"Clavio", nail lotion: instructions, reviews, photos

Each woman dreams of having healthy and beautiful nails. They should not be stratified, constantly breaking down and causing other inconveniences to their owner. However, to achieve this result in some cases is simply impossible without the use of cosmetics. Solve the problem can help "Clavio" - nail lotion. Instructions and reviews say that this is a miraculous drug. Consider whether this is in fact, and how to use the product.

clavio lotion for nail dystrophy

Lotion Overview

“Clavio” is a specialized cosmetic product that is intended for the treatment of faded, weak, exfoliated and brittle fingernails. The solution can be used to repair damage to the plates caused by the complex therapy of mycosis or contact with household chemicals. The manufacturer of the drug is a domestic company "Green Oak Wood", which, by request of the company "Pharmtek", created a cosmetic product.

The composition of the tool

In the instructions and reviews to the nail lotion "Clavio" you can find information about the composition. It contains the following ingredients.

  • Chitosan. It is a biological polymer that penetrates the inner surface of the nail plate and creates a special protective barrier.
  • Minerals and purified water. Strengthen nails and prevent mechanical damage.
  • Vitamins B1, B6, E, C and PP. They improve blood circulation, accelerate the growth of the nail in thickness and length.
  • D-panthenol. Improves moisture retention in the nail plate.
  • Also included is soda phosphate, silk extract and fenoetatol and other additional substances.

nail psoriasis lotion

Perhaps such an impressive composition inspires confidence in the product, as evidenced by the reviews of nail lotion "Clavio".

Features of the vitamin complex

Lotion "Clavio" stands out among other cosmetics that has a rather rapid therapeutic effect. This is directly related to the content in the composition of the vitamin complex. So, D-panthenol restores water balance and promotes proper nutrition of the nail. Vitamin PP, which is best known as nicotinic acid, improves blood circulation.In turn, this leads to a rapid recovery and acceleration of the growth of the nail plate.

Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) maximally moisturizes the nail bed. When it is deficient, the plates become dry, dull and lose their luster. At the same time, burrs appear on the skin of the fingers. Vitamin E is directly involved in metabolic processes. It also affects the recovery of the elasticity of the plates. It is worth noting that the lotion “Clavio” for nail psoriasis is very effective. Vitamins B, which are in the composition, protect against bacterial and fungal infections. They also help to fully strengthen the nails.

clavio nail lotion photo

The lack of these substances can lead to fragility and "layering." In advanced cases, significant plate deformation is visible. As a rule, it manifests itself in the form of waves and crests on the nails. Therefore, lotion "Clavio" will be an excellent prevention.

Product appearance

The tool is a small plastic jar with a capacity of twenty milliliters. Outwardly, it resembles many a bottle of white glue. The bottle itself is packed in a cardboard box.If you open the “Clavio” nail lotion, the photo of which is presented in the article, you can see a screw cap and a long brush. Inside the jar contains an opaque yellow-brown liquid with a light, specific aroma. Many girls like it. The tool itself is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue, which is very important when using such products.

Lotion effectiveness

As shown by numerous reviews and instructions for nail lotion, "Clavio", indeed, has beneficial effects. The girls in their reviews note the following results.

clavio nail lotion reviews

  • The tool saturates with minerals and vitamins, so the elasticity returns and the thickness of the nail increases.
  • Fabrics are renewed, fragility is eliminated, delamination is prevented and the growth of plates is accelerated.

If you follow all the proposed recommendations of the manufacturer, the first results can be seen within a week after regular use.

Contraindications to the remedy

Although it is a therapeutic cosmetic product, it still has a number of contraindications. It can not be used by children under three years of age, lactating and pregnant women.

Also, do not use it if there is an individual intolerance to the individual components that are present in the composition. In such cases, even after a single use, allergic reactions occur. This is evidenced by reviews to nail lotion "Clavio". Some women talk about the appearance of discomfort and redness. Other girls note the occurrence of itching and flaking in the periungual region. Therefore, before use, you should make a test for tolerability of the drug components.

clavio nail lotion instruction

The important points in the treatment of lotion

In order not to spoil the positive impression of the tool, it is also worth knowing some important points.

First of all, you need to carefully handle the "Clavio". The lotion should not get into the eyes or mucous membranes. If this does happen, you should rinse with plenty of running water area with the drug.

The manufacturer recommends storing the product in a dark and cool place. The temperature in the room should not exceed 25 degrees. Otherwise, “Clavio” will lose its properties. It is worth paying attention to the expiration date. After it expires, the lotion will not be helpful.You also need to keep the product away from small children. Many of them are trying to taste the contents of a beautiful bottle.

Instructions to the nail lotion "Clavio"

Before using the lotion, you must carefully study the instructions, contraindications and precautions. You can use a cosmetic in two ways.

1. For the treatment of nails. In this case, the solution should be applied daily (morning and evening) on ​​the cleaned and dry surface of the plate. In the first two weeks of therapy is not recommended to use decorative varnishes.

clavio nail lotion instruction reviews

2. As a preventive measure. If you only need to maintain your nails in a healthy state, then you can apply lotion in the intervals between the wearing of varnish twice a day. This can be done once a day. It all depends on the state of the nail plates.

Application course

Regardless of whether you want to carry out only prophylaxis or use Clavio lotion for nail dystrophy, the course should not exceed two weeks. During this time, the surface will have time to recover and acquire a healthy color. If it is necessary to repeat the treatment, then it can be done only in a month.Use the tool on an ongoing basis without interruption is impossible, as experts note.

Cost of cosmetic product

“Clavio” is sold for purchase by the population through specialized pharmacies. In them, the cost of fluid varies from 150 to 250 rubles, depending on the region. In online stores, the price of lotion is usually slightly lower. On average, it is 160-200 rubles. If you have a neglected situation, then it is recommended to additionally use analogs of Clavio nail lotion in the form of tablets. And it will be additional cash costs.

analogue clavio lotion for nails

Consumer opinion

The general impression about the tool from customers is positive. It is relatively inexpensive and affordable. Women, who most often buy this product, tell about the appeared healthy and natural shine of nails. Also, consumers note the elimination of brittleness and problems with burrs in a short time. The result is elastic pink nails that no longer exfoliate. Therefore, many advise to purchase this tool.

As you can see, the manufacturer performs the stated communication in the instructions for nail lotion "Clavio".Reviews confirm this fact to the full.

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