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is a huge cosmetic problem. The patient seeks to apply a large amount of foundation to his face in order to mask the acne. At the same time, makeup, hiding traces of inflammation, only exacerbates the problem. After all, it is an excellent breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. It is worth for a while to completely abandon cosmetics and take up treatment. There are many medicaments on the market that help restore the normal function of the sebaceous glands and dry acne. Popular today is the drug Differin. The manual describes how to use the medicine correctly.

Release form and composition

The drug is available in the form of a cream and gel. The main active component is adapalen. The auxiliary substances are carbomer, phenoxyethanol, sodium hydrochloride, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, poloskamer, and also purified water.The drug is supplied in aluminum tubes packed in cardboard boxes.

differentialin instructionAdapalen belongs to the new generation of retinoids and is a derivative of naphthoic acid. This component has not only anticomedone, but also anti-inflammatory action. Within a few days after the start of therapy, the patient may notice a positive effect on the skin. The drug affects the follicles, controls the excretion of sebaceous secretions. The impact occurs on both open and closed comedones.

The drug has a low systemic adsorption. Addiction to the drug has not been previously observed. However, it is not recommended to use the medicine "Differin" without a doctor's recommendation. The manual describes the possible side effects with prolonged use of the drug.


Can not be used for the treatment of single acne cream Differin. Instructions for use describes the disease in which a drug can be prescribed. The drug is recommended to use only after consulting a dermatologist. Cream or gel "Differin" prescribed for the treatment of acne.It can also be used in the presence of comedones on the skin. If a patient has a mild acne, monotherapy is excellent. When running options need a comprehensive treatment. Only “Differin” gel will not give a positive result. The instructions for use describes the interaction of the drug with other medicines. In some cases, antibiotic therapy may additionally be prescribed.

differentialin instructions for useAdditionally, systemic drugs may also be used. This is primarily antiandrogens. During the entire course of treatment the patient should be monitored by a doctor. It is worth remembering that the gel or cream "Differin" in combination with hormones can contribute to the development of side effects. Therefore, it is impossible to engage in self-treatment in any case.

The drug "Differin" is well tolerated by patients. The instruction indicates that the medicine can be prescribed even to patients with sensitive skin. People with oily skin are most often prescribed the drug in the form of a gel. For dry skin more suitable fat cream. Regarding the choice of dosage form to combat acne, it is better to consult with a dermatologist.


Differin has very few contraindications. The instruction indicates that in rare cases hypersensitivity to the individual components of the drug may develop. If skin redness or unpleasant itching appears, it is better to stop using the cream or gel. A dermatologist will help you find a quality counterpart.

differener gel application instructionsThe drug "Differin" is not prescribed during pregnancy and lactation. Instructions for use states that there is no data on the use of the anticomedine drug by women during breastfeeding. It is desirable to put medicine on the skin only if the expected benefit to the mother exceeds the possible harm to the child.

The drug is used with caution in patients with renal insufficiency. Before using the tool should consult with your doctor.

special instructions

Caution should be applied "Differin" gel. Instructions for use states that you should avoid the area of ​​the lips and eyes. If the medication hits the mucous areas, it should be washed off with plenty of water. In some cases, irritation may occur in certain areas of the skin. This phenomenon is temporary and does not require cancellation of treatment.If the skin is very red, therapy can be temporarily stopped. Before using the cream or gel should be tested on a closed area of ​​the skin. A small amount of the product is applied to the wrist. You can watch the reaction in five minutes. If there is no redness and itching, the medication can be applied to the face.

differener pill instructionIt is desirable to begin treatment in a cold season. The fact is that the sun's rays irritate the skin. This effect may increase when using the drug "Differin" from black dots. The instruction warns that the medicine may cause itching and irritation. If the treatment is prescribed by a doctor in the summer, the drug should be applied to the face before going to bed.

During the period of therapy it is not necessary to use products with a drying or irritating effect. It is desirable to abandon cosmetics altogether. It is worth remembering that the tonal creams and powders are an excellent medium for the reproduction of pathogens.

Other anticomedorants can be used along with the drug Differin. Tablets, instructions for use of which are well studied, can be used only by doctor's prescription. In combination with the medicine "Differin" hormones are often used, as well as antibacterial drugs.


Cream or gel is applied to clean, dry skin. Covering the whole face is not necessary. With clean hands, the medicine is applied only on the affected areas. This is best done in the evening after hygiene procedures. The maximum therapeutic effect is achieved only after 6-8 weeks. In this case, the first positive results can be seen in the first days of treatment. Comedo becomes much less, and inflammation quickly passes.

differential from black dots instructionAs monotherapy can be used drug "Differin" for acne. Instructions for use states that additional medications can be prescribed only in case of severe acne. A dermatologist may recommend taking antiandrogens and antibiotics.

The optimal treatment course is 3 months. The exact duration of therapy depends on the individual characteristics of the patient, as well as the form of the disease. It is not recommended to use the product for more than 6 months without a break.


The drug has a low systemic absorption coefficient. Therefore, an overdose is unlikely. Side effects can develop only with oral medication. Redness and burning may also occur when applying a cream or gel on open wounds.It is not necessary for a long time without the recommendation of the doctor to apply "Differin" ointment. The instruction describes possible allergic reactions. They manifest in the form of pruritus, redness and rash.

Treatment of overdose does not require. All you need to do is stop using the medication. Repeated therapy is possible only when all symptoms of overdose are gone.

Side effects

At the very beginning of treatment, the patient may notice reddening of the skin on which the drug is applied. This phenomenon is temporary and does not require the abolition of therapy. In rare cases, itching and peeling may occur. If the unpleasant symptoms do not stop, it is worth consulting with a dermatologist.

In some cases, such adverse reactions as aggravation of acne, eczema, excessive desquamation, discoloration of the skin, allergic conjunctivitis may develop. Significantly increases the likelihood of sunburn. In order to avoid the development of excessive photosensitivity of the skin, it is not advisable to use Differon cream in summer. Instructions for use states that even with a small solar radiation, you can get a strong burn. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the drug overnight.

Drug interaction

The main active ingredient of the drug is highly resistant to chemicals. Adapalen practically does not react with other substances. Therefore, the drug can be used with systemic antibacterial agents, as well as hormones. If it becomes necessary to use other drugs for external application, it is worth taking a break of at least 5 hours between medications. Advance it is necessary to consider the mode of use of medicines. The drug "Differin" is better to use in the evening, and other creams and masks in the morning.

It is not recommended to use a gel or cream with medicines that have a drying and irritating effect. In this case, the likelihood of side effects increases significantly. It is worth refusing alcohol-containing lotions and tonics. It is also not advisable to use medicines based on zinc, sulfur, salicylic acid. Significantly reduce the positive effect of taking drug "Differin" comedogenic oils.


If you cannot find the right medicine at the pharmacy, you can always find a high-quality analog. The dermatologist will help you make your choice.Independently choose a drug to treat acne is not desirable. Gelzit Gel is popular today. This medicine is also based on adapalene. As excipients, disodium edetate, phenoxyethanol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, and also purified water are used. Gel for external use perfectly relieves inflammation, restores the sebaceous glands, significantly reduces the number of acne on the face.

differential on acne instructionThe drug can only be prescribed to patients over 15 years of age. Women during pregnancy and lactation medication is not recommended. During this period, the drug is used if the intended benefit to the mother outweighs the potential harm to the child. The drug is applied to clean skin before going to bed. It is necessary to avoid getting the drug on the eye and lips. The side effects of the remedy are the same as “Differin” cream. The instruction states that during therapy it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight. There is the likelihood of photosensitivity.

“Zenerit” is another popular drug that is widely used in the treatment of acne.It is produced in powder form. The drug belongs to the group of antibacterial agents. The main active ingredient is erythromycin. Diisopropyl sebacate and ethanol are used as excipients. Means "Zener" is used only when running forms of acne. The drug is not contraindicated during pregnancy. However, treatment should take place strictly under the supervision of a specialist, observing the dosage described in the instructions.

Reviews of the drug "Differin"

Most patients respond well to the drug. Prolonged therapy gives good results. The effect is enhanced if the drugs are used in conjunction with antiandrogens. Can also be used as a monotherapy "Differin" gel. The instruction indicates that the first positive results will be noticeable after a few days of therapy. Patients note that the maximum effect of treatment is noticeable only after a few weeks.

differener ointment instructionNegative reviews about the drug are also available. Those patients who have not previously studied the instructions for use have a poor opinion of the drug.It is worth remembering that the cream or gel should be applied overnight. Direct sunlight contributes to the development of side effects. You can not use decorative cosmetics during the treatment.

How much is the drug?

Both gel and cream “Differin” is sold in pharmacies by prescription. The medicine belongs to the middle price category. For one tube will have to pay at least 700 rubles. You can save a lot by ordering the medication in real time. In online pharmacies, an anti-comedone can be purchased for 550-600 rubles. Preference is given to high-rated stores. Before purchasing a product, you should ask the manager if the pharmacy has the appropriate license to sell the drug Differin. Instructions, composition - all this can also be clarified with the consultant.

Unforgettable about nutrition

The effectiveness of treatment depends not only on the correct choice of medicine, but also on the diet. It is worth refusing fatty and spicy foods. If you ignore this rule, the "Differin" gel may not have the desired effect. The instruction states that the drug is compatible with almost all medications. However, alcohol-based tinctures should be discarded.Bad habits also have a negative effect on the skin. Alcohol use and acne treatment are incompatible. If there are purulent inflammations on the skin, you will also have to forget about sweet cakes and sweets.

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