The drug "Aflubin" (drops). Instructions for use

The drug Aflubin (drops) belongs to the group of combined homeopathic medicines. The active components are aconite, gentian, brionium dioecious, lactic acid, iron phosphate. The drug has antipyretic, immunomodulatory, detoxification, anti-inflammatory effects. The tool also has an antiviral effect. The drug helps to increase the activity of non-specific immune factors, reduces the duration and intensity of catarrhal and intoxication syndromes, stabilizes the activity of the mucosa in the respiratory tract.

A drug"Aflubin" (drops). Instructions for use. Indicationsaflubin drops

The tool is assigned to eliminate and prevent (emergency or planned) parainfluenza, influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections. The drug is used to alleviate and eliminate the symptoms of pathologies in the combined treatment.The drug is also recommended for rheumatic and inflammatory diseases complicated by painful articular syndrome.

How to take Aflubin in drops

The drug is recommended to start drinking in the early stages of the pathology, when the first signs of the disease appear. On the background of acute respiratory infections and influenza in the first two days, one drop is prescribed for children up to a year, 5 drops. - up to 12 years, for adolescents and adults - 10 cap. Reception frequency - from three to eight times. In inflammatory and rheumatic conditions complicated by pain, patients from one year to twelve years old are prescribed 5 caps, for adolescents and adults - 10 caps each. A day is taken three to eight times in the early stages of the disease, then three times a day. The duration of therapy is one month. Medicine Aflubin (drops) instructions for use recommends drinking an hour after or 30 minutes before meals. In cases requiring immediate relief of symptoms, as well as in the initial stages of pathologies, eight to ten drops are allowed every half hour to an hour, but no more than 8 times per day. After alleviating the condition, they switch to the threefold use of the to take aflubin in drops

Adverse reactions

In rare cases, there is an increase in salivation. With the development of allergies and other undesirable manifestations, it is necessary to discontinue use and visit a doctor.

A drug"Aflubin" (drops). Instructions for use.Contraindications

The tool is not assigned in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components. The need to use the medication during lactation and childbearing is decided by a specialist individually. Suspension of lactation is likely at the time of therapy.

additional information

aflubin drops instructions for useSolution "Aflubin" (drops) (instructions for use contains this information) in connection with the vegetable substances contained in it can become cloudy during storage. In addition, a weakening of taste and smell may be observed in the process. This, in turn, does not reduce the effectiveness of the tool. Cases of overdose in practice was not observed. No clinically important interaction with other drugs has been established. Despite over-the-counter leave in pharmacies, consultation with a specialist is necessary before use. Not recommended for prolonged use of the drug without a prescription.

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