Credit card "Tinkoff Platinum" - "120 days without interest" - reviews, conditions and features

In the summer of this year, "Tinkoff" actively promotedits credit card, luring customers with promises to pay off existing loans in other banks and at the same time get a unique 120-day grace period. This promotion did not cause any special stir, because for the minute video it did not reflect the main thing: the privilege is valid only if the condition is met - the user of the card needs to activate the "Balance Transfer" service.

Tinkoff platinum 120 days without percent reviews

Terms of Use

"Tinkoff Platinum" is the flagship product of the bank. It allows you to easily make purchases in both retail and online stores. Each of them brings points. And most importantly - there is a unique four-month grace period, thanks to the connection to the novelty of the bank - "Balance Transfer".

How profitable is the offer - 120 days withoutaccrual of interest on Tinkoff Platinum? Under standard conditions, the grace period is 55 days. During this time, it is necessary to fully pay off the debt or at least part of it, making payment in the amount of 6% of the total amount of borrowed money. Banking conditions allow you to set up auto payments to systematically replenish your credit card balance.

The date of the beginning of the grace period is indicated in the service contract (most often this is the day it is signed).

Continue to use the credit card can be, because interest on purchases are not accrued.

Plus, we note that the bank does not have branches. No one. For the owner of "Tinkoff", Oleg Tinkov, - believes that time is the most unique and accessible resource. And why spend it on the line? In his company, the client can solve all the arising issues either by going to the official site through an Internet browser, or through a mobile application, or simply by calling to the toll-free number in the call center. And all: five minutes of time, whole nerve cells and no problems.

How does the card work without interest from Tinkoff?

It's simple. With its help, you can conduct a kind of restructuring of one loan from a third-party bank. After this operation, the promised exemption is included - 120 days without interest. On the "Tinkoff Platinum", in the reviews of this often written, after the grace period, interest begins to accrue again, according to the current tariff. Do not forget about the monthly payment, which should be at least 6% of the debt. Use this offer of the bank only once a year.

How to apply for a Tinkoff credit card 120 days without interest

The service is available to both new and existing customers.

The credit limit does not exceed 300 000 rubles (card users write that the bank determines the ceiling of issued money within two or three salaries).

Conditions of the bank

The benefit of this proposal can be assessed by the following criteria:

  • Grace period of 90 days (with restructuringthe debt it increases to 120 days). Here it is necessary to take into account that interest is not paid, but it is necessary to make payments on the basic debt (6% of the loan body).
  • At the end of this period, interest will be charged for the remaining amount at the rate, according to the tariff plan.
  • It is possible to restructure only one loan, which must necessarily be relieved of arrears and delinquencies. Repayment is possible both partial and complete (one-time).
  • The service is free of charge.
  • Pay off the loan of a third-party bank only within the limit of the approved card. That is, if it is 70 000, then the transfer will be for the same amount (subject to availability of these funds).
  • According to the terms of the credit card "Tinkoff" - "120 days without interest" this service is allowed only once a year.
  • You can connect a bank product exclusively through a call center or through an application for mobile gadgets, by correspondence with a bank specialist.
  • All transfers are made to personal accounts (on the account of a third party transactions are blocked).
  • A cashback with an interest rate of 1-30% is available.cost of purchase and the program "Bravo". Within its framework, 1% of the purchase amount is credited with a bonus in the form of points. With their help you can pay for tickets for a train, plane, an account in a restaurant, etc.
  • Active use of the card helps increase the limit.
  • Internet banking is thought through to the smallest detail. It is convenient for him to receive information on the loan, including the date of payment and the amount.
  • The card is issued without sureties and bail. By the way, all kinds of certificates and photocopies are not required.
  • Abroad, plastic from "Tinkoff" is also beautifulworking. It automatically transfers rubles into the currency of the host country and vice versa, allowing the tourist to "not bother" with the currency exchange and the search for bank terminals.
  • The means of the card can be withdrawn to credit accounts (for debit this service does not work).
  • In the World Wide Web, payments go through 3D-Secure (secure service).

Tinkoff 120 days without interest of bank customers

There are some restrictions. It:

  • The minimum transfer is 5 000 rubles.
  • Operations on this service are carried out only in national currency and on ruble accounts.
  • The maximum amount allowed for restructuring is 120,000 rubles (by bank details) and 75,000 rubles (by card number).

The minimum payment by credit card "Tinkoff" - "120 days without interest" is prescribed in the agreement with each client individually, the maximum - does not exceed 8% of the principal debt.

Requirements for the borrower

Partly they are standard, but they have pleasant indulgences.

The first thing that attention is paid to when designingplastic - Russian citizenship and registration. And the second - the age of the borrower: from 18 years to 70 inclusive. "Tinkoff" does not frighten either the bad credit history, or loans in third-party banks.

Credit card tinkoff 120 days without interest terms

Interest and rates

They are prescribed individually in each contract with the client. But, in general, the requirements are as follows:

  • Operations for cash withdrawal or transfer to a debit card are imposed on the cashed amount from 30 to 49.9% per year.
  • Committed purchases are subject to a rate of 13.9 to 29.9% per annum (it depends on the personal credit history).
  • Maintenance of plastic costs 590 rubles (this is less than 50 rubles per month).
  • Commission for cashing or withdrawal to third-party accounts - 290 rubles, plus 2.95% of the amount.
  • Re-issue of a "Tinkoff Platinum" card with a 120-day grace period on a personal initiative or an additional order of 590 rubles.
  • Mobile banking - 59 rubles.

Reviews about credit card tinkoff platinum


They are imposed in case of non-payment of the next payment. The system is as follows.

  1. Overlimit interest is charged at a rate of 19% of the annual interest.
  2. A one-time fine for the first delay is 590 rubles.

Subsequent increases by one percent. That is, the second payment pass is 590 rubles plus one percent, the third - plus two, etc. And for every day will be charged 0.2%.

Connect the service

To do this, go to the official websitefinancial and credit organization, go through the necessary registration and fill out the proposed forms. Moreover, judging by the responses, before you issue a credit card "Tinkoff" - "120 days without interest", it is advisable to carefully study information about it, tariffs, penalties, etc., as well as user feedback.

Instructions for the new client

Consider what steps need to be taken to transfer the debt to the bank "Tinkoff".

  • We learn the exact amount for a full repayment in a third-party bank, preferably on a specific date. Please print the bank details and invoice.
  • Since the cards are not yet available, go to the official website,fill out the application form and online application for the opening of the card "Tinkoff Platinum" - "120 days without interest" (reviews confirm that this is absolutely easy). The decision is issued by the bank immediately. The card is delivered to any convenient address.
  • Activate it through a mobile application, online banking or by phone.
  • In the latter case, the specialist should be informed that it is necessary to activate the refinancing service.
  • Next, you need to dictate the details of the debenture or the card number.
  • After five working days (in fact, not more than two), the transfer takes place, and the debt in the third-party bank is repaid. It remains only to take a document on the closure of the loan.

Instructions for the card holder

In reviews of the credit card "Tinkoff Platinum"all write that in this case everything is simple. We address in the call center or through the mobile application we order the service, we inform the requested data and we expect a transfer.

tinkoff bank 120 days without accrual of interest

Interesting nuances

For the correct use of the "Tinkoff" service - "120 days without interest", the bank's clients offer several recommendations.

  1. Before registration of service it is necessary to check upcredit limit: there should be no debts. Otherwise, there is confusion: they will write off first debts on completed purchases or withdrawal of cash, and only then on the transferred loan.
  2. During the grace period, afterrestructuring, you need to refrain from any operations on the map, because, as usual, you get confusion in these very periods, and as a result, interest is charged (and considerable).
  3. If there are paid services, they must be disconnected: the monthly fee must be paid in full.

I want to emphasize that this card has a maximumhigh percentage of banking approval. And neither does the bad credit history, nor the existence of debts in third-party banks. In this way, according to the users' mutual opinion, a modern bank that respects its customers operates. In addition, the "Tinkoff" is always adequate technical support, and even around the clock.

On specialized sites of banking productscards "Tinkoff" have a fairly high rating. And "Platinum" - "120 days without interest" from the beginning of September 2017 takes the second place. Customers positively evaluate this plastic, noting in the reviews that with a rational approach to the transferred loan it becomes not burdensome.

If there is a criticism, then it is most oftentouches a high annual rate and the conditions that the bank suddenly changes to more loyal, it is only the user who declares his desire to abandon any services of Tinkoff.

Bank card Tinkoff platinum 120 days grace period

When is it better to choose another card?

Having studied all the advantages and disadvantages of the "Tinkoff Platinum" card - "120 days without interest", we can say that it should be abandoned if:

  • Means are necessary only for purchases. There are options more convenient and profitable. For example, "Halva" or a card from "Home Credit".
  • Money will often be displayed on a debit card or cashed. Here the plastic "100 days without interest" from "Alfa-Bank" will perfectly cope.

In any other case, nothing is better than "Tinkoff Platinum" - "120 days without interest" (the testimonies are a vivid proof), no.

Post scriptum

Finally a small example. Let's assume that a debt in a third-party bank of 100,000 rubles was taken at 30% per annum. For three months, 7,500 rubles are charged as interest. We transfer the debt to Tinkoff Bank using the Tinkoff Platinum card - 120 days without interest (feedback confirms the profitability of the transaction) and save the voiced interest minus 590 rubles (fee charged for servicing the card). Looks convincing.

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