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Rapid movement

We often search for answers to our questions on the Internet. Dream interpretation, the interpretation of dreams, the train - a fairly frequent combination of words in search engines. The train symbolizes fast-moving traffic and a direct, fast road to the goal. He is still associated with a person with a small outlook, lack of flexibility, especially when it comes to changing directions. If you are driving a car, scooter or bicycle, you can change direction within a second. However, this is not possible if you are traveling by rail. Since the train is a mechanical means of transportation, it is associated with functional life, but in reality it is fragmented. There is a parallel between her and the social success of the dreamer. In the semantic plexus "dream book, train" is a clear symbol of the road, it seems to be worthy and correct. For some time he gives a quiet life, but then he heard merciless sounds of gears grinding a man.

dream train

Impending journey

The terms "dream book", "train ride" together form an interesting interpretation. If you dream of a train, it promises travel or an invitation to it. It is necessary to pay attention to which train is moving in a dream: on the train or fast? If it is riding on a high-speed express, then such a dream means pressure and stress. You are ready for the rapid expression of emotions. If you yourself are a freight train, it means that you are carrying a significant burden of responsibility. Or maybe you feel pretty strong to overcome all the difficulties that will arise on the way ?! If you dream that you are late for the train, then you should think about what prevents you from going on the road, where you want to go.

dream train ride

Push forward

A moving train is a sign of the universal process of movement, where the dreamer is present. In a broad sense, this is evolution, the advancement of society forward and the search for its own path. As a rule, no one is able to change the speed of the train, so it is impossible to stop the general movement. If in a dream you voluntarily descend from a moving train, it means losing your movement and losing touch with nature and society.Getting off the steps of the train means not wanting to take part in the work, detachment, rupture of personal relationships. Sleep is a reflection of mental weakness, confusion in thoughts and inability to understand the situation. Depression due to helplessness and a certain amount of indifference to all but themselves make them decide to break off relations. Sleep does not bode well: slowing down the spiritual process leads to unpleasantness in the service and personal conflicts. Oh, this dream book, the train describing! However, it is not too late to take appropriate measures: to reconsider the views, to rest, to choose the appropriate rhythm of movement.

dream interpretation dream interpretation train

Life reference points

There are many different interpretations on the link "dream, train." If you saw yourself on the top shelf in a sleeping compartment, then you may well have a trip where there will be a dangerous fellow traveler. Also, subsequently, a waste of money is possible, and those that could bring a certain income. If you pass by the cars, then in the future you will begin to count the months and years. Boarding a train means a change in life and new things. If you see a train, you will be pining for someone or something.If there are a lot of things with you, then a long period of worries and troubles awaits you. In the case when the train is long with many cars, this means that this heavy stretch of life will be very long. If you meet the train, then this is a business proposal. Watch someone get out of the train - to the invitation of a friend. If the train went derailed, then this is to bad luck in life. To see a dream where driving on the wrong train is realized meansthat a person without any problems is moving in a completely wrong direction, so you should stop and change life orientations. Taking into account the phrase "dream book, train," a railway station in a dream is a place where many life lines intersect, therefore, a place to choose a further path.

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