Cream "Rosex": instructions for use, composition, analogs, reviews

When you first look at a person, first of all, pay attention to the face. Many are concerned about this question: "In what condition is the skin of the face?". Modern medicine does not stand still. There are many drugs that help us deal with skin problems. In addition to pills and injections, creams are widely used. Consider how Rosex cream helps in the treatment of skin diseases, examine its composition and name analogs. And also provide feedback from people after taking this drug.

What is included in the composition?

Cream "Rosex»is an antimicrobial and antiprotozoal drug. The main active ingredient in the cream is metronidazole. Per 100 g it accounts for 0.75 g. There are also auxiliary substances that improve the structure of the product and contribute to high-quality and fast absorption:

  • Benzyl alcohol.
  • Wax emulsion.
  • Glycerol
  • Isopropyl myristate.
  • Sorbitol.
  • Sorbitol non-crystalline.
  • Lactic acid.
  • Purified water.

cream rozex

Available in aluminum tubes of 5 g, 15 g, 30 g and 50 g.

Having considered, what is the cream "Rozeks" composition, we turn to the instructions for use. First, tell you how the drug works.

Mechanism of action

It is believed that the mechanism of action is a violation of the DNA of susceptible microorganisms. Also the main active ingredient is active for Trichomonas vaginalis, Gardnerella vaginalis, Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica and against bacteria that can live in an oxygen-free environment.

Metronidazole is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. To him are resistant aerobic microorganisms.

Amoxicillin inhibits the development of Helicobacter pylori resistance to metronidazole.

The drug is rapidly distributed in tissues and body fluids. Well absorbed after application. When using cream system action is reduced to a minimum. In serum, the concentration of active substance for external use is approximately 33 ng / ml.

It is also believed that the drug has good antioxidant activity. The main active ingredient, as already mentioned, metronidazole.What is a broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribed for the treatment of skin diseases, and what are the benefits of this? About it further.

The positive properties of the cream

Note what the effect of the cream when used in the treatment of skin problems:

  • It has an impact on the simplest microorganisms, for example, the Demodex mite.
  • It has an antibacterial effect on bacteria that contribute to the development of rosacea.
  • Significantly reduces inflammatory processes.
  • Neutralizes foci of infection.
  • Restores the affected skin cells and contributes to the regeneration of the skin.

metronidazole for what is prescribed

  • Normalizes skin function.
  • Activates the protective function of the skin.
  • After treatment with a cream, the affected areas of the epidermis heal faster.
  • It takes a burning sensation, itching, discomfort.
  • Pigment spots and foci of redness are significantly reduced.

Regeneration processes are faster, and the skin looks much better, thanks to such an active substance as metronidazole.

What is prescribed?

The drug for external use is prescribed, primarily to relieve inflammation and to prevent the development of infection.

Cream "Rosex»prescribed for the following diseases:

rozex cream reviews

  • The bedsores
  • Skin diseases with the addition of a secondary infection.
  • Cracks anus.

For such diseases, it is recommended to use Roex.

Who should not use the cream?

Despite the relative safety of the drug, the drug is indicated for the treatment of not all. Contraindications when taking the cream "Roex" apply to the following categories of patients:

  • Have increased sensitivity and intolerance to the active substance.
  • Women during breastfeeding.
  • Pregnant women, especially in the first trimester.

cream rozex Price

In cases where the benefit exceeds the risk, pregnant cream can be used, although midwives do not recommend the use of drugs with the active substance in the form of metronidazole. Local use has no toxic effect on the fetus and the concentration in the blood of the active substance is minimal.

Side effects of the drug

Like any drug, the cream can also cause unwanted side reactions, namely:

  • Allergic reaction.
  • Rash, urticaria.
  • Peeling skin.
  • Burning, itching of the skin.

Cream Roses

  • Tearing.
  • Exacerbation of rosacea symptoms.
  • Puffiness

Also possible reactions such as:

  • Violation of taste perceptions.
  • Violation, reduced sensitivity of body parts.
  • The feeling of "crawling goosebumps."
  • Violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

If redness or any of the above reactions occur after applying the cream to the skin, consult a doctor. Before use, be sure to inform the doctor about the existing chronic pathologies and drugs currently being taken.

Instructions for use

How to use«Rosex "(cream), instructions for useexplains the following:

  • Apply to the skin of the drug can only after its cleansing.
  • Use the cream twice a day. In the morning and at night.
  • Apply a thin layer of cream on the affected skin.
  • When treating wounds, the drug can be applied on a napkin and applied to the diseased area for 30 minutes.
  • Do not let the cream on the mucous membranes. If this does happen, then rinse the area with plenty of water.
  • Application course from 3 to 4 months. The duration of treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Rozex cream active ingredient

If undesirable reactions occur, you should stop using the drug and immediately contact your doctor.Also, do not use the cream if there are no positive results after a period of therapy. This question must be solved by a doctor.

Doses and duration of treatment with the cream for the elderly have no features and differences from the usual schemes.

Overdose of the drug in the form of a cream when applied topically is not fixed.

Features of use

Cream "Rosex»It has a weak effect on the bloodstream. But when taking the drug with the active substance metronidazole should know the features of the use of the drug:

  • Be careful if there is liver disease.
  • Do not take metronidazole with amoxicillin to persons under 18 years of age.
  • Metronidazole intake contributes to the staining of urine in a dark color.
  • In the treatment of metronidazole can not take alcohol. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, abdominal pain and flushing of the face.

When treating with Rozex cream, it is not recommended to use cosmetics in the form of powder, blush, or dense foundation. Do not advise dermatologists during therapy to use alcohol-containing agents, such as lotions, nourishing creams.

Interaction with other drugs

When using drugs with metronidazole, you should know the characteristics of combining them with other drugs.

  1. Metronidazole enhances the effects of indirect anticoagulants.
  2. Reduces absorption from the gastrointestinal tract with the combined use of antacids containing aluminum hydroxide with Kolestiramine.
  3. Significantly accelerated excretion of metronidazole when combined with phenobarbital. Perhaps a decrease in the action of metronidazole.
  4. The development of psychosis and impaired consciousness in the application of metronidazole with Disulfiram is dangerous.
  5. Toxic effect increases with the use of metronidazole with "carbamazepine" and when used in conjunction with "fluorouracil".
  6. Withdrawal of metronidazole will increase when combined with the "Prednisone."
  7. The excretion of Metronidazole will slow down when taken together with Cimetidine.
  8. When taken simultaneously with ethanol, disulfiram-like reactions may develop.
  9. When combined with "Lansoprazolom" possible reactions such as glossitis, stomatitis, coloring of the tongue. With co-treatment with lithium, intoxication develops.
  10. When using the cream with "warfarin" and other indirect anticoagulants, the effect of the latter is enhanced. At the same time increases the prothrombin time.

Price and analogues of the cream

This drug is available in pharmacies without a prescription. The price of cream "Rosex" (30 g) is 450 rubles. Lower dosage is cheaper. If there is no drug in the pharmacy, they can offer the following analogues:

  • "Rosamet."
  • "Trichopol".
  • Metrogil.

Rosex cream application instructions

  • "Orvagil".
  • Flagyl.
  • Metroxan.
  • "Aquametro".
  • Deflamon.
  • "Metron".

As well as cream "Roex", the analogues contain metronidazole. Before you replace the drug with an analogue, you need to discuss this issue with your doctor. Some components may not be suitable for a particular patient.

Reviews of cream "Rosex"

It is often prescribed for the treatment of rosacea, rosacea. A lot of reviews associated with these diseases. Patients note that a noticeable effect occurs after 2-3 weeks of regular use. The skin becomes noticeably cleaner. Foci of inflammation and redness are reduced. With acne, acne dries out and passes quickly.

There are reviews that when applying the Rozex cream, such reactions as peeling, burning and itching occurred. In this case, the redness did not pass, but was accompanied by edema. These are signs of adverse reactions.In this case, you should stop using the cream and go to the doctor for another remedy.

Basically, about the cream "Rozeks" positive reviews. Although the result is noticeable after several weeks of administration.

It should be noted that when treating such diseases as rosacea, rosacea with a cream "Rozex", doctors recommend to follow a diet in which it is necessary to exclude spicy, hot, alcohol, smoked meats. You should also not bathe in the bath, go to the solarium, stay in the open sun and avoid stressful situations.

Patients note the availability of the drug in pharmacies and low cost.

Subject to the recommendations of the doctor can achieve good results in therapy.

In the treatment of burns, the cream "Roex" with the active substance, the antibiotic metronidazole, relieves inflammation well and prevents the development of the infectious process. Wounds heal much faster, without complications.

Be sure to consult with your doctor before taking the drug, so as not to aggravate the situation. You should not prescribe the drug yourself, it can complicate the existing disease and provoke complications.

Currently, most skin problems are fairly easy to treat; the most important thing is to visit a specialist in time and follow all his recommendations and complete a full course of therapy.

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