Cough drops for baby. Medicines and prescriptions for traditional medicine for the treatment of cough in children

Anyone is faced with such an unpleasant moment as a cough. And when the baby begins to cough, adults are doubly worried. After all, such a state exhausts the toddler, prevents him from sleeping normally, eating, playing. The question immediately arises: how to cure a child’s cough?

Child Cough Repellent

It is clear that any disease in a little man should be treated under the supervision of a doctor. He, having listened to the lungs of a child, will select the necessary preparation. But there are many popular methods that are safe even for the smallest patients and can significantly relieve coughing.

How to choose a folk remedy for cough for a child, whether there are contraindications, how to properly use the wisdom of our ancestors, we will consider further.

Why do you need a cough

In nature, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The same is with coughing. Cough is caused by irritation of the upper respiratory tract and is a defensive reaction of our body. Anything can irritate the mucous membrane. This foreign body, parasites, dead cells in inflammatory diseases and bacteria. It is clear that the body needs to get rid of all this. Therefore, we need a cough, otherwise everything accumulated in the airways would not find a way out.

Such a different cough

Coughing itself is not a disease. It is one of the symptoms of a disease. And there are a lot of such ailments, which are divided into non-infectious and infectious.

  1. Non-infectious causes of cough include: getting into the respiratory tract, poisoning, allergic reactions, lung cancer, and digestive system disease.
  2. Infectious causes: common acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections, bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis.

Depending on the cause of the cough, it can be wet (productive) and dry (irritating). A dry cough is considered unproductive because it irritates the mucous and does not lead to improvement.Humid cough is considered productive, as it helps to remove excess mucus and bacteria from the body.

What can a doctor recommend

If the disease concerns a little man, the best way out is to call the doctor and follow his recommendations. It is not recommended to be engaged in treatment independently, it is possible to hurt the child very easily. The doctor, depending on the cause, will select a cough medicine for the child. It is necessary to treat the cause, and depending on the cough, medications are prescribed that enhance it or suppress it.

How to cure a child’s cough

So, if the disease is accompanied by the formation of sputum, it must be removed. For this assigned mucoltic, expectorants. Such medicine will help to thin the mucus and effectively cough. But in the case of small children, you should be careful and stick to the indicated doses. Once the effect of the drug is reached, it is canceled.

When dry cough, which only exhausts and does not allow the baby to sleep, prescribe drugs that suppress cough receptors.

Also, the doctor may recommend physical therapy and massage, depending on the condition of the child and the disease.

We are treated with folk remedies

In addition to the prescribed medication drugs, you can use the means of popular wisdom. The main thing is to remember that not all products are safe for babies. Much can cause an allergic reaction or bronchospasm. Therefore, before applying these or other methods, it is better to consult with your pediatrician. It can be noted that many ways kids love and endure very well. Therefore, the question of what to give a child to cough, sometimes solved in favor of delicious popular recipes.

Recipes of folk wisdom

Often, to quickly get better, recommend a diet. The same can be said about coughing. So, milk porridges and mashed potatoes are recommended. Especially helps grapes and juice from it.

There is such a delicious recipe with the use of grape juice, which helps your baby to clear his throat.

  • A glass of juice, a spoon of honey and a few drops of lemon are offered to the child as a tasty medicine.

Mustard Drops for Children When Coughing

In addition, you can offer a few more recipes, from which no one kid will refuse.

  • Black radish and honey. Honey is poured into the deepening of the radish and put in a cool place. But do not get involved in this tool, it is very strong and effective.It is enough to use it no more than three days on a spoon three times a day.
  • Honey and onions. Grind the onion, add a tablespoon of honey and take it three times a day. This is an effective cough remedy for a child that helps to fight viruses. Children up to a year can not be given.

What to give a child cough

  • Dry cough can also relieve honey. To do this, you need half a glass of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey. Take a sip during the day. But keep in mind that cough honey for children can be used only with full confidence that the baby will not give an allergic reaction. The same goes for onion and lemon.
  • Very good softens dry cough carrot juice, mixed in equal proportions with sugar syrup. Give the baby should be a spoon no more than 5 times a day.
  • For children, we can recommend a decoction of viburnum berries. It should be filled with water, boil Kalina for 10 minutes and add honey. Such a tasty kompotik baby can drink up to 4 times a day for half a glass.
  • Children younger than a year can offer this recipe. 1 cup of water is poured 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of aniseed seeds, add a bit of salt. All boil, cool and strain.Give the baby every two hours on a small spoon.

We put mustard plasters

Even our grandmothers used such a cough remedy for a child, like mustard plasters. As such, they do not cure cough, but create a warm and distracting effect that helps relieve seizures.

In children, due to age characteristics, the skin is very tender and vulnerable. Therefore, mustard plasters for children with cough can be put only through a light cloth. Otherwise, there is a high risk of causing skin burns or inflammation. For children under one year this method of treatment is not recommended. After two years, babies can be used with caution. When coughing, mustard plaster is put on a diaper for children, then it is covered with another diaper on top and covered with a blanket.

Mustard plasters are placed on the back between the shoulder blades and under the shoulder blades. On the chest the location is the same. But be sure to avoid the heart area.

The time of the procedure depending on the age is different.

  • 1-3 years. Mustard leaves are left for no more than two minutes.
  • 4-7 years. The procedure time is 3 minutes.
  • 8 years and older. You can keep mustard plasters for 10 minutes.

A day should not be treated more than twice.

Contraindications to the use of mustard plaster:

  • Any diseases of the skin and its damage.
  • Allergies to mustard or other components of mustard plaster.
  • Temperatures above 37.5 degrees.

Or maybe put the banks?

If we treat cough in children at home, I immediately recall another grandmother's method - the banks. Surely each of the parents experienced the effect of this method of treatment, not only cough, but any respiratory infection. Yes, earlier setting cans was one of the popular home methods. But now their inefficiency is proved, and moreover - harm. This pseudo-treatment greatly damages the delicate baby skin, and does not save coughing. Therefore, you can forget about banks and turn to more reliable methods.

How to quickly cure a child’s cough and do no harm? Try a dry potion.

Dry cough mixture for children

The instruction of this medicine says that it can be given from the age of 6 months. Let's see what is included in the dry mixture:

  1. Althea root extract contains pectin and amino acids.
  2. Hydrocarbonate and ammonium chloride helps to thin the mucus and remove it.
  3. Anise oil has an excellent expectorant effect.
  4. Sugar gives a favorite sweet taste.

You can purchase dry medicine in bottles for several uses and in disposable bags that you can take with you.

The smell and taste of the medicine is sweetish, very attractive to children.

When to take a dry potion

Means give the child if he can not cough. It is not necessary to stuff the baby, provided that he is already wet and productive cough. In addition, the mixture has a pronounced anti-inflammatory character. As a rule, the effect is already visible after three days, the cough helps to cough up mucus, and after five days it is necessary to stop taking it.

Dry cough mixture for children, instructionDry medicine is given to a child with such diseases as bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis. In this case, the application is justified and gives a good result.

Rules for taking dry potions

Even for the little ones, a dry cough mixture for children can be used. The instruction attributes to dilute the powder in 200 ml of water and then to offer the baby. Take the medicine after meals four times a day, 1 small spoon. Be sure to shake the ready mixture before each use. It is usually recommended to give medicine from 7 to 14 days.The effect comes after three days and very much relieves the condition of the baby with the congestion of the respiratory tract.

Be sure to monitor the condition of the child while taking the potion. The components contained in it can cause side effects in the form of a rash on the body. At detection of such signs reception should be stopped.

Contraindications for admission:

  • Baby age less than 6 months.
  • The presence of a disease such as pyelonephritis.
  • The use of simultaneously other means for the treatment of cough.
  • Allergy to the components of the dry mixture components.
  • Precautions should be taken by diabetics due to the presence of sugar.
  • Do not use more than 5 times a day.

Warning: kids!

Especially worried when a child has a cough, the parents of children up to a year. And for good reason. After all, these little ones can not cough, cry and refuse to suck. Therefore, the doctor may recommend cough syrup for children to such babies. Up to a year it is better not to use folk remedies containing honey and onions. But syrup helps the child to cough.

The main thing is not guided by the advice of girlfriends and friends. If any medicine was helped by any medicine, then it may harm another. Only the doctor, having determined the causes of the disease, will prescribe cough syrup.

For children under one year there are many options for such funds. They consist mainly of one active ingredient, but can be multicomponent.

How to quickly cure a child’s cough

Especially effective and safe syrups for young patients based on plantain extract. It has the property to reduce the viscosity of the formed mucus, and the baby coughs it easily.

How to take cough syrup for children? Instructions are attached to each drug, but the main points to remember:

  • Do not give more than the recommended rate, unless otherwise prescribed by a physician.
  • Stop taking after applying 7 days.
  • Use measuring spoon attached to the drug.

Coughing will help warm

It is useful to know how to quickly cure a child’s cough if a baby has a viral infection. One of the most effective ways is a warming compress. The effect of the compress and its effect is due to increased blood circulation in the place where it is placed.

All compresses can be divided into types: cold and hot, alcohol, oil, water and dry. Here are some good folk recipes that will not harm babies and help get rid of cough.

Boiled potato compress

Cook 2-3 potatoes right in the peel, then add 1 tbsp. spoon of alcohol and sunflower oil. From the resulting mass form two cakes and wrap in cheesecloth.

Thus, we put these cakes on the chest and back. You should avoid the heart area. Wrap the baby and leave for 1 hour. After the compress wipe the baby and change into everything dry.

Apple Cider Vinegar Compress

A cough in a one-year-old child and older children is well relieved by vinegar. To do this, take three parts of water and one part of apple cider vinegar. In the absence of allergies, you can add a spoonful of honey.

The resulting solution is moistened tissue and applied to the chest and throat of the child. A plastic bag and a dry cloth are applied on top. The procedure time is 20 minutes.

Oil compress

When coughing in a child is 3 years old, than traditional medicine also prompts. You can apply an oil compress. Before this age, it is not recommended to apply this treatment.

The bottom line is to heat the sunflower oil in a water bath, dip the cloth in it and wrap the baby. Cover with another cloth on top. After 1 hour, remove the compress.

Inhalation will help cough up

When a baby is sick, it is tormented by cough attacks, the question arises how to cure a child’s cough and not harm it. One of the ways to facilitate the patient's condition is inhalation.

Children under one year can not do their own inhalation. There is a high risk of bronchospasm. You can perform the procedure using a purchased inhaler. But the best way would be a nebulizer. In any case, if at home there is neither one nor the other, you can use the means at hand and just breathe, leaning over the broth, for example, potatoes. But be extremely careful and do not leave the child alone with a bowl filled with hot broth.

If there is a cough in a child of 3 years, than to treat and if inhalation is needed, the doctor will tell If the pediatrician recommends, you can breathe over the hot water with iodine. This treatment contributes to the dilution of sputum and discharge of mucus.

Baby coughs. Fundamental rules

  • Most importantly, when a child suffers a cough, give him a warm drink. As you know, the blood and mucus in our body from a lack of fluid becomes thick. If the baby is not enough to drink, then it will be very difficult to cough.
  • Before deciding what to give your child to cough, talk with your doctor. Let the pediatrician listen and examine the child and decide how to treat it.
  • Treat not a cough, but the reason that caused it.
  • If the child is a year old, the temperature, the cough is very difficult for the baby to live. After all, he is still small, and it is difficult to cough up. Therefore, be sure to follow all the recommendations of the doctor.
  • If you use mustard plasters or decide to float the baby's feet, do not do it when the baby has a fever. So you only aggravate the situation.

When help is needed immediately

  1. Cough with blood.
  2. Cough appeared suddenly and suddenly and does not stop.
  3. Occurs only at night with bouts.
  4. Baby wheezing so that it is audible even without listening.
  5. When expectorated, sputum is greenish in color.
  6. Cough appeared as a consequence of SARS, but even after recovery does not pass.


Prevention of any disease begins with hardening. Do not wrap your baby, wipe it with cool water and allow running barefoot in summer.

Regardless of the time of year, you should walk with your baby. Even if the baby is already coughing, you need to walk with him.The main thing is to make the child feel good and not fever.

Never smoke near a child and avoid crowded places in times of outbreaks of viral infections.

Be sure to complete nutrition and sleep and rest. The baby needs to eat right, walk and go to bed on time.

If you already have a cough, do not try to suppress it immediately. Remember that this is a necessary reaction of the body, helping to separate mucus and bacteria.

Cough in a child 3 years old than treat

There is no cough medicine. All funds are aimed at enhancing cough and, as a consequence, the dilution of sputum and its secretion.

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Cough drops for baby. Medicines and prescriptions for traditional medicine for the treatment of cough in children 100

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