Dancing in Kaluga

My wife and I want to give a seventh-grader daughter to dance. While we can not choose between modern and ballroom. Maybe someone can advise good classes?
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Answered on April 10 00:05
And the daughter herself to which dances are more inclined - ballroom or modern? Because to do it, not you and my wife. And if you do not want her to quit dancing after six months, first of all ask about her opinion.
Answered on April 10 00:16
The author, I think your girl will be more interested in modern dance. See how many different directions in this school for teenagers I’m sure it will be exciting to try your hand at a trendy dance direction, for example, in hip-hop, jazz funk, regetton, etc. Specify, maybe, at school there are trial employment?
Answered on April 10 00:21
We have a 12-year-old son for the second year attending hip-hop classes.

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