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Today we will tell you about one of the most amazing dogs, which can not be confused with any other. What is unique breed bedlington terrier? Yes, everything: from the history of the appearance of these animals and ending with an unusual memorable appearance.

This dog, resembling a toy lamb, just looks like such a cutie. In fact, he has a steel character and the heart of a fearless tiger. It is a strong, enduring and brave animal, always ready to stand up for itself.terrier bedlington

Breed history

Compared with many of the ancient breeds of dogs that have a thousand-year history, the Bendlington Terrier is quite young. The first mention of animals resembling the modern representatives of the breed, refer to the end of the XVIII century. These dogs appeared in the English county of Northumberland,which is located on the border with Scotland.

The document of 1782 describes a dog, which is considered one of the ancestors of the modern bedlingtons. It was a cute dog named Olden Flint (Old Flint), whose owner was Sir Trevelyan, who lived in the small town of Nezwittton not far from Rotbury. It was from the name of this city that the first name of the breed came out - the rotbury terriers.

The sources preserved and the second, less common and well-known name - Northumberland Fox Terrier. In those distant times, these clever and nimble animals in England were used to exterminate rats and other rodents, as well as to assist in the hunt for foxes, rabbits, beavers, otters and badgers. These small dogs combined the strength and dexterity of hunting terriers with high speed hounds.bedlington terrier

Only in the middle of the XIX century, English breeders noticed an unusual dog from Northumberland county, and from that time its planned development began. First of all, dog experts tried to eradicate unjustified aggressiveness among the representatives of the breed. At the same time, they worked to improve their working qualities and improve their external data, creating a recognizable exterior.

There is a version that not only the brightest representatives of the Bedlington terriers were used for this purpose, but also the Whippet and Greyhound dogs.

First standard

It was developed in 1867, and after eight years (1875) a British club of connoisseurs of this breed was organized. Since then, cute dogs have become regular participants of championships and exhibitions held in Britain.

The appearance of the breed in the US

The Bedlington Terrier, the photo of which we posted in this article, appeared in the United States at the end of the 19th century, where it was brought by British officers. They were listed in the United States Dog Breeding Book in 1886. But only in 1936, this dog became a member of the American Kennel Club.

The peak reached its popularity in the USA in 1965. During this period, the population in the country was eight hundred and sixteen individuals. For more than a century of history, the standard dog bedlington terrier has changed five times. This was due to the constantly changing exterior of the animal.bedlington terrier photo

In 1981, the last edition appeared, which is valid today, albeit with minor changes. Today, the breed Bedlington Terrier is recognized by all the world canine organizations and is in great demand, especially in British aristocratic circles,as well as among English hunters.

It should be noted that, despite the fact that this unusual breed is in demand, it has never experienced a particular boom of popularity.

Bedlington Terrier: breed description

We have already said that the appearance of this charming dog is deceptive. Its small size is not just misleading opponents. The breed standard describes graceful, but muscular dogs slightly smaller than the average size. Their height at the withers is only about forty centimeters, with a weight of no more than eleven kilograms.

The body of the animal is long, with a clearly visible bend. The chest is deep and wide, the belly is tucked up. Tail low set. At the base it is thicker, tapering towards the tip. The limbs are muscular, with the rear slightly longer than the front. The head has an unusual wedge shape. The skull is wide, with well-pronounced cheekbones, the area under the eyes is well filled. The transition from the forehead to the face smooth. The muzzle is elongated.

The bedlington terrier has a characteristic cap of silky, curly hair that covers the head and the muzzle. Lips close to jaws tightly.The nose is large, pigmented in accordance with the color of the animal - it is black in silvery individuals, brown in brown and silver-brown.breed bedlington terrier


Not only the unusual shape of the head and body differs from other breeds of bedlington terrier. It has a unique, very beautiful and dense curly coat. It is of medium length, but the standard of this breed recommends cutting animals.

Bedlington wool has one advantage: it practically does not shed. It is not stiff to the touch, but not too soft, it looks like a pretty wool suit.


In addition to silver-white, the standard allows for gray-brown and gray-blue colors. Occasionally there are individuals with a brown-red color, their price is much higher. The ideal white color in this breed is considered a disadvantage rather than an advantage. Puppies with this color are considered non-standard, their cost is lower. Usually, no nursery that values ​​its reputation sells individuals with a white color. At best, they are positioned as rejected. bedlington terrier puppies

Bedlington Terrier: character

These beauties have a livable and gentle nature.However, such a pet needs an owner with a strong and strong character who is able to dominate the dog. Otherwise, the bedlington terrier may be stubborn.

In relation to people, these dogs rarely show aggression and anger, however, like timidity. In case of danger, these small animals, without hesitation, rush into battle to protect the owner, and the dimensions of the opponent for the terrier in this case do not matter.

The Bedlington Terrier, a description of the features of which can now be found in many canine publications, is active, loves playing with children very much, and enjoys traveling with the host country very much. Until a very old age, they retain a healthy curiosity and interest in life, which makes them great companions for modern and active people. dogs bedlington terrier

Features of the psyche

A pretty little face, a small height - all this is just camouflage, behind which is quite a cruel hunter. In order for your pet not to frighten households with the cruelty with which it deals with a game or bird in the park, puppies from an early age must be educated, they must go through a procedure of socialization and training.

Competent training will save these hunters from egocentrism.These cuties can show stubbornness, if they are forced to do something, what they are not currently configured. It depends on the owner’s perseverance whether he can explain to his four-legged friend who is the boss.

To get everything he wants, every Bedlington Terrier dreams. Puppies can get rid of this habit if they are taken on courses of obedience, agility, burrowing dogs. After such classes, your pet will return home pacified and happy.

Judging by the reviews of the owners, you must be very careful with physical punishments. Unlike many of its relatives, this terrier - Bedlington - may well snarl and even bite, especially if it considers the punishment undeserved. Yes, this is not the most pleasant feature, but owners should know that it is laid at the genetic level in these animals. If you properly raise a dog, then you can get rid of this problem. If you are not sure that you can cope with this cute little dog, contact an experienced dog handler for help.

Maintenance and care

Due to its rather compact size, Bedlington feels great even in a small city apartment, in which the dog will have its place. The bed must be located in a dry room, away from drafts.The dog should have a bowl for water and food, toys, in the first months of life a tray with a filler (until the kid understands what he is being brought to the street). These terriers tolerate bad weather, but in the summer heat, the time of day walks is better to reduce in order to avoid heat stroke.

The luxurious coat of this dog needs special care. Thick fur often rolls into unsightly mats. In addition to regular combing, the owner should do and dog grooming (at least eight times a year). However, this will require certain skills. Therefore, at first it is advisable to contact a professional grumer. In addition, you need to pay attention to the hair on the face: it should be wiped daily with a damp cloth.bedlington terrier description


The diet of this animal may consist of natural products or from finished high-quality feed. When feeding with natural products should pay attention to how the dog's body reacts to them - this breed is prone to copper toxicosis. Therefore, you should limit the consumption of offal (especially liver). To undesirable products also include cereals, seafood, legumes, potatoes.

High-quality ready-made food for medium-sized dogs contain all the vitamins and trace elements necessary for the growth and normal development of the animal. In addition, they will help save your time on cooking for your pet. bedlington terrier breed description

Distribution in Russia

Not everyone knows that these cute “lambs” belong to long-livers in a dog family: their life expectancy reaches fifteen years, there are cases when some individuals lived to seventeen years. But it is especially important that at the same time, until the last days of their lives, dogs retain playfulness and vigor.

It is difficult to call them fertile, usually in one litter there are no more than six puppies. They are incredibly cute and funny. The price of such a baby usually depends on the titles and pedigree of the parents. Each nursery has its own pricing policy. Nevertheless, the minimum price of a puppy of this breed is fifty thousand rubles.

Such a high cost is explained by the fact that in our country this dog is not widespread enough, and there are very few kennels involved in its breeding. It is possible that in the future the demand for these curly-looking beauties will grow, new kennels will appear, and then the price for these puppies will drop a little.

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