Christina Onassis: biography, personal life, cause of death

Christina Onassis was born on December 11, 1950 in the family of the Greek billionaire Aristotle, who was a famous shipowner. From birth, the girl has become one of the richest women in the world. Parents of Christina and her brother Alexander did not get along well, her father was fond of love affairs, and her mother fell into depression, and soon they divorced. In 1975, after the death of her father, a twenty-four-year-old girl became the only heir of Onassis, because before that her brother had crashed in an accident, and her mother passed away.

Christina Onassis

Happy childhood

The yacht “Christina O” became the main place where the young daughter of the Onassis couple spent years. The ship in its parameters could give odds to the representatives of the royal fleet. The girl played with dolls, the outfit for which the most famous couturiers of the world sewed. She thought that everyone lived this way around, although often the world around her saw only through the window of a luxury yacht.The constantly busy father generously gave the children presents, but paid little attention to the family. After the divorce, Christina and her brother lived with their mother and stepfather. There the girl became more open, began to communicate with her peers.

Soon Aristotle bought the island of Scorpios, after which there was a rapprochement between him and his daughter. Kristina Onassis spent a lot of time in a new place. Only one detail irritated her - the presence of the mistress of the father on the island, the singer Callas. After a new passion appeared, the widow of US President, Jacqueline Kennedy, whom Christina disliked at first sight.

Beginning of adult life

Christina Onassis pretty early married an American with Jewish roots, Joseph Bolker. By profession he was a real estate dealer, was divorced and had four children. Billionaire Aristotle went berserk, having learned about this union. He put his daughter a tough condition: either she is divorced, or he strikes her out of the inheritance. Under active pressure, the marriage broke up after a few months.

Cristina Yacht

The second wife of Alexandros Andreadis, Christina, met soon after the death of her father, who was buried in a family crypt on Scorpios.The husband managed to squander tens of millions of Onassis fortunes in six months. In connection with this and the dissimilarity of the characters, the heiress of the billionaire filed for divorce. Then she begins to actively engage in business, which is good for her.

Russian trace

Being engaged in the company of her father, Christina Onassis managed to competently keep her business afloat in times of crisis. Soon she meets a Russian official, Sergey Kausov. Some sources claim that she was bribed by the beautiful voice of a stranger who responded to her when negotiating for the supply of oil with Moscow. There are suggestions that Sergei was a KGB officer, and their marriage with Christine was put on the ears of many special services of Western countries.

But the Soviet realities turned out to be unbearable for a woman who was accustomed to living in luxury without denying herself anything. Soon the couple gets divorced, Onassis returns to his homeland, helps his ex-husband go abroad. She gives Kausov a tanker to start a business, and after a while he becomes a very rich man and marries an Englishwoman.

 daughter of onassis kristina

Fourth marriage

The daughter of Onassis, Christina, returning to her native Skorpios, arranges secular receptions and leads a rather violent lifestyle.After meeting her fourth husband, Thierry Rossel, the billionaire is undergoing treatment for drug addiction, the daughter Athena is born in a marriage. However, this alliance cracked at the seams. The French businessman after the wedding continued to meet with the former lover, a fashion model from Sweden. Moreover, they had two children born out of wedlock.

Unable to withstand such a blow, Christina Onassis gets divorced once again. After that, she returns to a wild life and is engaged in raising her daughter. Rossel from billions Onassis does not get almost anything, except for about $ 12 million a year for maintenance.

last years of life

Christina Onassis, whose biography is associated with big money and not always honest surroundings, in 1988 decided to move to Argentina. Her fifth marriage with her childhood friend's brother is planned there. On the nineteenth of November they find her dead in the room of the house where she lived. According to the conclusions of the doctors, death was caused by cardiac arrest as a result of taking an excessive dose of tranquilizers.

In this death a lot of incomprehensible and mysterious. Many witnesses claim that there were no pills near the body and in their hands, and Christina’s heart worked like a clock.In addition, some people attribute the numerous and illogical deaths in the Onassis genus to a curse imposed on their family. Christina was buried in a family crypt on the island of Scorpios.

Christina Onassis biography

Remaining legacy

During her life, Christina Onassis changed her will several times. After she married the Frenchman Rossel, it happened a third time. After divorcing him, the document was again changed. According to him, the entire inheritance passes into the possession of the only daughter of Athena.

Who would benefit the death of a Greek billionaire? In search of an answer to this question, one can only speculate. However, many have suggested that it was not without the participation of Christina’s last husband. At least, after her death, he took his daughter to him and began to take active steps to recognize him as the legal guardian of Athens.


In the life of the Onassis family, one of the richest families in the world, there are many “white spots” and tragedies. The son of Aristotle and Christina's brother, Alexander, being an experienced pilot, crashed on a plane. Mother committed suicide, father died of cancer. Huge money could not make them truly happy and save them from death.Christina Onassis, whose cause of death is also very ambiguous, was not an exception in the list of misfortunes of a rich Greek family.

Christina Onassis Cause of Death

Even the chairman of the Onassis Foundation, Stelios Papadimitriou, suggests that there are many mysteries around the death of Aristotle’s daughter.

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