Delicious pilaf in the oven

Crisp rice

Prepare a really tasty pilaf is very difficult. This dish turns out very rarely, because many simply do not know the secrets of its preparation. Today I will share recipes that are popular with all my friends. First you need to choose the rice of the best variety, because the result depends on its quality. To cook pilaf in the oven or on the stove, you should buy only steamed cereals. It does not boil soft and does not stick together. How many times have I tried different types of rice, but still I choose expensive and high-quality. Whatever you are a good and experienced hostess, pilaf will not turn out appetizing from a low-quality product. The next important point is that all the ingredients should be added in the correct order, it will add to the dish the right taste.pilaf in the oven

How to cook pilaf in the oven

The very first thing I turn on the oven is 180aboutI continue to do the preparation of products. We will need the following ingredients:

- highest quality steamed rice;

- pork or chicken meat;

- carrot;

- onion;

- spices, salt;

- sunflower oil;

- Tomatoes (Bulgarian pepper);

- garlic, fresh greens.

how to cook pilaf in the oven


The meat is cut into small pieces. Sprinkle with salt and spices. Thoroughly rub everything and leave for half an hour so that the meat absorbs the spices. Fry carrots and onions in a frying pan in sunflower oil. I always sprinkle fried black and red pepper. This adds a savory spicy dish. Pilaf in the oven - this is the most delicious dish. In a special dish designed for the oven, pour water and lay out our meat. Top part add the frying, then pour the washed rice and lay out the rest of the steamed vegetables. All this should be completely covered with water. We put in a preheated oven for 45 minutes. In no case can not stir the dish. While everything is being prepared, we remove one garlic head from dirt and rinse it under running water, and divide the second head into cloves. Bulgarian pepper or tomatoes cut into thin slices. Take out our pilaf. Top lay the rest of the products (garlic cloves, tomatoes and bell peppers). In a separate saucepan, boil the garlic for 10 minutes in a small amount of water.After the pilaf is ready, pour the broth into a saucepan with rice and mix everything thoroughly. We give to cool, then sprinkle with all fresh chopped greens and serve to the table. Our pilaf in the oven, the recipe of which is invented by me, is ready! Bon Appetit!

Another recipepilaf in the oven recipe

The first pilaf is very tasty and appetizing, but sometimes there is simply not enough time to cook everything so thoroughly. So I decided to try a new recipe, which does not require much effort. Quick-cooked pilaf is also a very good meal for the whole family. Often my loved ones order it just a few hours before dinner. But I always have time to cook it on time. So, we should boil our meat in a large container with carrots and onions. At the very end, you can add sliced ​​garlic, spices, salt and tomatoes. After all the water has evaporated, add sunflower oil, fry everything until golden brown. We shift everything to a deep dish, pour rice on top and pour water over it. Close the lid and cook our pilaf in the oven for one hour. Then we take it out, mix everything thoroughly, sprinkle with greens and serve it to the table.It turns out very spicy dish for the whole family.

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