Does it hurt to give birth: reviews of women

Cherished two strips of dough, the first joys and excitements, toxicosis and examinations - this is how pregnancy occurs in most women. When the term is approaching the thirtieth week, future moms increasingly begin to wonder whether it hurts to give birth. It seems to those who will be mom for the first time that it is much easier for more experienced women. Many may object to this, that they were much more afraid of second births, because they knew well what they were going to. Let's try to put together feedback and find out whether to be afraid.

Does it hurt to give birth for the first time reviews

Cinema against us

Very rarely in a movie, the appearance of a baby into the world is accompanied by positive emotions. Most often, the expectant mother frantically screams, cries and implores the doctor to end her suffering. Of course, seeing such scenes, a woman unwittingly begins to be afraid of childbirth. But this is not very true. Directors are mostly men. They do not know that those who give birth easily cry. With difficult birth, my mother simply does not have the strength to scream. Does it hurt to give birth? Of course, this is not enough.But do not forget that at this moment a new life comes into the world. For her worth the patience.

Everybody has it all differently.

To deal with this question, is it painful to give birth, young women ask about this process girlfriends who already have children. But it’s impossible to get a single answer. This is due to the fact that all pregnancy and childbirth proceed in different ways. Moreover, each woman has her own pain threshold, which affects the perception of the process. What is tolerable for one is unbearable for the other. We should not forget about the complications that may arise during childbirth. Of course, this can significantly complicate the process and increase pain.

Does it really hurt to give birth

Pain - tension - pain

It's a vicious circle. From the very first day of pregnancy, some future parents torment themselves with the thought of whether it is painful to give birth. There are some among them who prepare in advance for the worst. With the first fight, they start to imagine with horror what will only get worse. As a result, tension grows, and the muscles that are supposed to relax hold the spasm. Stress exacerbates pain, which scares and increases tension. This greatly hinders the generic process.If the mother is tense, passing the child through the birth canal will only be more difficult. Baby hurt himself and his mother. That is, you need to learn to relax. Childbirth is not a torture, but a natural process. A man was thus born hundreds and thousands of years ago. Often, our great-great-grandmothers gave birth without any help at all, after the completion of the process, they rested for 5 minutes and rose to complete the interrupted work. Now, many women also give birth very quickly and easily.

But each is obtained in different ways. If you ask ten women if it hurts to give birth for the first time, you will get ten different answers. For some, it was the most unpleasant and painful experience. Others argue that birth pain was hardly felt by joy, that a meeting with a crumb was about to take place.

First experience

Doctors tend to pay more attention to primiparous. It is easy to explain, because a woman does not yet have such experience. But she managed to listen to the stories of her friends about the terrible torment and see the scenes in the movie. She really wants to know if it hurts to give birth for the first time.

You can not deny the pain of contractions. The body is experiencing stress, the cervix gradually opens.At the same time, the pelvic bones are moved apart, the ligaments are stretched. If you played sports, have a good stretching and strong abdominal muscles, then you will experience less discomfort than moms who were passive, and spent the last year on the couch, afraid of harming their pregnancy.

Some are interested in how hard it is to give birth? Or hurt, but tolerable? From the painful shock no one has died yet. New mothers receive anesthesia only in exceptional cases. We repeat, women have given birth for many centuries in a row. So you can survive this process. The main thing is to set yourself up correctly.

childbirth does it hurt to give birth reviews

Pain is not scary

The greatest enemy of women is fear. They are afraid for the first time because of the unknown. But the second time is not easier, because it is scary again. Many women in their reviews recall that while they were waiting for the worst, the baby was already born. The second time, they already know exactly what they have to do, and in advance scroll through the painful sensations in their heads.

No need to dwell on it. Everyone is in pain. For example, we have experienced a headache or toothache dozens of times. Sometimes it is easy, and sometimes tormented all day.But while no one rolls tantrums. Does it hurt women to give birth? Yes, definitely. But nature is very well taken care to minimize discomfort.

First, pains are only painful. While the cervix dilates, stretches, opening the way for the baby through the birth canal, the mother experiences severe discomfort. But the pain is not constant, it alternates with pauses. Strained, rested, and so on. When contractions become frequent, and the sensations are very painful - it's time to call the doctor, because you give birth. That means it's over soon.

Attempts are not painful at all. But this does not mean that you can relax. This is hard, physical labor. It is necessary to get together as much as possible, how to work hard to push the baby out of yourself. It is not so easy. There is a feeling of strong distension, as if something huge and solid stuck in the crotch. This is a baby's head. As soon as it appears from the vagina, it will immediately become easier.

All grief is crazy

In this case, it is very important. Already in the subconscious it is laid that childbirth is intolerable torment. Numerous stories about the carelessness of doctors and their mistakes, about ruptures and bleeding only increase fear.Many women in their responses say that in the prenatal ward they experienced horror and panic, from which their stomach literally turned stone and their hands grew cold.

Does it hurt to give birth

What is going on? A woman is overly tense and focused only on her feelings. She is afraid that now it will be very painful. Therefore, any unpleasant sensation in her mind is multiplied. As a result, the blood flow is disturbed, dizziness and weakness may appear. Moreover, the uterus can not freely contract, that is, you yourself prolong the period of the pain.

What happens to the baby

This is an even more interesting question. When a woman asks if it hurts to have children, she only cares about herself. At the time of birth, she also focuses on her own feelings. Let's try to move the focus to the baby and look at what is happening with his eyes. The environment that gave him warmth and the food that was his home suddenly became aggressive. Contractions and stress women significantly worsen the blood flow, so the baby may suffer from oxygen starvation. But that is not all. The uterus is revealed, the head goes into the birth canal.Instead of pushing and pushing the child out, the woman is more clamped, afraid of even more pain. Of course, such a birth will be painful and traumatic for her. But the child is even worse. Squeezed in the birth canal, he can not change anything, and mom can, but is afraid.

It is very important to tell those who ask if it hurts to give birth the first time. Reviews say that all discomfort is forgotten very quickly. If, in the midst of contractions, everyone says that she was in pain, then within an hour after the baby was born, many are ready to confirm that everything was completely tolerable. Why then fear? Think more about your child, not about yourself. It’s not his fault that you conceived him. There are no doctors near him, no one explains to him when it will all end. But he feels good mother's horror. Conduct a mental dialogue with the baby, it will help to distract and relax.

Does it hurt women to give birth a second time?

Interesting research

They were conducted by students in the usual postpartum ward. They spoke with incoming women who had just survived childbirth. All mummies asked if it hurts to give birth. Reviews about the birth were different, but the general tendency was also seen.New mothers answered that at first it was not painful, then began to pull a little, as during menstruation. This sensation intensified, and at some point it became really very painful. But it was immediately replaced by a feeling of heaviness and tearing in the perineum, as well as a desire to get rid of it as soon as possible. After a few efforts, it was all over. Hard, unpleasant, but you can suffer.

This experiment was repeated several times. It always ended the same way. As a rule, it takes only a couple of hours, and most women no longer consider childbirth to be overly painful and painful. They call them rather hard physical work. On the other hand, nine months to bear a baby is also not so easy. The average duration of labor is 7–8 hours from the beginning of the first bout. Considering that at first the breaks between contractions are large, and they are easy, it turns out that the time of the painful period is reduced by two to three times.

Does it hurt to have children

How soon will we go for the second

Ask this question to women in the puerperal room. Most say that they have nothing against it, that childbirth is not so bad, but now they simply don’t care. Time passes.Care of the kid, daily duties, work. Finally, in the family we are talking about the second child. Having become pregnant, the woman begins to ask all her friends whether it is painful to give birth the second time.

The euphoria she experienced in the postpartum department has already been forgotten. Ahead again looms that horror that sits in our subconscious. Again, the advice of friends, stories with terrible details. At this point, many women say that they are afraid of childbirth again. Psychologists say that fear is normal. You need to be able to accept and release it. Only in this way can you calm down. This will benefit you and the baby.

Competent support

This is half the success. If you trust the doctor, you will be more calm and confident that everything will go well. This is noted by numerous reviews. Does it hurt to give birth? Discuss this question with your doctor. As practice shows, the more a woman winds herself up, the harder the delivery goes. Of course, pain can also indicate complications. That is why it is important that the doctor constantly monitors your condition. If the body is completely healthy, then the risks are minimal. Your midwife will tell you about this.In addition, he will study the whole process with you from beginning to end, so that there are no surprises. And everything familiar is perceived much easier than the unknown. Even if the birth is not the first, it plays a positive role.

How to endure

Does it hurt to give birth a second time? Reviews suggest that it depends on how long the period elapsed between the birth of the first and second babies. If he is more than 7 years old, you can consider yourself first-type. But the interval of 2 - 3 years allows us to hope for a faster and easier opening of the neck. But the bonuses end there. There are several recommendations that experienced mothers give in their reviews:

  • No need to think much about how to endure the pain. This is a natural process that nature has conceived in this way. In this case, the body itself helps you if you listen to it. He tries to use all the mechanisms so that the baby is more likely to be born.
  • To alleviate the condition, endorphin is secreted.
  • Feeling struggles, a woman should focus only on how to help the little man to see this world.

The body of a woman can give birth. This is a wise system. Trust her and follow the recommendations of the doctors.

Does it hurt to give birth for the first time

How to reduce pain

To say that it does not hurt to give birth will be wrong. Unpleasant feelings in childbirth missing. But the crumb you bring home outweighs everything. Usually childbirth and pain go together. Therefore, in advance you need to think about what will help you relax. First, you need to master breathing techniques. This is done in training courses for future mothers. Choose for yourself music that has always been soothing. You can take to the hospital a book that you can read during labor. A companion can also help, as a husband or mother. This person can have a massage, distract with conversation, just hold the hand.

Instead of conclusion

Childbirth is hard physical labor, but not punishment. The woman's body is designed to give a new life. And fear and stress prevents release the fruit as painlessly as possible. Therefore, work on your fears, go to training courses for childbirth, learn to breathe correctly, get acquainted with obstetricians in advance. Then you will be less afraid. Everything will be much easier with you.

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