Charlotte without eggs: interesting recipes, cooking features

Charlotte is considered the simplest type of baking, beginners cooks begin their studies with its preparation. But the taste of this cake is no worse than that of some delicious cake. The aroma of apples, flavored with vanilla and cinnamon, will flood the entire kitchen and make you envy your neighbors. Charlotte just can not fail. Its recipe is so simple that even a child can handle it. Yes, and it is prepared quickly. The classic recipe includes eggs in the list of ingredients. But if you for some reason do not use this product, do not rush to give up apple pie. There is a charlotte and no eggs. The recipes of this baking will be presented to your judgment below.

Charlotte without eggs in milk

Why do we need eggs for charlotte

Before you start cooking a vegetarian version of the dessert, consider the classic recipe. Taste has apple charlotte. In fact, this is a cake with a lot of this fruit.Why then do we need eggs in the ingredients? The British have come up with a classic charlotte. It was a pudding option. But the recipe, arriving on the continent, has changed into French style. Now the classic charlotte is made of sponge cake. And it, as is known, is prepared on the basis of beaten eggs. But the classic recipe is not a dogma. And nothing will prevent us from preparing a no less tasty charlotte without eggs. It may turn out to be denser, not so airy. But in this dish the part of the main violin is played by apples. They determine the taste of the whole dish. For the dough without eggs, other ingredients are often used: milk, kefir, sour cream. And so that the dish does not disintegrate, semolina, breadcrumbs or oatmeal are included in the recipe. Biscuit dough is very capricious. Even at the wrong time, the open door of the oven can lead to the fact that the cake will immediately fall off. If we do not use eggs in the recipe, such an incident will not occur.

Charlotte without eggs recipe

Some secrets of cooking

Even the simplest recipe has its own characteristics. And they need to know to cook a delicious sharlotte without eggs. First of all, we need to achieve maximum airiness of the test.How to do it without a soufflé, that is, without beaten eggs? First, sift flour well. So we will not only get rid of the lumps, but also fill it with air. Flour will be loose, and the dough - air. Secondly, for kneading, we use not a whisk, but a mixer. Put the charlotte in the preheated oven. So, the whipped dough will immediately “grab” and its structure will become porous. But all efforts will be wasted in vain if we use the wrong apples. Too juicy varieties will turn the cake into a mess. Too sweet will contribute to the fact that the product will burn. Best for charlotte use sour and dense varieties of apples, such as Antonovka or Simirenko. To prevent the cake from burning, the baking sheet is smeared with margarine. It will be undesirable if the fat is absorbed into the dough. Therefore, margarine should be lightly sprinkled with semolina. Finally, for baking, place a baking sheet with salt on the lowest level of the oven.

Charlotte without eggs photo

On kefir

And now let's consider in turn the various recipes of charlottes without eggs. Baking powder in this case will be lactic acid bacteria kefir and soda, quenched with vinegar or lemon juice. Mix in a wide bowl for a glass of kefir, semolina, sugar and flour.Pour one hundred milliliters of refined sunflower oil. Add a pinch of salt and a bag of vanilla sugar. Extinguish a teaspoon of soda quench vinegar and pour into the dough. It should turn out like fat farm sour cream. Cooks about him say: "like pancakes." Grams of 700-800 my apples and cut into thin plates, simultaneously removing fruit boxes with seeds. If the fruit has a hard skin, it needs to be cut. Apple slices poured into the dough and knead. Turn on the oven 180 degrees. Pan grease with margarine and sprinkle decoys. Spread the dough. Sprinkle with cinnamon or cane sugar. We bake about forty minutes. Readiness check with a toothpick. If it comes out of the dough dry, then you can turn off the oven.

Delicate charlotte without eggs

Another recipe for charlotte kefir

In the summer there are not only many apples, but also wild or garden berries. Let's try to diversify the classic recipe. First, mix in a bowl bulk ingredients: semolina, flour, sugar - just a glass. Add another bag of powder for cookies (10 g). Now pour the liquid ingredients. Since we are preparing a charlotte without eggs, take a glass of kefir and half the amount of sunflower oil. Stir to achieve uniformity. Baking grease with margarine.Three apples cut into thin slices, mix with a handful of berries (currants, raspberries or blueberries). Put this fruit mass on a baking sheet. Fill with dough and immediately put in a preheated oven. First, bake at a high temperature of about 200 degrees. Ten minutes later, when the dough "grabs", we reduce to 180aboutC. Bake until ready even about half an hour.

Charlotte without eggs in milk

The dough in this cake will be more dense, as we add a large amount of flour. So that it is not clogged, combine the apples with a banana. The sticky starch structure of an exotic fruit slightly fluffs the dough. And crunchy kernels of walnuts will make the dessert more interesting. Three apples peel and grind on a grater or in a blender. Sprinkle with mashed lemon juice so that it does not darken. We will clean the banana, mix it with a glass of sugar, add 200 milliliters of milk and three tablespoons of sunflower oil. Stir and begin to pour the flour mixed with baking powder. It should take about two and a half glasses. In a dry skillet, heat a handful of walnuts. Baking grease with margarine. Put apples on the bottom in an even layer. Sprinkle with nuts.Fill with banana dough. Few move the baking sheet from side to side. So the dough is well distributed throughout the capacity. Charlotte (without eggs, but with a banana) bake at 180 degrees for about forty minutes. When serving, cool the top of the product sprinkled with cinnamon, mixed with powdered sugar.

Charlotte with apples recipe

Charlotte on butter

Five apples, as in the previous recipe, three for mashed potatoes or large chips. A hundred and fifty grams of butter put in the freezer. In a separate bowl, mix a glass of flour, semolina, brown (cane) sugar, add a bag of baking powder and vanilla. This recipe for charlotte (with apples, without eggs) is very interesting, because we do not knead the dough. We take a split form and pour a quarter of the dry mixture into it. Put on it a third of applesauce. Then again a flour mass. So alternate layers. At the top we get a dry reservoir. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Remove the oil from the freezer and quickly rub it on the upper layer until it softens. We put the form in the oven. We bake about 45 minutes. Tip: after you turn off the fire, do not rush to get the cake out of the oven, otherwise it may fall off.

Charlotte without eggs in the oven

Vegan Charlotte

If you do not eat animal products, you still do not need to abandon the delicious apple pie. Products such as kefir or sour cream, more than replace coconut milk. But first, mix the bulk ingredients. And of course, do without eggs. A charlotte with apples will be this time a kiln based on semolina and whole grain flour. They need to take a half cup. Add to these two ingredients a hundred grams of sugar (preferably brown, palm or coconut), a spoonful of cinnamon and ground ginger at the tip of a knife. Pour in a dry mix half a glass of coconut milk. Dilute with water so that the dough becomes like sour cream. At the end, add half a spoonful of quenched soda. Three apples free from the skin and seed pods. Cut them into thin slices. Bottom of the pan grease margarine and sprinkle decoy. If you bake in silicone form, you can do without fat. But semolina prevents sticking products to the bottom. Pour into the mold half the dough. Putting apples. Fill the remaining dough. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes.

Charlotte without eggs in the crock-pot

With the help of a kitchen assistant, this already simple dish is cooked even easier and faster. Put on the fire kettle with water. In a deep bowl, mix half a glass of sugar, zest of one lemon, a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla. Add three tablespoons of honey. Pour a glass of boiling water. Stir. Pour half a glass of vegetable oil. Flour (about 200 grams) mix with half a bag of baking powder for the dough. Bulk ingredients must now be combined with liquid. Then knead well. Two apples and one pear cut into thin slices. A bowl of multicooker grease with oil. Fill with dough. On the top lay out the fruit. We put on the unit mode "Baking". Cooking a charlotte with apples (without eggs) for about an hour.

Charlotte without eggs

Pie without harm to the figure

If you are afraid of gaining extra weight, having tried a delicious dessert, then apply the following recipe. Oatmeal rich in gluten will replace the flour. Fill the "Hercules" fast with hot milk, wait until the porridge swells. Apples cut into small pieces. Shape margarine and sprinkle semolina. We spread the fruit. Put oatmeal on top.This charlotte is baked without eggs in the oven at 180 degrees for about twenty minutes. Based on the fact that the dessert we have turned out absolutely savory, sprinkle it with powdered sugar or eat with honey or jam.

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Charlotte without eggs: interesting recipes, cooking features 40

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