Delphin Botanik 5 * (Turkey / Okurcalar): photos, room description, tourist advice and reviews

Okurcalar - a provincial resort area of ​​Alanya. The region is actively growing and developing. Open cafes and fashionable restaurants. Along the coast there are new high-rise hotels. The most luxurious hotel complex, according to holidaymakers, is considered Delphin Botanik. This is a family hotel. It is focused on the placement of couples. The hotel is located on the first line.

general information

The complex was built in 1988. The last reconstruction took place in 2014. The area occupied by Delphin Botanik exceeds 90,000 m². The complex consists of four multi-storey buildings. The total number of rooms in the hotel - 474. At the disposal of customers an extensive tropical park with gazebos and benches. There is a water entertainment center with slides and pools.

The total number of slopes - 8. Near the aquatic center is an amusement park. Travelers occupy the five-storey residential buildings and three-level bungalows.

Transport accessibility

Delphin Botanik is located 90 km from Antalya International Airport. The ancient city of Side is about 30 km away. Alanya is 32 km away from the resort. Near the hotel are concentrated bistros and eateries. To reach the beach by hand. The hotel provides a group transfer. Hotel representatives meet travelers at the airport.

The hotel shares a territory with the nearby Delphin Botanik Platinum Hotel. The infrastructure of the two complexes is unified and is intended for all customers. Within walking distance from residential buildings there is a bus stop. Shuttle buses and public transport run by her. The city has a taxi. At night, tariffs for the services of private cab drivers doubled.


Standart room

Delphin Botanik accepts couples, families with children, youth companies. Travelers with pets are not accommodated in the hotel. The hotel has special apartments for people with disabilities. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms. Violation of this rule may be subject to a fine.

Check-in procedure usually starts after 14:00. The administration of Delphin Botanik Hotel often goes to meet their customers and give out the keys to the rooms much earlier. It is necessary to vacate the apartment on the day of departure until 12:00.Possible options. All special cases are consistent with the hotel management. For travelers, free luggage storage is available.

Cost of

For seven nights spent in Delphin Botanik in Turkey, travel agencies are asking for 40,000 rubles. The price includes round-trip plane tickets, accommodation in a room of the chosen category, meals in restaurants and use of the hotel’s infrastructure. The offer is valid when paying for double occupancy.


Next to the hotel is a series of modern hotels:

  • Mukhamas Resort SPA.
  • Gypsophila Holiday Village.
  • "Galeri Resort".
  • Concordia Celes.
  • Kew Premium Resort.
  • "Merian".
  • Holiday Garden Resort.

The Mediterranean coast in this part of the resort is cut by concrete piers. Boat stations are based on them and moorings of yachts and catamarans are organized.

Number of rooms

Hotel territory

All rooms in the hotel, as well as in the hotel of the network of the same name “Delfin” Delphin Botanik Hotel World of Paradise, are divided into two categories:

  • standard;
  • family.

The typical room has a small balcony. It has plastic furniture for recreation, a table and chairs, or a folding dryer for beach accessories.The central air conditioning system is responsible for the indoor climate. In the rooms - double and single beds, wardrobes for clothes.

Keeping documents in a personal safe is free. In Delphin Botanik Hotel World for this service take money. The hotel is distinguished by affordable prices and a wide range of options that are included in the price. The standard rooms are equipped with modern TVs that broadcast Russian-language channels.

In all rooms high-speed internet connection is free. The telephone is used to communicate with the reception staff. Voice calls are charged. The bathroom has a shower, hairdryer, towels, hygiene items. As in the popular Russian holidaymakers Delphin Botanik World of Paradise, there is a fridge in the “Dolphin Botanic Hotel Resort”. It is filled with bottled drinking water.

The standard room is 27 m². Typical rooms are located in the main residential building and in additional buildings of the hotel complex. From the windows of most apartments overlook the water zone or tropical gardens.A folding chair-bed is provided as an extra bed.

Maids clean the apartment every day. They vacuum the carpeting, make the bed, wipe the dust. Make up the supply of cosmetics in the bathroom. Add liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel. Change used towels to clean. At Delphin Botanik Resort, underwear is replaced once every three days.

Family rooms

In the suites, designed for four people, there is an interroom door. The total area of ​​the family room is 54 m². Two-room apartments occupy additional residential buildings of the hotel complex. In the refrigerator, the maids leave not only bottled water, but also beer, soft drinks. The family apartment Delphin Botanik in Alanya has only one bathroom.

The rooms are decorated in bright colors. Dark textiles in natural colors contrasted with walls painted white. The floor is covered with red carpet. On the windows there are opaque blackout curtains. For the lighting meets the ceiling chandelier, bedside lamps and wall lamps are functioning.


Street bar

The hotel owns a private recreational area. All clients of the hotel chain “Dolphin”, including the guests of Delphin Botanik World, have access to it. The length of the beach is 200 meters. On the Mediterranean coast there are sun loungers with soft mattresses and umbrellas. Use of beach accessories is included in the price of vouchers.

At the disposal of vacationers a log pier. The beach is covered with sand. In some places there are islands of small pebbles. There are stones in the water. Travelers are issued beach towels. At the beginning and end of the swimming season, the recreational zone operates under the condition of good weather.


Thematic show

In Dolphin Botanic Hotel Resort, as in the nearby Delphin Botanik Platinum Hotel, the entertainment team is responsible for entertaining guests. The hotel has Russian-speaking instructors and educators. Animation team has twenty people. Entrance to the disco for hotel guests is free.

In the evenings, themed shows are organized for travelers. Special delight is caused by the program “Turkish Night”. It is carried out once a week. The show features musicians and artists, acrobats and gymnasts, magicians and illusionists. In the morning and in the afternoon for tourists they conduct aerobic exercises and teach oriental dances.


Hotel restaurant

Gastronomy in the hotel is represented at once by several restaurants. Tea House serves Chinese dishes. In Dolce Vita, pizza, lasagna, pasta with various sauces and traditional Italian delicacies are served. Ottoman is a Turkish restaurant. It is prepared according to local recipes. In "Mr. Fish" treat fish delicacies and snacks. Sushi and Tapanyaki is responsible for cooking Japanese dishes.

Each hotel guest has the opportunity to visit each of the listed restaurants once for free. Visits with children are allowed. Reservation is required. Guests pay for imported drinks from their wallet. All restaurants are open from 19:30 to 21:30.

The hotel’s customers are served by six bars. The bistro in the lobby is open from 08:00 to 01:00. The bar in the aquazone is open from 10:00 to 00:00. The beach snack bar caters to holidaymakers from 10:00 to 04:00. The Vitamin Bar is open from 09:00 to 23:00. Island is open from 10:00 to 00:00. Aquabar serves hotel guests from 10:00 to 17:30.

According to official information from Delphin Botanik, traveler reviews confirm this, there is a children's menu and even a diet menu. Cooks prepare milk porridges, side dishes of cereals and vegetables, boiled lean meat, broths and soups.

Meal Schedule:

  • from 07:00 to 10:00 - breakfast;
  • from 10:00 to 11:00 - lunch;
  • from 12:30 to 14:30 - lunch;
  • from 19:00 to 21:30 - dinner;
  • from 22:30 to 04:00 - night snack.

The buffet system operates around the clock. Guests are offered local drinks and ice cream. For imported alcohol and soda in banks you have to pay on your own. In summer and winter periods, the schedule of meals and bars may vary slightly. Street bistros and kiosks function only under conditions of favorable meteorological conditions.


Hotel area

On the stage of the improvised amphitheater are family evenings and entertainment programs. Entrance to the local cinema is free. For the services of medical professionals need to pay. If necessary, staff review racks call the emergency team. Contact the representatives of the insurance company.

Currency exchange is located next to the reception desk. The course of buying and selling in it is unprofitable. Recommend to use the services of the official offices of credit institutions in Turkey, located nearby. The list of paid hotel options:

  • medical Center;
  • barbershop;
  • beauty saloon;
  • grocery stores and souvenirs;
  • car rental;
  • computer games center;
  • Internet cafe.

The hotel has parking for cars. Reservation is not required in advance. The service is free. In the shops of the hotel accept MasterCard and Visa bank cards. Internet access throughout the hotel, including in the rooms, is free.

For babies

The hotel offers a huge arsenal of services designed for children and their parents. Upon arrival at the apartment, a cot for children under three years old is available on request. All hotel restaurants have special high chairs. On the territory adjacent to the residential buildings, there are children's play areas. Functions shallow pool. The water in it is clean and heats up quickly.

At the rental point of the hotel you can get a free pot or a stroller. The service is free with stock. A deposit is required. Its amount is 3,000 rubles. The theme club is waiting for children older than four and under twelve years old. It is open from 09:00 to 17:00.

In the main restaurant, which serves the "Buffet" system, hotel guests have the opportunity to use a blender, microwave.The kitchen staff warms up baby formula and food. Entrance to the amusement park is free. It has a ferris wheel, an inflatable trampoline, a train with carriages, cars, a swing. The amusement park is open from 19:30 to 21:30. From October to mid-May, it is closed. During the rain rides are turned off.


For business travelers and business people the hotel offers a conference room rental. It is equipped with office equipment. The hotel has only one meeting and conference room.


In the bath complex guests are waiting for a jacuzzi, swimming pools, Turkish hammam, saunas and a font with ice water. Massages are paid. Wellness and therapeutic programs are provided. The procedures in the spa area are paid by clients themselves.

Sports and outdoor activities

Hotel pool

The game of billiards, diving training, rent of equipment for diving and swimming is not included in the cost of vouchers. At the same time, all hotel guests have access to gyms, tennis courts and ping-pong tables, volleyball nets, which are stretched on the hotel’s beach.

In the evening, turn on the soft lights of the pools. It sounds melodic music.The hotel’s tennis courts are equipped with an artificial lighting system. Floodlights include free of charge upon request. Rackets and balls provide after making a deposit. In the rain, open sports grounds do not function.


Many vacationers give excellent ratings hotel "Dolphin Botanic Hotel Resort". They like the fact that the staff listens to the requests of the guests and fulfills their wishes. This is especially true for the settlement and selection of rooms. The decoration of the apartment is beyond praise. Furniture, plumbing new. Everything is working properly.

Food in restaurants is beyond praise. The dishes are delicious. The menu is varied, replete with delicacies. Every evening, guests are welcome in one of the two amphitheaters. Evening shows are held at a high enough level. The most enthusiastic reviews traditionally receive entertainment program "Turkish Night".

Hotel buildings are very beautiful. Next to them is a beautiful tropical garden. Walking along its paths at lunchtime is a pleasure. Travelers are met at the airport with bouquets of flowers. During check-in, reception staff offer champagne and refreshments.

All customers are presented with a beach bag and a branded cap as a compliment.Maids regularly clean up the apartment. Without a reminder, change towels and linens, replenish stocks of cosmetics and hygiene products.


There are no negative reviews about the hotel, but there are some comments. On the beach in places there is a large pebble. Need to buy special coral slippers. The food in the restaurant quickly bored. At first it seems diverse, but then chicken meat and fish get bored.

The waiters are slow. They slowly remove the dirty dishes from the tables. Therefore, sometimes the restaurant is not very nice. We have to wait for the dining room staff to prepare the hall. Some rooms smell damp. There are complaints about the quality of the furniture. Internet connection does not work everywhere. Some residential buildings need urgent repairs.

Reception desk staff provide only one key, which is not very convenient. Maids do not listen to the wishes of the guests. They come to clean up the rooms during the daytime when small children sleep in the rooms. On the territory of "Botanica" built another hotel network "Platinum".All the attention is paid to the guests of the new hotel complex.

Instructors are not on duty at the entrance to the water slides. Therefore, the children ride one after the other, do not respect the distance. Beach towels delivery point is far from the recreation area. On the coast there is no toilet. Sometimes the guards and instructors are too strict.

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