Concord baby car seats: model overview, features and reviews

One of the most famous and recognizable manufacturers of the best products for children, not only in Germany, but throughout the world is the brand Concord. The company has been working in the children's market for over 35 years. Its history began in 1978, and today it is a recognized leader in the production of goods for children of different ages.

Concord Product Features

Children's car seats Concord are functional and high-quality, reliable and have a stylish design. Professional artists and designers brought the car seats Concord to perfection. They are appreciated in almost all European countries. Comfort Concord car seats is confirmed by the results of tests, tests and a lot of positive feedback from grateful buyers. In this article we will present you an overview of popular brand models. We hope that the descriptions and photos will help you make the right choice for your seats concord

Concord bertoni

For small passengers, the company produces the Bertoni Concord car seats, which, in comparison with the well-known Transformer line, which we will talk about later,have limited functionality and simpler design. These chairs are durable and practical upholstery, light weight, the ability to use these models as a cradle for a newborn. It should be said that this is a budget model, and therefore it does not differ in special design delights, sophisticated seat concord transformer

According to the owners, despite the fact that the instructions for the car seat says that it is designed for children weighing up to 13 kg, in fact it is not very roomy, and children from this model grow very quickly. However, given the rather modest price, many people turn a blind eye to this fact.

Concord ultimax

When choosing a Concord car seat, it is necessary to take into account the weight and height of the child, as well as to prioritize: either change models regularly as soon as the child grows out of the next category, or buy a model that will be relevant for several years. For example, the universal car seat Concord Ultimax belongs to the group 0 + / 1, that is, it can be used from birth to one year and from year to three. Of course, we must remember that these are conventional numbers, the main guideline should be the weight of the child.In this case, it is up to thirteen and up to eighteen kilograms, seat concord transformer xt

The car seat of this model combines two formats thanks to two installation systems. Up to 13 kg (up to a year) the car seat is installed in the car with its back in the direction of travel, and then with the face. This model is equipped with five-point seat belts that have central locking. Silently, almost in one motion, the chair is moved to the sleeping position.

Ultimax - Concord car seats: customer reviews

According to parents, this model has many advantages: reliability, good crash test results, ease of installation and operation. But at the same time, there are also some disadvantages: it is not suitable for newborn babies, short seat belts, the price is somewhat overestimated.

Concord Transformer

The very popular line of car seats Concord Transformer, which was launched in 2009 with the model Transformer XT, is the hallmark of the famous German brand. The line is represented by five models, which differ not only in functionality, but also in purpose:

  • Concord Transformer XT Pro and Concord Transformer Probelong to the group 1/2/3 (from 9 to 36 kg). They are equipped with a security table.
  • Concord Transformer X-Bag, Concord Transformer XT and Concord Transformer Tbelong to the group 2/3 (from 15 to 36 kg).

Transformer XT

The car seat Concord Transformer XT belongs to the 2/3 group, equipped with a reliable Isofix fastening system. This is the first model with a pneumatic system for adjusting the height and width of the backrest. Only one button changes the height of the headrest and the width of the sidewalls that protect the child. In this model, the latest developments of Concord specialists are applied:

  • Isofix mount to fix the seat in the car;
  • Procomfort system - adjustable seat angle;
  • TriZone system - several types of materials are used in the model's trim.

The car seat Concord Transformer X has more features than the rest in the line, but has its own intricacies. The izofix brackets in some cars are flooded at an angle between the back and the seat. In this case, it is more difficult to install the XT chair; the metal guides of the Isofix mount in this model do not allow mounting at an seat bertoni concord

About this model, the owners respond enthusiastically. They are satisfied with the test results, the presence of pneumatics and sleeping positions, excellent finishing materials. The chair is spacious and functional. You might be surprised, but there are almost no negative reviews about this model.

Concord Transformer T

This model is designed for children from three to twelve years old. It is equipped with an Isofix mounting system. The height and width of the shoulder protectors, as well as the height of the head restraint, are gently adjusted with the help of a pneumatic system. With the help of regular avtoremny child attached to the car seat. The top strap guides open by pressing the button and automatically close.

The Concord car seat of this model is attached with both Isofix and a three-point belt. To secure your baby with a seat belt, place the head restraint at a height appropriate to his height, and place them in places that are marked with red seat concord x bag

The advantages of this model, the owners include a good lateral support, convenience and practicality. Of the shortcomings noted tilting the chair from side to side with sharp turns.

Transformer X-bag

Like the T model, the Concord X-bag has a soft Isofix, so you don’t need to worry about whether this model fits your car or not. This chair is intended for children of group 2/3 (from 15 to 36 kg). Thanks to numerous settings, this car seat is able to change the internal volume: the special VarioSize button allows you to resize the car seat in one click and in height and width.

The child is fastened with a car belt. It runs in the headrest guide and under the armrests. It is important to choose the height of the head restraint so that the belt passes over the child’s shoulder. For the convenience of a small passenger car seat has soft armrests. The upholstery of this model is soft and very pleasant to the touch. At pollution it can be washed in the sparing mode.

About this chair reviews are positive in the vast majority. The owners are satisfied that the chair is increased in length and width, securely installed in the car, very light and seat concord reviews

Concord air

And this is a novelty from a popular brand. Concord Air is a car seat featuring an innovative body made of composite material with high strength and low weight. In addition to the lightness and the highest level of security, this model has an exquisite design, made of quality materials.

The cocoon of the chair is made of composite and has a two-layer structure. Several layers guarantee high strength and do not increase the weight at all. The material of the cocoon is able to quench the impact energy. The side walls perfectly protect the baby with a side impact.The lower part of this model is curved in shape, so it can be used as a rocking chair.

The carry handle is easy to adjust and is very convenient. Its angle of inclination varies in a rather wide range. On the road, the handle serves as an additional stiffener, which protects the small passenger from above and increases the strength of the structure. The headrest of this chair is height adjustable. It is installed in one of three positions, but always three centimeters above the head of a seat concord ultimax

The ergonomic shape of the headrest reliably supports the head of the baby during sleep. Built-in belts are equipped with three attachment points. Adjustment of height of belts and head restraint is made at the same time. The ergonomic shape of the bed accurately follows the contours of the child’s body. To increase the comfort in this model there is a soft liner that can be removed when the child grows up.

The car seat is installed against the movement, which ensures maximum safety when hitting the front. The chair can be installed in the back seat, and in the front, but in the latter case, you must disable the airbag.

Buyers believe that this is a safe, reliable and multifunctional model, made of quality materials. Moms are especially pleased that the fabric cover is washable. The disadvantages of some parents consider heavy weight and somewhat overpriced.

Concord lift core

This chair has excellent crash test results and a very attractive appearance. The safety of this model provides a special design of the body, which takes a blow and distributes it throughout the design of the chair. The high back ensures reliable protection, and the headrest prevents injury in a side impact. In addition, the design added side protectors, which are designed to protect the lumbar baby.

This model can be installed on the passenger seat of any car that is equipped with standard seat belts. Installing it is simple, but the fixation of the seat on the seat is reliable. The model is equipped with such strong clamps that the chair even with a strong impact will not budge. It is designed for children from four to twelve years, and this chair is quite spacious, and therefore suitable for large children. It is very comfortable. car seat concord transformer x

This model can be adjusted to the size of the child using the Lift size adjustment system. This is the main highlight of the chair. The system allows you to change the position and height of the head restraint, raising it gradually to the level of a twelve-year-old child. The back of the chair is anatomically shaped, and it is able to assume a comfortable position for rest. If necessary, it can be removed, and the chair will turn into a booster.

For a comfortable position in the car in the model created a ventilation system. This mesh inserts in the sides, and the channels in the back of the chair. Air permeability is especially important for children who have a tendency to allergic reactions. In addition, zonal covers are made of different fabrics.

The owners believe that this is a high-quality and reliable chair, which showed excellent crash test results, and therefore is safe for the child.

Concord Reverso Plus

Model class 0 + / 1. The chair is designed for children from birth to three years (up to twenty-three kilograms and up to one hundred and five centimeters). Install it against the movement and fasten with the help of the "Izofiks" system and an additional support to the floor (telescopic).To check whether all manipulations have been successfully performed, just take a look at the special indicators: if it is green, the installation has been performed correctly.

For newborns and babies up to a year there are special inserts that ensure the anatomically correct position of the small passenger. After your baby grows and reaches a weight of ten kilograms, the liners can be removed, thereby increasing the space.concord air car seat

Motorists who have already purchased this model, consider it reliable: the risk of injury during a frontal impact is almost zero. The chair is easily mounted in the car and provides reliability and stability. True, the rather heavy weight of the product (about eleven kilograms) spoils the overall impression.

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