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The company "Samsung" first appeared in 1938. It was founded in South Korea. In general, this company produces a large assortment of the most diverse household appliances, including refrigerators. In addition, the leadership of "Samsung" is involved in various projects for the financing of shipbuilding, as well as aircraft. In addition, she is engaged in research in the field of chemistry. Samsung is also the organizer of many entertainment events.

reviews on samsung refrigerators

The founder of this company is considered to be the young entrepreneur Lee Byong Chol. Back in 1930, he opened his own business in the manufacture of rice flour. At that time, there was only one small warehouse at his disposal, which was located in the small town of Tegu. It should be noted that in 1930, South Korea was in a difficult economic condition. This was largely due to military action. Since the country was, in fact, a colony of Japan, at that time it was impossible to organize the export of goods.However, Lee Byong Chol was still able to find distribution channels and supply rice flour to China. Soon his product appeared in the markets of Manchuria.

From then on, things went up, and Lin Ben Chol additionally became involved in the production of rice and sugar. He also had warehouses for storing dried fish, which was being prepared for export.

When the Korean war was officially over, the economy gradually began to revive. At this time, Samsung has merged with the company Sanyo. All this marked the beginning of a large corporation "Samsung Electrolux."

At this time, the company's management has changed the entire sales strategy. Additionally, new marketers joined the work. As a result, the company's goals changed dramatically, and the Samsung logo (three stars) was additionally changed, and now it was an ellipse known to everyone today with an inscription inside.

Samsung refrigerators reviews of specialists

In 1983, Samsung completely immersed in the development of personal computers. Soon the company switched to the release of its line of mobile phones. In 1992, the first sample was released, which was very popular.

Recognition of the company "Samsung"

To date, Samsung refrigerators receive constant feedback from specialists. In 1999, the activities of this company noted the editors of the magazine "Forbes". For great achievements in the field of manufacturing household electrical appliances, Samsung received a unique award. In the future, this company often received pleasant feedback from experts.

All this allowed in 2000 to create a large and powerful network. The market share at that time was 70%.

Refrigerator production "Samsung"

The first Korean Samsung Samsung refrigerator received pleasant reviews. This greatly inspired people. To date, five enterprises are engaged in the production of Samsung refrigerators. In general, this brings the company about 5 million dollars a year. Additionally, there are many service centers where refrigerators are repaired. At the same time there are all the details even for outdated models.

invertor samsung fridge reviews

In 2002, the first Samsung inverter refrigerator was invented. He also received good reviews from both consumers and specialists in this field.

As of 2011, Samsung has been able to earn over $ 143 billion.At the same time net profit is 21 billion US dollars. As of 2010, the company had more than 200,000 employees. It should be borne in mind that most of the processes in the workshop are fully automated. There are only qualified personnel who monitor the work. In addition, they test all products before they go to the store shelves.

Samsung RB32FERNDWW model

Reviews of refrigerators "Samsung RB32FERNDWW" are generally very good, and this model is considered to be a pretty good option. It is produced exclusively in white. Refrigerator "Samsung RB32FERNDWW" reviews in many respects received excellent for its design, which can please many people. A second door is provided for the freezer. The system "Nou Frost" in this model is available. Of the features, you can select a convenient control. For this purpose, manufacturers have built a convenient digital display.

samsung refrigerator rb32ferndww reviews

It is very pleasant to use the refrigerator. Also the Samsung RB32FERNDWW refrigerator received feedback for the existing wine shelf and a convenient tray for storing eggs. Manufacturers also provide a special department for baby food.All shelves are made of shock-resistant glass, so you can not worry about their safety. An ice tray is installed in the freezer. The cost of this model is 42,000 rubles.


The dimensions of this model are average. The total width of the refrigerator is 595 mm, height 1850 mm, while the depth is as much as 647 mm. The total volume of 310 liters, of which the refrigerator occupies 212 liters. The remaining 98 liters are for the freezer. The minimum temperature that can be set is -24 degrees. Energy class A +, while the annual consumption of electricity is 280 kW.


The big disadvantage of this model is the high noise level. At a distance of 10 meters, it gives about 37 dB (not a very low figure). You can also note the lack of freezing products. Freezer capacity is only enough for 12 kg per day. In some cases, annoying beep of an open door. Also inside the fridge rather weak lighting. At night, everything looks gloomy.

Model "Samsung RL55TEBVB"

Reviews of refrigerators "Samsung RL55TEBVB" compared with the previous model is not very enthusiastic, because this model has a fairly large size. At the same time, the volume of the refrigerating chamber increased significantly.Refrigerator "Samsung RL55TEBVB" gets good reviews. They are mainly connected with a powerful freezer. This model is made in beige color, which is very interesting. The design of the refrigerator is also at the height and will certainly find its connoisseurs. The system "Nou Frost", of course, available.

samsung refrigerator rl55tebvb reviews

Also, this Samsung RL55TEBVB refrigerator received reviews for its digital display. In general, management is pleasant and does not cause any inconvenience. Additionally, it should be noted good lighting inside the refrigerator. Manufacturers also provided a zone of freshness. The freezer in this model is located at the bottom. Its door, if desired, can be easily moved to the other side. Inside the refrigerator there are compartments for both eggs and dairy products. On the door there are compact shelves. At the bottom of the refrigerator there are boxes for storing fruits, as well as vegetables. Plus there is an ice tray. The cost of this model is 35,000 rubles.

Refrigerator "Samsung RL50RUBMG": reviews and specifications

Many people point to the large size of this model. In fact, it is simply not suitable for small kitchens.The width of the refrigerator is as much as 600 mm, height 2000 mm, and depth 646 mm. The total volume is 348 liters. Refrigerator "Samsung rl50rfbsw" also gets feedback for its refrigeration chamber, which can accommodate 252 liters. The freezing department in turn has a volume of 96 liters. The minimum temperature is 24 degrees. Energy class A +. In general, the Samsung RL50RUBMG refrigerator deserves good reviews. Separately, it should be noted the high strength of all shelves. The signal to open the door in the fridge sound.

samsung refrigerator rl50rubmg reviews

New model "Samsung RL 63"

Reviews of refrigerators "Samsung RL 63" are quite good, and this model is considered to be very good. However, its cost is not very high. Of the features of the refrigerator can be distinguished high class insulation. He also has a good freezer with a large volume. Additionally, there are many shelves for storing food, vegetables and fruits. In general, the Samsung RL 63 refrigerator has earned good reviews for its Mono Cooling cooling system. Also installed the technology "Nou Frost" and the system "Multi Flow".

Inside the refrigerator there is a shelf for wine. Door pockets also available. The container for eggs is very convenient in use. LED lighting is located on the sides of the camera. About the open door of the refrigerator warns the beep.The thermal insulation of this model is made of cyclopentane, and the refrigerant is installed "R-600a". To control the temperature of the refrigerator has a special display with blue backlight. The cost of this model is 40,000 rubles.


The energy efficiency class of this model is A +. Coverage of the refrigerator is made entirely of stainless steel. Of the features you can highlight the presence of the cooling zone. Compact this model is difficult to call. The height of the case with hinges is 2010 mm. The depth with the door handle is 702 mm, and the total weight is 77 kg. The total volume is 370 liters, and the net volume of the freezer is 112 liters. The refrigeration compartment, in turn, takes 258 liters. The compressor has one. Automatic defrost manufacturers provided.

Model "Samsung RL 57"

Reviews of refrigerators "Samsung RL 57" are generally positive. This model has a nice silver color. The freezer compartment in it is located at the bottom. Management is classified as electromechanical. Of the features of this model, you can highlight the presence of a freshness zone. The manufacturers also provided the “Nou Frost” system for defrosting the freezer.

Of the additional features can be noted superzamorozki mode. For convenience of use the temperature indicator is built in the refrigerator. There is also a mode for defrosting the refrigerator compartment. If you plan to leave this model for a long time without supervision, then you can set the option "Vacation" on it. Freezing capacity is quite large and amounts to 13 kg per day.

Refrigerator "Samsung 57" gets good reviews for the fact that when you open the door you always hear a nice beep. For the safety of the use of the refrigerator has an antibacterial coating. Also provides protection from children. Additionally, manufacturers have established two climate classes. All shelves inside the refrigerator compartment are classically made of glass that does not break. You can install it in almost any place, and you can easily outweigh the door if necessary. Also, the Samsung RL 57 refrigerator received reviews for its low price - the cost of this model is 33,000 rubles.

refrigerator samsung rl 63 reviews

Detailed characteristics of the model "Samsung RL 57"

The power consumption of this model is 300 kWh per year.The dimensions of the refrigerator are average: the width is 60 cm, the depth is 65 cm, and the height is exactly 200 cm. The weight of this model is 88 kg, which is not so small. The total volume of the refrigerator is 328 liters, of which 96 liters is a freezer. The remaining 232 liters are in the refrigerator compartment. Number of doors - two pieces. As mentioned earlier, if necessary, they can be moved to the other side. The compressor is installed one. The refrigerant is used P600a, which is also called isobutane.

What is included?

The kit of this model includes the refrigerator itself, as well as many shelves. One of them has the form of a wave and is intended for storing bottles in it. There are also two shelves made of tempered glass. Separately, it should be noted that they have an interesting shape, and when something spills on them, it does not flow. Additionally, a set of folding shelves. Ice storage compartments come separately. There are also cameras designed for fruits and vegetables. However, it should be noted that the equipment in some stores may differ.

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