"DotA 2": the pool - what is it?

In computer games supportingmulti-user mode, very often there are situations in which it is not very convenient to use the original names: they are provided exclusively in English or are not called at all. That's when the terminology of this or that game gets started - gamers come up with their short names for such concepts, which can be conveniently and quickly used both in chatting and in communication by voice. Accordingly, each game has its own terminological dictionary, which sometimes intersects with other similar projects, but there are also unique values ​​from time to time. For example, in the game "Dota 2" the concept of "pool" is very common. What is this pool and in what situations can it be used? This is what you will learn from this article.

Terminology of "Dota 2"

pool what is

As you already knew, each game can have its ownown terminology, which greatly facilitates understanding between gamers. Accordingly, "DotA 2" has its own dictionary, which includes the term "pool". What is the terminology dictionary for games? In fact, as such, dictionaries do not always exist. Sometimes gamers simply know how to call this or that action, a specific object, and so on, so they can perfectly understand each other. However, sometimes there are so many such terms that it is not always possible to remember all of them. Most often it happens with such large and famous projects as "Dota 2". Therefore, on the Internet you can find the big dictionaries of the terminology of this game, with which you can learn everything you need to understand your teammates and not let them down at the most crucial moment. It is with the help of such a dictionary you can learn about the term "pool" - what is it and how to use it.

What is it?

Dot 2 What is a pool

So, the term "pool" - what is used,where he meets and so on - this is very useful information, since he meets very often. Immediately it is worth noting that it has several meanings that are slightly different from each other. First of all, it is worth considering the pool of creeps. What is a pool? In fact, everything is pretty simple - this term comes from the English word pull, which translates as "pull." However, based on this information, it is hardly possible to guess how this term can be applied in the game itself. The pool in DotA is pulling creeps away from one place to collect them in another. This method is used to create a variety of strategies. Naturally, first of all it is used for accelerated pumping of Kerry-heroes, but you can use the pool for other purposes.

Another meaning of the term "pool"

a pool of heroes

As already mentioned, the above is notthe only meaning of this term in the game "Dota 2". What is a pool when it comes to heroes? In fact, the process remains exactly the same as in the previous example, but now your goal is not creeps, but the heroes of the enemy, which you need to delay from a certain point. Again, there are quite a lot of ways to apply this method. With the help of the pool you can both entice the enemy into a trap and clear the way for your partners, distracting the enemy's attention to yourself. In any case, the pool is a powerful weapon in the hands of experienced players, regardless of who it applies to heroes or creeps. The pool of heroes, of course, can bring much more benefit, but at the same time it is much more difficult to execute it.

Tournaments for "DotA 2"

pool in dot

However, for the pool, there is one more value thatintersects with other computer games of this kind. The fact is that this term can refer to the conduct of competitions and a variety of tournaments. In such contests, there is sometimes a limited choice of characters that gamers can play. Based on this, a new meaning of the term appears, which is also used quite often.

Pool in the tournament

If it's a tournament, the pool in DotA 2 canmean not at all the delaying of creeps or heroes of opponents. This term may carry an entirely different meaning and relate not to the game itself, but to the preparation for it. In this case, this term is designated as a pool of heroes. Dota 2 is a game in which there are a huge number of characters, and they are all separated between the light and the dark side. When a duel is played, two teams from different sides compete in it. And, of course, gamers can choose any of the many characters available on his side. However, in tournaments, the choice is often seriously reduced to give the battle a certain form. It is then that a pool of heroes is created - a certain set of characters, from which participants can make a choice. The remaining characters are simply not available to them, so you have to focus exclusively on the pool. Thus, the term "pool", when it comes to "DotA", there are two values ​​- one game, divided into two, and one - tournament.

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