"Contra City": the passage and codes

"Contra City" is a clone of the popular commandshooter "Counter Strike", which took the best from his ancestor, but at the same time added something original and unusual. Naturally, the base remains standard. This is all the same team shooter with a slightly more simplified graphics, since this project was originally developed for mobile platforms. But in the game you can find many things that are not in the "Counter Strike", so it really deserves attention: you can try your hand at the project "Contra City". Passage, of course, is missing, since this game is aimed at multiplayer battles, but this does not mean that you can not move forward in the game world.


contra passage

So, in "Contra City" the passage begins inyour headquarters. Everything that remains outside of combat is located here. That is, here you can buy equipment and weapons, view available battles, as well as players who would like to join a certain type of game. Accordingly, in the headquarters you have to spend money, which you will earn in the process of the game, in order to become even stronger. This will allow you to participate in the more advanced battles of "Contra City". Passage, of course, can not be called full-fledged, since there is no storyline, but there are certain hints. For example, they consist in carrying out tasks that are put before you at the headquarters.

Assignments in the game

cheats on the counter

If in most team shooters you canjust participate in battles of different types and characters, then in Contra City, the passage gives you an incredible opportunity to carry out the tasks that the bosses at headquarters are setting before you. This has nothing to do with multiplayer battles, which, of course, still make up the bulk of the game. But tasks are also important, because they allow you to earn more money, and most importantly, because they help to diversify the game process, which brings this project to a higher level than those thoughtless clones in which there is nothing original.


codes on the counter

Naturally, assignments are a very interesting move,which automatically charges several bonus points to this game in comparison with other clones of "Counter Strike". But previously it was said that multiplayer team battles - it's still the most important thing that can be in such a game. And here they are implemented at a very high level.

It starts with the fact that here you cantry your hand at three different modes - detmatch, command detmatch, and also capture the flag. As you can see, in this game the shooter's command is already slightly reduced, but still two of the three modes presuppose exactly the team actions for the victory. Accordingly, you can play in any of the modes, earn money and acquire more powerful cannons, which will give you the opportunity to fight with stronger and worthy opponents. Naturally, if you are not going to use cheats on "Contra City".

Cheats for game

As in many modern computer games,cheats on "Contra City" are represented by third-party software. Developer mode here is simply not activated, so you can not enter codes directly in the game. You need to download and install special programs that give you an edge over other players. The most popular codes on "Contra City" are used to get more money, but also you can find cheats for higher jumps, flying and even passing through walls. In this case, you should remember that using cheats is a violation of the rules. Naturally, in this game there is no reliable protection against codes, there is no crowded headquarters of the administration, so very much depends on people. Therefore, it is not recommended to use codes on "Contra City", so as not to put yourself above the rest, but to prove everything in the game.

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Contra City: the passage and codes Contra City: the passage and codes Contra City: the passage and codes Contra City: the passage and codes Contra City: the passage and codes