Cholesterol lowering by folk remedies

As you know, many problems in the work of the cardiovascular system are associated with the formation of cholesterol plaques in the body. However, constantly contacting doctors on this issue is quite problematic, because the life of a modern person is so dynamic that there is absolutely no time left for your own health. There is good news: you can reduce cholesterol folk remedies. At home, you should create a clear program or plan of action and strictly follow it. It should include a diet, and exercise, and some other tricks.

Reducing cholesterol folk remedies: a special diet

cholesterol lowering by folk remedies

In most cases, certain eating restrictions help to bring cholesterol levels back to normal in just four months. In this situation, the word "diet" does not imply fasting, but measured proper nutrition. You can not abandon the use of main dishes such as meat or fish, they just need to be steamed without oil and fatty sauces. It is better to give preference to lean meats, for example, poultry.Before cooking, remove skin and fat. It is necessary to diversify your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, greens, fresh juices. It is not necessary to exclude fermented milk products, as they are rich in calcium. For breakfast, you can eat cottage cheese, and at night to drink a glass of skimmed yogurt, it helps to restore intestinal microflora. Thus, answering the question of how to lower cholesterol in the blood, we can say for sure that it is enough to refuse all harmful products. That is why we no longer fry in vegetable oil, and get a steamer for the whole family, you can also bake dishes in the oven.

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How to lower cholesterol using alternative medicine recipes?

Adherents of unconventional methods of treatment claim that natural products are the main assistants in solving any health problems. Among the existing variety of leading positions are garlic and green tea. These ingredients are believed to contribute to the rapid elimination of cholesterol plaques. The following recipe has proven itself well: squeeze the juice of twelve lemons and add 200 grams of garlic, carefully chopped. Store the resulting drink in a dark, cold place for three days.It should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, diluted with a glass of non-carbonated water. The daily dose is 7 teaspoons per glass of liquid. Such treatment should be carried out for at least a month.

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Cholesterol lowering by folk remedies: preventive measures

It is better to prevent the disease than to suffer for a long time over its treatment. That is why it is worthwhile to worry in advance about the state of your body, regularly undergo an examination by a doctor, take a blood test. Try to choose only natural and high-quality products. It should diversify the diet of your favorite seafood, seaweed helps. Nuts have a special effect on the vessels, since they contain unsaturated fats. Reducing cholesterol folk remedies is possible with moderate physical exertion and the rejection of all bad habits.

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