"Chelavit C" (for dogs): instructions for use, indications, composition, reviews

Who is this dog? First of all, it is a living being. She tends to hurt and be ill. If the animal's organism does not produce the elements necessary for vital activity, then it is necessary to introduce artificial additives into the diet for a short time. For example, if an iron deficiency has been identified, then Helavita C should be taken for dogs. Instructions for this drug is quite simple. It is possible to carry out a course of treatment without medical consultation.

Chelapite for dogs instruction

Release form

This mineral cocktail for dogs is available in the form of a liquid solution that is colored dark brown. Opening the bottle, you will notice that the drug is completely odorless. The package contains the composition "Helawita C" for dogs. It is based on elements such as iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, selenium and iodine.

vitamins for dogs

This drug is sold in plastic bottles. You can find it in the dosage of 40 and 70 ml. Each box contains detailed instructions for Helavit C for dogs.

Indications for use

Such vitamins can be given to a pet for the purpose of treatment or for prophylaxis. The following indications are among the indications:

  1. Anemia. It is expressed by a lack of iron in the body. The behavior of an animal that is deficient in this substance changes dramatically. It becomes sluggish, lethargic and drowsy. Often, the appetite may decrease. Paws will be like cotton. A caring owner may notice a change in the nature of the movements.
  2. Insufficient body weight.
  3. Mineral deficiency.With this symptom, the dog may begin to fall out of coat, and the color of the teeth will become cloudy. It is worth noting that the owners give this supplement to their pets for prophylaxis before an important exhibition. It helps to improve the appearance.
  4. Vitamins for dogs prescribed as a reducing drug for weak animalsafter prolonged stress, illness or taking strong antibiotics.The drug helps speed up the recovery process.

The indications for the use of "Helavita C" for dogs can be listed endlessly. This is a universal collection of useful minerals in liquid form, which will bring significant benefits to a living organism.chelavit with for dogs composition

Does everyone need it?

Anyone, even the most useful tool, can not fit everyone to the same extent. This medication has several contraindications:

  • Individual intolerance to the component included in its composition.
  • Acceptance of other drugs, including vitamins.

In other cases, such a mineral cocktail for dogs is safe. It is given even to pregnant bitches.

As for side effects, in some cases, an allergic reaction. It can be presented as a slight redness, irritation or itching. If these symptoms appear, stop taking this drug.

It is necessary to carefully follow the instructions "Helavita C" for dogs. In case of overdose, vomiting or diarrhea may occur.

Many owners, without knowing it, become the culprits of overdosing a certain vitamin. They give the drug along with the feed, which consists of identical substances.To do this is strictly prohibited, it is worth carefully studying the composition of the product.


As mentioned earlier, the instruction "Helavita C" for dogs is simple. Particular attention should be paid to the dosage:

  • Puppies - 0.02 ml.
  • Miniature dogs - 0.2 ml.
  • Average breeds of dogs - 0.5 ml.
  • Large individuals - 1 ml.
  • Dogs weighing from 25 to 50 kg - 2 tablets.
  • Dogs weighing over 50 kg - 3 tablets.

The indicated dosage is the daily rate. It can be added to the usual food or liquid pet. It is worth noting that such an amount of the drug should be given if it is used for prophylactic purposes. For diseases, a veterinarian prescribes the required dosagedogs for dogs reviews

How to store?

The drug can be stored for three years. He has the advantage - the presence of a dense cap that securely fixes the bottle. The medicine will not spill out, and the nutrients will not begin to evaporate with time.

mineral cocktail for dogs

Keep it in a dark place at room temperature. It is strictly forbidden to put it near the heating devices, in direct sunlight.

The opened bottle is recommended to be placed in the refrigerator.Better on the top shelf so that children can not reach him.

About the cost

This tool is an economical option. A bottle of 40 ml can be bought for only 150 rubles. This figure may vary depending on the region in which the point of sale is located.

chelavit with for dogs indications

Where can I buy?

Such vitamins for dogs is a fairly common product, as a rule, there are no problems with its acquisition. It is sold in pet shops, veterinary clinics and even in ordinary pharmacies. It is recommended to order it on the official website of the manufacturer in order not to overpay suppliers.

Advantages of vitamin means

This drug has a natural composition. Is there any doubt that the reviews about "Helavit C" for dogs are almost always positive. Mostly caring owners distinguish the following advantages:

  • Medicines always strike a weakened animal. As a result, absolutely all organs are affected. They begin to work in the mode of increased load. Vitamins provide significant support. He has an appetite, improves the condition of the coat and normalizes the stool.
  • Many owners claim that after their reception the pet has become less sick. It seems as if new forces have appeared. He became active and cheerful.
  • There are no problems with the use of this medication. It can be added to food or feed. The animal, without noticing, will swallow it.
  • In the usual feed there are absolutely no nutrients. If it is not possible to transfer a pet to expensive varieties or natural products, then a course of taking this supplement is recommended several times a year. It will compensate for the lack of nutrients.

Many dog ​​owners love their animals very much. But they have no opportunity to spend money on them. The obvious advantage is the excellent combination of price and quality.

Disadvantages of the drug

Selected reviews describe the following situations:

  • The drug did not fit the animal - there were negative allergic reactions that made you think about the degree of its usefulness.
  • The drug did not help - the money was wasted.

Most likely, the owner violated the rules of dosage, gave vitamins to the animal in excess or insufficient quantity. It is worth remembering that each living organism is individual and can react differently to nutritional supplements.

If your beloved dog does not eat well, stopped playing with you and is constantly sleeping, then, most likely, there was a malfunction in her body, resulting in a deficiency of vitamins. To fill this gap will allow "Helavit C".

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