"Louisa Cherano" - clothes of German quality

Luisa Cerano - a clothing for the confident,self-sufficient women who have their own personality and always look expressive. This brand started its work in 1998. It belongs to the German group of companies Hauber, which appeared in 1870.

To buy clothes from the collections of "Louise Cherano" is not so easy. This brand is unique and there are far from all stores. And there are not many brand boutiques around the world.

German mark

Brand Luisa Cerano German. And this means:

  • Only high-quality materials and fittings are used in production.
  • Specialists in cutting are using German patterns. Therefore, "Louisa Cherano" - clothes full-sized and ideal for Russian women.
  • Models of this brand are comfortable and practical in sock.

"Louisa Cherano" - clothing made of natural materials

Collections from Luisa Cerano are not cheap. But this clothing is worth it. The only quality of fabrics is admirable:

  • cashmere;
  • silk;
  • cotton cambric;
  • viscose;
  • cotton.

And all these fabrics are 100% natural, withoutaddition of polyester. And this means that clothes made of this material are very pleasant to the body, cozy and comfortable. It is not hot in summer and not cold in winter.

The color scheme deserves special attention.The classic combination of colors from "Louisa Cherano" is gray - white - lemon - black. Combinations of these shades are always present in the collections of the fashion house.

Feminine Casual

In Luisa Cerano's clothes, a woman should be comfortable.That's why the main style that is present in the collections is casual, but it is incredibly feminine. This brand is intended for middle-aged women, who closely follow all trends of fashion.

Fashion clothes "Louise Cherano" (the photo is shown) are quite simple. Free fit is the card of a fashion house. But this has its own "zest". After all, such styles are a sign of elegance.

A classic combination of Luisa Cerano - light silk or thin viscose with knitted jersey. Often such a connection occurs in vests, blouses, jumpers. The secret is simple:

  • thin fabric adds clothes of lightness, airiness, makes its possessor more attractive;
  • more dense knitted knitwear helps to hide all existing flaws in the figure.

Pants are a special theme of each collection.It does not do without hip-free models. They fit perfectly on women with any figure. Often there are also narrow trousers that visually extend the female legs and emphasize the waist line.

Dresses are always in all collections of "LouiseCherano. " They are sewn from noble, high-quality fabrics, but in themselves are incredibly simple. This gives freedom to creativity. You can choose the right accessories and decorations to shine at a closed party or go on a visit to old friends, or maybe go to work.

Luisa Cerano is a brand for women wholove convenience, style and practicality. At the same time, they are infinitely attractive and elegant, individual and unique in their unique image. And those representatives of the weaker sex who prefer quality, choose this particular brand. It is not necessary to buy a lot of things. The main thing is to properly combine and complement them.

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