Dream interpretation: why dream of a pack of wolves?

According to most interpreters of dreams, a pack of unpleasant: material problems, the machinations of employees or the betrayal of relatives. And only in rare, isolated cases is it a harbinger of positive change. To make sure that the interpretation is correct, it is better to scroll through several dream books and compare the results, because for many hundreds of years of predictions of opinion, what a pack of wolves dream about, have diverged, and you can correctly interpret a dream only in details, but in any case, victory over wolves in a dream it is relief from difficulties and victory over injustice.

Wolf like an archetype

Psychologists say that the wolf is a symbol of loneliness and predatory human nature. Moreover, if in a dream a wolf comes to you - this is your second Self, who lacks friendly support and understanding in the real world of people.what dreams of a pack of wolvesTry to look at your seeming flaws less critically, do not need to be ashamed of them or carefully hide them - perhaps they can be turned into advantages? Collision with wolves in a dream is an attempt to your true essence to break out of the shackles of decency and morality imposed by society.

Freud about wolves in a dream

The father of psychoanalysis is about what a pack of wolves dream about: “Wolves are a symbol of animal passion dormant in every person, and in a dream this emotion, under the influence of external factors, can spill out and manifest itself in very entertaining situations.”

To see wounds from the bites of wolves according to Freud in a dream means personal relations are on the verge of rupture due to selfishness and indifference of partners, and to have fear of wolves to wallow in their home routine and routine. One of Freud's colleagues in the analysis of dreams, Gustav Miller, thinks that wolves are a symbol of employees at work, and how they behave in a dream, you can expect the same in the near future.

If a wolf dreams of a woman

A positive dream in which wolves are present for an unmarried girl or woman is considered to be only a dream in which they behave friendly: they lick their hands, play and do not show aggression. Such a dream foreshadows a successful marriage, especially if the skin of a wolf is white.what dreams of a pack of wolves to a woman

And why does a pack of wolves dream of a woman? This is also a quick marriage with a magnificent wedding and amusements, but at the same time if the flock and you calmly contact - in real life you are lucky with relatives, and if wolves roar,bite or chase, you are scared - you will have no luck with your future relatives: they will constantly put sticks in the wheels and weave intrigues behind your back.

Wolves in a man's dream

What dreams of a pack of attacking wolves on a man? This is a signal that competitors and enemies are not asleep, but are preparing a trap, or the boss wants to drag you into an adventure with an unpleasant ending: be alert and do not let yourself be fooled. But at the same time do not shy away from conflict - let all fears and misunderstandings manifest themselves, then you can take a more advantageous position in the dispute. If we recall the outcome of a dream, we can conclude what the further resolution of the situation will be, and why the pack of wolves dreamed:

  • in a dream to ride or sit astride a wolf foreshadows a sure victory over enemies and detractors;
  • fearlessly walking next to a she-wolf - expecting a marriage with a worthy woman;
  • wolves have bitten and blood is visible - a bad sign: in the upcoming adversities there will be no one to rely on and problems will have to be dealt with on their own.

Sleep details

wolves in a dream why dream of a pack

Why dream of a pack of wolves of an unusual color? After all, as usual, wolf skin is gray, and if Black dreamed? Among the interpreters of dreams is a bad sign, death walks behind you: a dangerous illness, a catastrophe or violence from a stranger.This image has the same meaning if in a dream a black wolf is chasing a familiar person.what dreams of a pack of wolf strikers

If the wolves in your dream run away and hide in the forest - this symbolizes the need to overcome your fears and look inside yourself, face the fears of the past and overcome yourself.

If, on the contrary, you run away from a pack of wolves, this is an indicator of your cowardice in real life: constant escapes from reality instead of having to face the truth and finally become decisive, unleashing all your problems in one fell swoop.

If in a dream you see how another person, familiar or not, runs away from a pack of wolves, then this is a signal of impending danger associated with a close friend or relative.

Why dream of a pack of wolves?

If in a dream you heard the howling of wolves - to be a long time need, you need to monitor spending and limit yourself in unnecessary purchases. What dreams attacking pack of wolves? In real life, expect from relatives attacks reproach, accusations and loss of confidence.

If you hunt in a dream on a pack of wolves - become the organizer of a serious conspiracy, be vigilant.

According to French beliefs: how many attacking wolves in a pack you will see in a dream - so many years will have to live in misery. If they are pursuing you, be careful in real life: danger follows you. Moreover, if you could not escape, humbly get ready for trouble, to avoid them will not work.

If in a dream you live in a pack of wolves, eat one food with them - this is a warning: be honest and open, behave with dignity, and then you will be rewarded in full. A flock, rapidly running away from the chase - expect losses due to the intrigues of detractors.

What dreams of a pack of wolves that attacks? Usually such dreams foreshadow the unfriendly attitude of relatives or close friends, and you need to remember how the dream ended: this will help to interpret it correctly. To defend against the attack of wolves - to be attacked, a great scandal is coming with unpleasant accusations against you.what dreams of a pack of wolves that attacks

Also, according to one of the versions of the modern interpretation, this is a symbolic image of lenders who will try to get what they want, and if a flock attacks you, then this is a long-term material problem.

In conclusion, it should be added that the subconscious of a person is very subjective in relation to perceived images, and personal interpretation of sleep is more important, based on inner sense (not to be confused with fantasies and expectations) than the opinions of other sources, even if they seem authoritative and verified. Only by observing the flow of life, the connection of dreams and life events occurring in parallel, can one make up his personal dream book and navigate the ups and downs of events.

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