Cold calls: how to achieve results

Marketing is inextricably linked with communication, meetingsand negotiations. For this reason, people of this profession should have good communication skills in order to find a common language with all customers and other participants of business processes. Often a beginning marketer is entrusted with the search for new customers by making phone calls. This work repels a large number of failures, which significantly undermines the positive attitude. Due to the fact that the interlocutor often does not want to talk, this type of communication is called "cold calls".

Process description

Cold callsAny company seeks every possibleways to increase the number of their customers. Cold calls are an approach in which both sides have direct contact. If we talk about the process, then it can be divided into the following components:

- statement of the purpose of the negotiations;

- search for contacts;

- preparation for the conversation;

- the conversation itself;

- summarizing;

- repeated contact.

All cold calls have a purpose. It can be not only the order of the service or the implementation of the purchase, but also the emergence of a desire to get more information or simply acquaintance with the goods of the firm. Correct goal setting helps you to more structured to conduct a conversation and achieve the desired result.

Thanks to the Internet now it is not difficult to findcontact information of this or that company. It is much more difficult to get through to the right person who will have the power to make decisions, and whose opinion will determine the actions of the firm.

Cold calls are ...Of course, improvisation is a variant of conductingconversations, but for the achievement of the result, preliminary preparation is necessary. It is worth analyzing possible questions and arguments. Prepare a list of benefits and benefits. To rehearse the pronunciation of complex and foreign words, so as not to look stupid in the eyes of the interlocutor.

Cold calls are most successful in those cases,when both sides speak. It is preferable to let a person talk and help him to come to the conclusion about the advantages of your company. During a conversation it is worthwhile to control your emotions and feelings, and also in any case leave pleasant impressions from the conversation.

After the conversation, it is necessary to note in writingcontact and personal information of the interlocutor, as well as record information about the agreements reached or the interest shown. It is important to schedule a date for the next contact. A written commercial or unique trade proposal should be sent along with a cover letter expressing gratitude for the time and hope for further cooperation.

Cold Calls ExampleSecrets of success

Cold calls require a special approach. The personality itself basically determines the outcome of the conversation. It is worthwhile to understand that besides the logical justification of the transaction, the emotional component is also important to the person. Therefore, you must believe in the product that you offer. If you are convinced that a company or a particular person will benefit from your services or products, then the tone of the conversation will echo your confidence.

Thus, the efficiency of activitiesthe company can be promoted by making cold calls. An example of their application can already be seen in almost every company. The undeniable fact is that they have the advantage of being in direct contact with a living representative of the firm.

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