Biography of Dmitry Azarov

Dmitry Azarov is a Russian politician who has been acting as governor of the Samara region since September 2017, replacing the dismissed Nikolai Merkushkin. In September 2018, he was elected head of the region. Until 2017 - Senator of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation from the Samara region, from 2010 to 2014 he served as mayor of the Samara city district.
Acting Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Igorevich AzarovActing Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Igorevich Azarov

Early years and education

Dmitry Igorevich Azarov was born on August 9, 1970 in Samara (Kuibyshev in those years) in the family of a worker at the Kuybyshev meliovodhoz and technical inspector in the city “Oblbytekhnik”. In 1977, he went to the first class of secondary school No. 13, but less than a year later the family moved to another district, and Dmitry began the second class at school No. 30, then transferred to school No. 132. The future governor had a love for exact sciences, especially physics and mathematics.
Dmitry Azarov was born and raised in SamaraDmitry Azarov was born and raised in Samara
Dmitry received his first working experience in the 7th grade - together with his friend he was packing pasta at the factory.After graduating from school in 1987, he entered the Samara Polytechnic Institute. Kuibyshev. As soon as he turned 18, he began to work as an asphalt paver - he laid asphalt on Tovarna Street.
It is known that in his youth Azarov liked rock music - he often attended thematic concerts, went to Leningrad for the funeral of Viktor Tsoi.
Dmitry Azarov in his youthDmitry Azarov in his youth
In 1992, graduating from the Polytechnic with a degree in systems engineering, Azarov entered the Finance and Economics College at the Ministry of Finance in the city of Buluzuk, which he graduated in 1996.
Seven years later, Azarov defended his thesis at the RGTEU (topic: “Improving the organizational and economic mechanism for forming the profitability of a commercial organization”) and became a candidate of economic sciences.

Labor activity

After graduating from the Polytech, Dmitry Azarov worked in three jobs at the same time: he was a programmer, an economist and an accountant, then got a job in the tax service, but did not stay there for a long time.
Azarov - Candidate of Economic SciencesAzarov - Candidate of Economic Sciences
In 1995, Dmitry Igorevich took the post of deputy director for economic issues at the Samara plant KVOiT.In 1998, he occupied a similar position at the Sterlitamak plant Sintez-Kauchuk, then became the first deputy general director of Volgogimprom. In 2001-2006, he was the General Director of Srednevolzhskaya Gas Company LLC.

Dmitry Azarov's political career

Dmitry Azarov came to politics in November 2006, thanks to the new mayor of Samara, Viktor Tarkhov, who offered the young specialist the position of his first deputy. He was responsible for issues of municipal property and land, the economy and finance, housing and communal services. In 2008, Azarov left of his own accord, after which he received the position of Minister of Environmental Management in the regional government.
Mayor of Samara: “Do not let thieves into power!” (2010)
In October 2010, Azarov won the election for mayor of the Samara city district with 67% of the vote. His candidacy was put forward for the inner party primaries of United Russia, and was supported by the then regional governor Vladimir Artyakov.
Page from the pre-election booklet of Dmitry AzarovPage from the pre-election booklet of Dmitry Azarov
As mayor, Dmitry Azarov has done a lot for Samara: when it began the improvement of the city, there were new areas for walking and recreation.It was to him that the idea of ​​the program “Yard in which we live” belonged, which provided for comprehensive improvement of city courtyards. Also, Azarov was entrusted with the glory of a fighter against illegal outlets, advertising stands and garages.
Azarov personally participated in the improvement of the Samara courtyardsAzarov personally participated in the improvement of the Samara courtyards
By the way, back in 2011, Azarov, having predicted the growing influence of popular bloggers, expressed ideas about creating a “virtual government” and invited bloggers from Samara to a conference on improving urban infrastructure.
Meeting of the mayor of Samara with bloggers
In the spring of 2011, Dmitry Igorevich was invited to the post of President of the Association of Cities of the Volga Region, and the following year Azarov became Vice President of the Union of Russian Cities and the Eurasian branch of the United Cities and Local Authorities organization.
The term of mayor Azarov expired in the fall of 2015, but ended a year earlier. In September 2014, the new governor of the Samara region, Nikolay Merkushkin, appointed Azarov as the representative of the Samara region in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, after which the politician moved to Moscow.
Dmitry Azarov in the Federation CouncilDmitry Azarov in the Federation Council
Since 2014, Azarov is also the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Council of the Supreme Soviet (All-Russian Council of Local Self-Government).
For the successful solution of economic issues in the region, Azarov was awarded the Order of Glory to Russia.

The personal life of Dmitry Azarov

Azarov is married. Dmitry Igorevich met his wife Elina, a biologist by training, as a child. The wedding took place when Azarov was a student at the Polytechnic Institute. The couple has two daughters: Polina (born in 1995) and Alain (born in 2002). The eldest daughter from a young age was interested in history, and the youngest was engaged in singing.
Dmitry Azarov with his wife and youngest daughterDmitry Azarov with his wife and youngest daughter
Azarov's annual income for 2016 is 10.1 million rubles, his spouse earned more than 2.5 million rubles.
Dmitry Azarov: #icebucketchallenge

Dmitry Azarov now

On September 25, 2017, Dmitry Igorevich was appointed by the decree of President Vladimir Putin to the post of Acting Governor of the Samara Region. He took the place of Nikolai Merkushkin, who held his post since 2012. Azarov said that working in this position in his native area is a double responsibility for him.
In the photo: Dmitry Azarov and Vladimir PutinIn the photo: Dmitry Azarov and Vladimir Putin
Azarov called the optimization of expenditures on the maintenance of public debt accumulated by the Samara region (more than 60.3 billion rubles) as the primary task at the new post.In one of the first interviews at the new post, Azarov said that he was in Samara from the moment of his appointment and is constantly present at important business and public events - meetings, meetings with deputies and heads of various organizations, etc. “There was no weekend. And as I understand it, it is not foreseen, ”the new head of the region noted.
On the single voting day on September 9, 2018, Azarov gained 72.63% of the votes (at a turnout of 48%) and became the new governor of the Samara region.

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