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Computer games - a problem or opportunity


The desire of man to transform reality arose at the moment when he picked up the digging stick, sincemost of our actions are aimed at subordinating material reality and modifying the world around us in all possible ways.

Realization of ideas in the material world is inert and sometimes a rather long period of time passes between action and result, which cannot be said about the virtual world, everything happens instantly: “press a button, you will get a result, your dream will come true”.

The virtual world swallowed many people for whom the desire to quickly manage reality turned into an addiction., and the Internet and computer games have become the most desirable way of spending leisure time. Is it good or bad?

Any phenomenon can have both positive and negative effects, we live in a world of duality, here it’s not the objects themselves that matter, but how we perceive them, from which side we look at them.

Contrary to popular belief about the destructive impact of computer games, I propose to look at this phenomenon from the other side, because if it arose, then this is a necessity. We are already very far from primitive people, with the help of a stick-digging machine in the modern world you cannot achieve much, our reality sets its pace of development, andinterest in the virtual world arose from the need to keep pace with the times and be able to manage the new reality of the high-tech world.

Bold experiment

In the 1980s, Richard Dennis, one of the greatest stockbrokers in the world, conducted a unique experiment, he made a bet with William Eckhardt, an equally successful trader of the Chicago Stock Exchange, that could turn almost any person into a successful businessman.Eckhardt believed that the ability to conduct successful trading on the stock exchange is innate, and Dennis argued that this can be easily learned by having a certain mindset.

They placed ads in newspapers, where it was reported that a group of people willing to learn the methods of trading was recruited and each student would be provided with a trading account of one million dollars.But preference is given to people who have extensive experience in computer games and strategy building, as well as a good knowledge of the theory of probability used in games with an element of luck.

The training lasted only two weeks, after which each participant in the experiment receivedl to manage the promised money. For 4.5 years, they earned an average of over 80 percent of the initial capital. Richard Dennis won the bet and not only proved thatthey are not born successful, they are becoming, but also refuted the current opinion that avid players are not able to think and realize themselves in society.This experiment went down in history as the Path of the Turtles.

Smart parents and stupid bans

Nevertheless, many parents are seriously concerned about the dedication of games by children, they forbid them to play, considering it to be a waste of time, but before making such hard conclusions and imposing bans, it is worthwhile to look into the question.

All computer games are classified according to the following genres: actions (active actions of different directions), fighting games (wrestling and battles), simulators-managers (creating the ability to reproduce actions and manage to get results), strategies (complex maneuvers and operating with a large number of tools),adventures or quests (virtual travels and adventures), music games (for learning music and hearing development), role-playing games (created on the basis of popular movies and TV shows), puzzles and logic puzzles (developing thinking).

To start,find out exactly what games the child plays, look through the game in his inner world, the game reflects the deep processes that occur in it.Having done this, you will at least be able to understand what is missing for him, what he is trying to compensate by going into the virtual world. After you learn what games he plays and what their meaning is, you will not only discover the secret corners of his soul,You can also find an alternative occupation for him and redirect his attention to reality.

For example, if a child plays “warriors”, he can be given to the section of wrestling or some martial arts, this will satisfy his warlike spirit and strengthen his body. If he plays “action games” and “quests”, go on a hike with him and arrange active outdoor recreation; If he likes strategies, offer to play checkers, backgammon or chess.

If this does not help, and the child still spends most of the time playing, try to understand why he is leaving reality in this way.Behavior regression is primarily a psychological defense, and all defense mechanisms underlie the resistance..

Perhaps the child simply resists the fact that you impose your opinion on him and deprive of freedom of manifestation, if 50 years ago children could still play cubes, now they are simply not interested. Imposing a ban, you only increase resistance and protest, which can be expressed in more serious things. Whatever it was, but playing at the computer, the child is at home, and this is much better than a bad company in the gateway.

Do not play a strict parent who supposedly knows better what is useful for a child, become a friend who understands and shares his interests.. One of my friends, instead of forbidding her son to play computer games, subdued this process to the wise control. She began to buy toys to him herself, carefully choosing their genre and orientation, and said that he could play as long as he wanted, but only after completing his homework.

The desire to play motivated his son to perform lessons, and due to the absence of a ban, interest in the games did not last long.During this time, he learned a lot of foreign words, because the soundtrack of the game was in English; I have developed the ability to be consistent and bring to the end what has been started, because until you pass the previous level, you cannot proceed to the next.

From the outside it seems that those who play, stupidly press buttons, but this is not so.Players develop certain qualities of the mind, can be long focused on the task as part of their game,they think about ways to achieve victory, build complex strategies, develop spatial thinking and can show amazing team spirit.They learn to manage reality virtually, and then transfer their skills to situations and relationships in the real world.

Solving the problem in its root cause

All phenomena, including computer games, can act in two ways. Spending a lot of time playing, teenagers become emotionally and physically exhausted, impatient, lose interest in live communication, become isolated. This is a serious problem and if it has arisen, you need to look for solutions to its root cause. Talk on this topic is useless, even if you take a child to a psychologist, it will not solve the problem.

A game is a space where it feels free., experiencing strong emotions, escapes from the boredom and monotony of everyday life. Look at life through his eyes, in his childhood the world was bright and full of discoveries for him, and the management of reality took place easily and quickly, if he wanted something, his parents quickly satisfied his desire.

But the older he gets, the more failures, restrictions and prohibitions he receives, everywhere he needs to obey the rules of others. He wants to return to his bright world, to get away from the gray routine, you need to give him the opportunity to experience the same sensations, but through living, direct interaction with people who will not restrict his freedoms.

A person becomes addicted as soon as he takes a first breath, since then he depends on air, nutrients, heat, physical and mental, and so every year the list of dependencies is replenished, based on lifestyle and environment.So what's the point of fighting with what lies in human nature. The easiest way to get rid of gambling addiction is to get another addiction, but healthy and useful.Being in nature, creative hobbies (drawing, music), a healthy lifestyle, playing sports can help with this.

Not so long ago, a new kind of active leisure appeared - live quests, these are role-playing games that take place in reality. Different people gather in one place and become heroes of some plot for several hours. Each game of a live quest has its own unique scenario, so that the game will bring pleasure to the participants, they can choose characters in character. All characters are divided into three groups: active heroes, villains and observers. Each participant is given out brochures containing a brief description of the hero and his role, and improvisation begins.

To succeed you need to communicate and interact with other players, the outcome of the game depends entirely on how they behave, according to the roles they choose. This is an intriguing, exciting action, a great way to meet new, interesting people, because after the game its participants often stay in a cafe to share their impressions and then continue to communicate and make friends. And you can come up with your own quest and play it with your whole family, along with classmates or work colleagues and get unforgettable impressions, compared to which any computer game will seem monotonous artificiality.

What is our life? A game!

So, summing up the above, we can distinguish the following methods of eradicating dependence on computer games:

  • Understand the meaning of the game, suggest an alternative action in reality;
  • To understand the reason for avoiding reality, to help realize oneself in society;
  • To develop another dependence, constructive orientation;

But before proceeding to action, it will be useful to think about what the essence of any game is. A game is a situational simulation of what is happening in our world and the principles for constructing any game are similar to situations from life. If you are completely honest with yourself, you will see thatour life is the same game, only it is more difficult to organize and absolutely everyone plays it, even if you disagree with it, it does not change the essence.

Try to look at your actions detachedly, as an outsider, and you will see which game you most often play yourself and impose its rules on others. You think in vain that you are somehow different from a child manipulating a computer mouse, you do the samethe difference between you is only in the spheres of influence, he controls the reality in his computer, and you control in your life.

Absolutely everyone wants to press the "magic buttons", manage and transform the reality for themselves, subjugate others to their interests, and there is nothing reprehensible in this.Therefore, life is at the same time a riddle and a puzzle, battles and adventures, strategy and management, it has everything and everyone finds a favorite genre for himself.

The laws of a computer game are established by its creator (programmer) and they are spelled out in conditions, and the laws of this World were established by the Creator, but nowhere is their complete description available. Different religions try to do this, but they describe only individual objects, but in order to fully understand the game, you need to go through all its stages. Some are conquering resources, while others are fighting with them for justice; others rule the world, while others humbly carry the world in themselves; someone burdens himself with responsibilities, and for someone freedom is the most precious thing, the potential of this game is endless, and everyone has the right to choose his own role.

The game was created so that it was played, and by extracting experience and learning the essence, they became its creators and co-creators of reality. Understand it and live playfullychoose your role based on the situation, and not by virtue of habit,your children will appreciate this and perhaps the problem will disappear by itself, because if you look at it from the other side, it never existed.

It originated in your mind because you are afraid of losing control of a child, control is your way to control reality, butThere are other "magic buttons" that give the best results, such as love, understanding, respect, acceptance.Try, as an experiment, to click on them and the result will not take long.

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