Christopher Paolini and his books

Christopher Paolini is known throughout the world for the fact that inFor 15 years he wrote the book "Eragon", which, after the publication, took its place in the list of the best-selling works. First only in the US, and later all over the world. However, Russian readers have a very mixed opinion on the creativity of this writer.Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini: biography of the author

How did he start his writing pathfreshly baked genius of the world of literary fiction? Christopher Paolini is an American writer, and was born in the USA, or rather in solar California. And to be quite accurate, then in Los Angeles, November 17, 1983. But later his parents moved to Montana, to the town of Paradise Valley.Christopher Paolini - American writer

Great value for creativity of the author has playedhomework - in childhood the boy often wrote small stories and poems, and also loved to visit the library. His first novel "Eragon" writer wrote at 15 years old and published in a small print run with the money of his parents. It became popular in Montana schools. The book was addressed by Karl Hiasen, already a writer who immediately appreciated Christopher's talent and sent the work to his publisher.

The book was published in 2003 and spent exactly 87 weeks in the bestselling rating, of which about 9 months it ranked first in the list.

What does Paolini Christopher write about?

"Eragon". All books

The "Eragon" series is tetralogy. Here are the names of all parts in chronological order:

  1. Eragon - 2003
  2. "Eragon. The Return "- 2004.
  3. "Eragon. Brisinger »- 2008
  4. "Eragon. Heritage »- 2011

These four works constitute a complete listof what he wrote while Christopher Paolini. Will there be more books? Fans really count on this, especially since, as can be seen from the chronology, the author has been working on each text for several years.Christopher Paolini Biography

Briefly about the plot:the son of a simple farmer, a boy named Eragon, finds in the forest a mysterious blue stone. Later, the Dragon of Sapphire appeared from him, because of which the teenager has to abandon his home. After all, a dragon is a formidable weapon, and everyone dreams of either gaining such an ally or getting rid of such a threat.

The indicator of the author's success is availabilityadaptations. The first part of the tetralogy was a film with the same name, which the audience saw in 2006. It did not have much success - despite the promising story, everything else turned out to be not at a high level. The continuation of the series was not filmed, and, as far as is known, no director plans to do it.

Positive feedback about tetralogy

Books from the "Eragon" series are among the bestworks of the fantasy world. They are kind, with an interesting plot, and a clear division of all the characters on two sides. The books feel a great influence of "The Lord of the Rings", some note the similarity with "Star Wars". The writer's fans claim that the tetralogy "Eragon" is much better than all the famous "Harry Potter", but this is a controversial statement.Paolini Christopher. Eragon. All books

And in general, Christopher Paolini deservessincere admiration. He managed to create a connected and harmonious story, interesting and exciting, but without scenes of violence, with a subtle love line, but without bed revelations. This is a fairy tale about friendship, love, honesty and nobility. The author is ahead of most contemporary writers, but whether he can grow to the real masters of the fantasy world, only time will show.


For every, even the best book, there arecritics who will express their dissatisfaction. And "Eragon" is no exception. Some readers found the work frankly boring, tightened and with a too predictable plot. Also, experienced connoisseurs do not like the division of characters into evil and good - today writers like to show the hero a versatile person with positive and negative traits, or to expose the villain as a hero. Christopher Paolini does not use such techniques, and therefore some of his books seem to be virgin with a touch of moralizing.

The writer himself also did not escape harsh statements in his address - ill-wishers found that in the text each word reflected the young age and immaturity of the author.

In general, tetralogy is recommended to make up your own opinion - the whole text is very even, so from the first 20-30 pages it will be clear whether she likes it or not.

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