Delivery from China.

I am interested in shipping from China goods of different values. After all, it is no secret that you can make good money on this. Who already has such a delivery experience, tell me how convenient it is to do it?
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Answered on February 9 16:33
One of the profitable delivery options is to ship the container by sea from China. But this option is convenient if you do not rush to delivery and you have enough time to transport it.
Answered February 9 16:40
I believe that it is more convenient and safer to send goods through the railway. There will be about the same amount of time and money for such delivery, but you can bring more goods in this way.
Answered on February 9 21:46
I think that the most economical options for delivering large quantities from China, by sea or by rail. You can make delivery by air transport, if time is running out for you, but the only negative is that this type of transportation will be expensive.

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