laconic. Country style originated in the last century in England. By the way, both Provence and country have basically a village spirit, which helps to relax and pacify those who are in the room. That's why he has not lost, but even on the contrary gained popularity in our days.

Distinctive features

chandelier in country style

The main characteristics of the decor in the country style:

  • Natural colors and their shades (black, white, terracotta, blue, blue, gray, brown);
  • use of natural materials in the interior (tiles, wood, stone, wrought iron, natural textiles);
  • simplicity and comfort.

The walls are usually covered with a layer of paint orplaster, sometimes pasted wallpaper, especially welcome floral ornaments. In addition, great importance in the sense of completeness of the design solution has accessories and small details, which includes lighting.

Chandelier in country style: features

It is clear that the right lamp or chandelier is the key moment in the design of the room. A chandelier in the country style will give a special, indescribable charm to the interior.

chandeliers in country style photo

For all lighting devices made in this manner, there are certain canons on which products can be easily distinguished from others:

  1. Absence of corners and clear lines. This style is characterized by soft smooth transition lines, so all chandeliers have rounded shapes with a slow flow from one to the other.
  2. Naturalness of materials.The most popular version of the chandelier in this style is the use of natural wood or forged metal as the main material or simulating them.
  3. Aging.These materials have a deliberate-rough, untreated and natural texture, and together with the patination of the surface (the piece-created effect of aging) give the atmosphere a special charm.
  4. Massiveness. The chandelier must necessarily look heavy and massive. It can be made in the form of a wheel or some other rough composition.
  5. Naturalness of shades.The country style is dominated by dark shades of brown, bronze colors, white, black, burgundy, emerald and azure are also popular. A typical color scheme for metal is dark shades of bronze, silver, etc. Simulation for antique gold, rust or other signs of aging of metal is also welcomed.


The most popular option for such chandelierscandles, the number and shape of which is quite diverse. But it can be light bulbs in the form of candles or simulated candles. Candles can be located in one or several tiers, singly or in groups.

Chandelier in country style absorbed individualfeatures of some regions. For example, in the Scandinavian countries, such lamps are often made from deer horns, whereas in Ireland variations from a conventional wooden barrel from whiskey are very popular. And in southern countries, for the execution of lamps in the style mentioned, rope is often used, and as a result, very interesting and original chandeliers in the country style are obtained, the photos of which are located in the article.

chandeliers in kanti style

Lighting for country style

If you want to create an atmosphere in this style,it is also necessary to take care of the greatest amount of natural light, but in the absence of large windows in the room, it will be necessary to provide it with additional artificial lighting.

For a dwelling that is executed in the country style, it must be muted, but not dim, creating a romantic atmosphere.

chandeliers in country style

A very important issue is correctselected lighting. When choosing them, you need to focus on simplicity and conciseness - a good option will be lamps and floor lamps, which have a light intensity control. If desired, you can install several of their types (floor lamp, sconces or ceiling chandeliers) and turn on alternately, respectively, the chosen intensity of lighting. By the way, often chandeliers in this version are equipped with frosted or translucent glasses in a soft color scheme.

Correct arrangement of lighting devices

For correct and comfortable lightingThe lamps are arranged in such a way that the chandeliers in the country style are central to the chandelier, and they must be coarse and heavy. They are usually supplemented by several wall-mounted (wall lamps), table-top (lamps) and floor (floor lamps) lighting fixtures.

Floor lamps, sconces and table lamps are notmust necessarily be massive. The main thing is that the selected ensemble was created in one design decision, then it will become outwardly harmonious and will be a good assistant for the main chandelier.

chandeliers for kitchen in country style

Fixtures in country style is optimallocated at a height of about one and a half meters above the floor, and it is better to increase the number of lighting equipment, but reduce the power of lighting for each of them. Also, with the task of muted lighting, matt glass plafonds, or beige, yellow or milky-colored paint, do a good job.


Lighting devices made in the describedthe manner is very popular now - they can harmoniously fit into many interiors. Such fixtures are installed not only in houses and apartments, they are great for decorating stylized restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars, as well as for other public institutions where you need to create a cozy, homely atmosphere. The presence of such lamps in the room always indicates a good taste of their owner.

Chandeliers, country lights look likenobly and classically, they complement any kind of rustic interior, but can also perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a city apartment. Most often, massive items are hung in the living room - the most spacious room in the dwelling, then there will be no feeling of squeezing the square. And chandeliers for the kitchen in the country style differ somewhat smaller in size and the presence of decorative elements. This allows them to decorate a relatively small area of ​​the kitchen, without cluttering it.

Homemade chandelier in country style in the kitchen

Chandelier in the style of country has anothera positive characteristic that allows you to save and give individuality to the room - it is quite possible to make such a lighting device by your own forces from available items.

homemade chandelier in country style in the kitchen

These can be:

  • rope (as a suspension or decor);
  • An old wooden wheel from a cart or spinning wheel (which can serve as the basis for a chandelier);
  • various chains (by means of which the chandelier will be suspended and adjusted in height);
  • metal and wood;
  • glass (a glass jar or bottle can be used as a plafond).

The main thing in this lesson is the harmonious combination of all the elements, so as not to overdo it with the pretentiousness of the resulting product. After all, one of the main features of the country style is laconism and simplicity.

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