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Change vocabulary to change your life

It would seem, what else is needed for happiness? It is enough just to give up negative thoughts and live, enjoying every second. But therein lies the greatest difficulty. Very heavyabout control your thoughts. But you can start by controlling your own words, because they are the form for your thoughts. Even small changes in your vocabulary can make your life much easier:

You probably have heard the expression: “He owes everything to everyone!” As a rule, it does not mean anything good. The state “must”, like this word itself, has a negative energy. You must clearly define for yourself that you do not owe anything to anyone, and everything you do, you do because you want it. Instead of saying, “I have to go to the store,” say, “I want to go to the grocery store.”
No choice
“I have no choice, I have to finish the job before I go to the party.” It is not true. There is always a choice. What is more important for you to work or party? This is a choice that is entirely up to you. No one will force you to sit on reports. You yourself analyze the situation, predict the consequences, compare possible scenarios and, relying on this, make a decision. Therefore, in such a situation it would be more correct to say: “It will be wiser to finish the work first, and only then go to the party”.
I can not
How many times have you spoken these words, although they were not true? “I can’t go on anymore, I can’t write anymore, I can’t communicate with this person anymore ...” - it has flown out of your mouth, but in spite of that, you are still doing it. There are no words "I can not", there are words "I do not want." Develop, improve and then everything will be within your reach. Instead of “I can't write,” say, “I'm not a great writer yet.”
Is impossible
“I will not become a famous athlete! It's impossible! I'm too clumsy! ”- don't say phrases like this one. Nothing is impossible! In 1998, a disabled person conquered the highest peak of the world - Everest.Something impossible can happen in the life of everyone; it takes time, effort and patience. So how about “It is possible that I will become a professional athlete if I devote enough time and energy to this”?
“I will never learn to sing!” - many complain, leaving the karaoke bar. But even if today the sound of your voice coming from the shower makes your neighbors want to shoot, do not worry, it’s just today. You can improve, develop and learn new skills to infinity. Therefore, instead of “never,” say better: “As long as my singing is not perfect!”.
Will kill
Surely, almost every person at least once in his life with a joke threatened to kill someone. “If he slam the door again, I will kill him!”, Or “If their dog bark at our cat again, I will kill her!”, Or “If you call me fat again, I will kill you!”. In a fit of emotion, these words easily fly away from our language. We pronounce them without even thinking about their true meaning. This is just another way to express anger, resentment and resentment. But why not pull yourself together and instead of: “I will kill you now, you are late for a whole hour” not to say “UnderstandI feel hurt and unpleasant that you allow yourself to be late for meetings with me ”? Perhaps this will have a greater effect on the opponent.

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