Does the crayon "Masha" from bedbugs help? Reviews on the effectiveness of the tool

A pencil with the pretty name “Masha” can be found today in almost any hardware store. Especially surprising is its name because inside you will find not at all shallow for children's creativity, but an insecticide, a thunderstorm of insects. Today we will try to summarize all the experience gained in pest control using this inexpensive and time-tested tool.crayon bedbugs reviews

For the cleanliness of housing

On the subject of crayons from cockroaches, a large number of jokes have already been folded, but the fact remains. Against the background of a variety of gels and insect sprays, the least dangerous and at the same time the most effective is the small Masha from cockroaches. Reviews emphasize that with a simple drawing technique you can get rid of annoying baleen creatures.

How does this tool work? The pencil or chalk has its effect due to the content of toxic substances of contacttype Insects, crawling through the line, cling to the paws small particles. So the insecticide begins to act. The insect stops feeding and dies soon.

Currently, the most famous home insecticide is the silver chalk “Masha”. Reviews suggest that it helps to clean the house from any insects: synatropic cockroaches, red ants, bedbugs and fleas, house flies. At the same time for a person he is not a threat. An exception can be made only by small children who have not yet learned to walk.

Release form

Many years ago, Chinese insect chalk entered the Russian market. He was in a blue wrapper with hieroglyphs. This idea was picked up by domestic manufacturers. They did not change much of the recognizable brand, and so far we are buying Masha's crayon wrapped in blue packaging. It is produced in the form of a bar of gray color, weighing 20 g. The package is equipped with a layer of polyethylene, which protects it from moisture and sunlight. Does crayon help for bedbugs reviews

Main advantages

Not just so fond of the general audience crayon "Masha". Reviews emphasize that a simple and cheap tool has a lot of advantages, and this conquers the first time:

  • Crayon has no color and smell, and is suitable even for people prone to allergic reactions.
  • It can be used regardless of whether people are indoors or not.
  • Accordingly, it is not necessary to leave the house for a few hours, and then air it for a long time.
  • Long acting. If the line is not applied to the surface, which is regularly rubbed with a damp cloth, it remains destructive for insects for several months.
  • Easy to use. Any schoolboy will easily stroke the floor.
  • Possibility of use for prevention.

But that's not all. "Silver chalk" is famous for being equally dangerous for almost all insects, so you do not have to buy different tools for all occasions.mashine silver chalk reviews

Chalk Composition

The composition contains four components, two of which directly affect insects, and two are neutral - chalk and gypsum. They are needed to create the very form of chalk, as well as to designate strips. The active substances are as follows:

  • Deltamethrin.
  • Zeta-cypermethrin.

Both of them are widely used in the practice of destruction of crops and domestic parasites.Once in the body of the insect, they block the nervous system. As a result, the work of all muscles stops and the insect quickly dies. Excellent help "Masha" from bedbugs. Reviews emphasize that it is rather difficult to get them out, but it is worthwhile to work fine with small ones - and the bloodsuckers disappear. And we emphasize once again that in small quantities these substances are not dangerous for humans.

Operating principle

In order for the fight to be won, you need to know a little about your enemies. If they are cockroaches, then they usually appear at night because of the bedside tables and the sink, they run around the worktops and open shelves. This is where the tool should be applied. A little more complicated is the chalk “Masha” from bedbugs. Reviews say that it is difficult to find a nesting place for these tiny creatures. But this is not required.

The bedbug eats at night. Where are you? That's right, in my bed. Therefore, strip the approaches to it. Moving on the surface of the floor, insects with their paws pick up particles of the substance, which then get into its digestive system, and finally into the blood. The result is known.chalk mash from fleas reviews

Infection of relatives

How long will it take for the entire population to die when using the crumbs from the bugs "Masha"? Reviews often argue that the effect was not visible at first. Insects still bite at night. But after about a week it became noticeable that they were much smaller, and soon they were completely gone. Why is this happening?

Bedbugs live in communities and hide in secluded places. It is unlikely that they all feed on the blood of one person, so it is not necessary to assume that in one night they all cross the line and soon die. But another mechanism works here. In order to become infected, it is enough for an insect to touch its relative, who crawled along the chalk line. That is, returning to the nest, the bug will bring death for many insects.chalk mashenka reviews

Prolonged action

This is a very important property that distinguishes the chalk “Masha” from bedbugs. Reviews emphasize that, unlike aerosols, the drug begins to act not at the time of contact with an insect, but after a while. Thus, insects have time to poison their entire colony.

The principle of action is a slow impact on insects.Most of them are destroyed in a few days, and after about a week the result becomes well visible. Consistent and systematic use will allow you to completely get rid of the invasion of insects within five days.

How to apply

There is not one, but at least three different ways, and the result will be somewhat different each time. Let's look at each of these options separately.

The traditional method of applying the drug - this line. Put them like a pencil or chalk. Too wide do not need to, 1 mm is enough to crawl along the line, the insect was smeared and died within an hour.

Quite often it is asked whether the crayon Masha helps from bedbugs. Reviews advise to use a different method of application, so that the tiny blood-sucking creatures exactly died. To do this, the chalk must be crushed into powder and applied by spraying. A dry brush, which will be distributed powder by analogy with the powder for the face. This method is great for processing sofas and beds to get to all corners. But the powder is a danger to humans by inhaling its particles.With this method of application, the chalk quickly helps to bring cockroaches out of the house.

The drug is diluted in water. From this, he does not lose its properties, but only acquires a new form. Now with a brush like paint, it is applied in the favorite habitats of insects. If there are crevices in the walls and floor, then insects can hide in them. With this method of applying you have every chance to destroy the entire colony. This also applies to ants and fleas.small chalk

An integrated approach to the fight

If time after time you lose the battle, and the insects begin a new attack, then do not despair. Especially often this happens if the houses have wooden floors in which fleas have settled. Victory will still be yours. And help simple chalk from fleas "Masha". Reviews suggest that in this case will have to hold a number of activities that as a result will lead to the final cleaning of the house:

  • It is necessary to remove the carpets and carpets and take them to dry cleaning.
  • Cabinets free from things and process well with a solution of chalk from the inside. If it's winter, take all the things to the frost.
  • Now we must take up the furniture. Sofas and beds, a chair, it is necessary to disassemble as much as possible and carefully rub with a piece of chalk or spray a crushed bar.Crayon "Masha" from fleas works fine, you just need to make sure that insects come into contact with insecticide, and did not pass by.
  • Analyze again where insects can hide in your room. Wallpapers, paintings, bookcases lodged behind the wall and drawers with writing utensils - all this must be taken into account.
  • Plinth around the perimeter of the entire room should be carefully rubbed with chalk. And one lane needs to be started up on a plinth, and the second is slightly higher, on a wall.
  • Pay special attention to cracks on the baseboard. These places are carefully processed by pouring a solution of chalk into them.

We must not forget about the most favorite places for cockroaches. This is a garbage bin, a place for washing dishes, refrigerators and a dining area, the space behind the stove.crayon cockroach reviews

Fighting ants

These are not frequent guests in apartments, but they can be fond of old five-story buildings. And the private sector is well acquainted with anthills in the basement, in the cellar and in the kitchen. Do not waste time and effort to prepare various potions according to popular recipes. Excellent helps chalk from ants "Masha". Reviews suggest that it can be applied in two ways:

  • The insecticide is dissolved in a bucket of water. The resulting solution should be treated floors in the apartment, or pour an anthill, if the latter is found.
  • Pencil crumble and scatter it into the cracks along the baseboard, especially in those places where ants are selected.

Wash hands thoroughly after handling chalk.chalk mash from ant reviews


Judging by the reviews, "silver chalk" copes with any insect pests that encroach on your home. However, it is not suitable for everyone and not in all cases:

  • The tool has virtually no effect on egg laying. There is a chance that the poisoned individual will return to the nest, and as a result young individuals will die, but it is not too large. And the eggs themselves do not move.
  • Chalk is very resistant to temperatures, moisture and weathering. It does not lose its properties for a long time and therefore is not suitable for rooms where children live.
  • Pencil does not work immediately and quickly, especially if limited to the application of chalk strokes. Of course, this will stop the reproduction of the particular and the spread of the insect population, but for their complete extermination it will take more effort.

Given these features, you can yourself assess the scale of the damage to your home by insects and choose how to fight.If there is not enough time, then call a specialized brigade to have a dignity. processing. The same advice can be given if a large colony of insects lives in the house. Destroying them with crayon will be very long.

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