The drug "Tsipraleks": reviews, instructions for use

Modern life is not stress free. Faced with them, people are depressed, experiencing nervosa, anxiety, and fear. They have disturbed sleep, crying, anxiety. Such a condition bothers a person, prevents him from living and working. In order for the nervous system to return to normal, doctors prescribe the appropriate treatment. In which not the last role is played by the drug "Tsipraleks". Reviews indicate that the medicine helps eliminate insomnia and successfully eliminates panic fears.

The composition of the tablets

The medicine "Tsipraleks" (reviews of people say that the drug removes anxiety and helps relieve nervous tension) is made in the form of tablets, in dosages of 5, 10 and 20 mg.

Drops of 5 mg are round, convex and covered with a white shell. The tablets are labeled "EC". Tablets of 10 mg and 20 mg oval and convex on both sides. Equipped with a risk. In the first case, they are emblazoned with the inscription “E” and “L”, in the second “E” and “N”.

The active component is escitalopram oxalate.In addition to it, additional substances are present in the tablets, these are:

  • talc;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • croscarmelose sodium;
  • silicon anhydrous colloidal;
  • magnesium stearate.

The shell of the pill contains: macrogol 400, hypromellose and titanium dioxide, which is also known as E 171.

When do you take medicine?

cipralex reviews

Reviews of patients "Tsipraleks" called a good drug. They say that he helped them recover from severe stress. It is a mild and delicate antidepressant. It affects the body gradually and has a prolonged effect.

The drug is indicated for depression of any severity. Prescribe medication to patients suffering from panic disorders, both with agoraphobia and without it. The drug is recommended for people prone to social phobia.

An indication for the use of tablets is a persistent anxiety that is not associated with a particular situation, objects and subjects (generalized anxiety disorder). As a rule, it is accompanied by excessive fussiness, muscular tension, sweating, dizziness, and other symptoms.Prescribed tablets for obsessive-compulsive disorder, regardless of the severity of the disease.

When can not drink medicine?

Cipralex patient reviews

Despite the fact that reviews of patients "Tsipralex" is considered a good medicine, in some cases it causes side reactions. To prevent this from happening, tablets should be drunk only as prescribed by a physician and not exceed the recommended dose.

So, you should not use the drug in case of hypersensitivity to the components of "Tsipraleksa". An antidepressant is contraindicated in children who are under the age of eighteen. It is forbidden to use the drug in conjunction with monoamine oxidase inhibitors. The drug is not prescribed to women during pregnancy, as well as women who are breastfeeding a child.

They take with caution “Tsipralex” (reviews of patients taking the drug, note increased anxiety and insomnia at the first stage of treatment) for diabetes, renal and hepatic insufficiency, cardiovascular diseases, as well as in old age.

"Tsipraleks": instructions for use

Cipralex patient reviews

Reviews of some individuals claim that the drug does not help get rid of prolonged severe depression.In this case, it is weak. Instead, other drugs are prescribed or used in combination therapy.

"Tsipraleks" prescribed to drink once a day, regardless of the meal. In depressive conditions, patients are recommended to use 10 mg once a day. If the patient is well tolerated by the medication and there is a need, then the dosage is increased to 20 mg.

The maximum daily dose is 20 mg. The drug acts gradually, and the result is observed on the 2nd or 4th week of use. After the depression disappears, the pills continue to drink for some time to consolidate the achieved result.

Panic attacks begin to be treated with a dosage of 5 mg per day. After checking the response of the body, the dose is increased to 10 mg. The maximum allowed amount of the drug is 20 mg per day. The result is visible after three months of daily pills. The drug "Tsipraleks" (reviews of some individuals argue that the drug can cause a number of negative effects, including insomnia, trembling in the limbs, weakness) is required to take a long time (at least 6 months), only in this case the treatment will give the desired result.

With a social phobia, the drug is drunk once a day, 10 mg. Symptoms of the disease go on 14-30 day of admission. If necessary, increase the dosage to 20 mg. When the condition is improved, the amount of the drug is reduced to 5 mg.

Often social anxiety disorder becomes chronic. Therefore, the therapeutic course lasts at least one year. To prevent a recurrence in the future, after 12 months the treatment is extended for another six months.

Treatment of generalized anxiety disorder starts with 10 mg. The specified amount is drunk once a day. Dose adjustment is carried out based on the reaction of the body. Perhaps its increase to the maximum allowed dosage - 20 mg.

Therapy of this disease is long, at least six months.
The initial stage of treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder involves a dose of 10 mg, taken once a day. If the patient tolerates the drug satisfactorily, the daily dosage is increased to 20 mg. This disease often becomes chronic, so the drug should be taken for a long time, at least 12 months.

Instructions "Tsipraleksa" (reviews saythat the medication is easily tolerated and helps to cure even protracted mental disorders) warns that the elderly, who are over 65 years old, should consume a dose that is half that recommended. For them, the maximum daily rate is 10 mg.

In case of mild to moderate renal insufficiency, the daily dose should not be adjusted. If creatinine clearance is less than 30 ml / min, then “Tsipralex” should be used with caution.

With mild to moderate hepatic insufficiency, treatment is started with 5 mg per day. If necessary, increase the dosage to 10 mg. In this case, with extreme caution should be titrated dose.

You can not abruptly stop taking the medicine "Zipralex". Reviews of patients taking the drug, talking about the onset of withdrawal syndrome.

Side effects

tsipraleks analogs reviews

Reviews of patients taking "Tsipraleks", noted that they at the beginning of treatment often occur negative phenomena. Among them - a decrease in libido, in women was observed anorgasmia. Patients were disturbed by insomnia, and some, on the contrary, felt sleepy. There was also a change in taste preferences, dizziness.Sinusitis, nausea, constipation, intestinal upset and excessive sweating were troubling.

Some people, with regular medication, have reported impotence, weakness, impaired ejaculation, and hyperthermia. In some cases, decreased appetite, hyponatremia appeared. There are patients who complained of hallucinations, confusion of thoughts, tremor of extremities, persecution mania, agitation. Patients were disturbed by anxiety, irritability, panic attacks and depersonalization.

Side effects of “Tsipraleks” (reviews indicate the high cost of the drug, but they say that its price is justified) were also manifested in the form of seizures, accompanied by convulsions, poor coordination of movement and serotonin syndrome. Disorders of the visual apparatus, orthostatic hypotension, gag reflex, anorexia, and dry mouth were observed. Negative symptoms manifested in the form of a rash, edema, pruritus, ecchymosis.

In the event of the above and other side effects, you should consult your doctor for reconsideration of the appointment. This symptom may also bother patients with abrupt withdrawal of the drug.

Special instructions for use

Cipralex reviews host drug

Reviews receiving "Tsipraleks" note the need to comply with all prescriptions of the doctor, and with the appearance of side effects, you need to adjust the dose.

The drug is not recommended to be combined with MAO inhibitors. "Tsipraleks" prescribed after two weeks after cessation of treatment with these drugs.

Antidepressants are not prescribed before the age of eighteen years, as there is a risk of suicidal behavior and excessive hostility.

Despite the fact that the drug "Tsipralex" does not affect the management of the vehicle and other mechanisms, during the treatment it is recommended to refrain from driving vehicles and from activities involving excessive concentration of attention.

At the beginning of treatment with “Cipralex” of panic disorder, anxiety may increase. A similar reaction persists for two weeks. In order to prevent the occurrence of the disease, in the future it is necessary to begin therapy with low doses.

The drug should be discontinued if the patient has convulsive seizures and manic states.Medication is used with caution in people with unstable epilepsy, hypomania or mannes in amnesia.

When using the drug in diabetics it is possible to change the indicator of blood glucose. In this case, adjustment of insulin dosage is required.

The probability of suicide in people in the depressed state persists until the improvement of health and the disappearance of negative symptoms. Therefore, when treating with antidepressants, one should monitor the behavior of such patients, since there is always a risk of deterioration in the clinical development of the disease and the manifestation of suicidal tendencies. This precaution must be observed in the treatment of other diseases of a psychological nature.

The use of "Tsipraleks" during pregnancy (III trimester) can negatively affect the development of a newborn baby. The crumbs, whose mothers drank antidepressants, had tremor, poor sleep, anxiety, sleep disturbances, hypertension. Such violations often occur due to serotonergic effects, as well as abrupt drug withdrawal.

Tablets "Tsipraleks": reviews of doctors

doctors reviews

Doctors consider the drug "Tsipraleks" strong modern antidepressant. They note that in no case can it be acquired independently, without a prescription from the doctor. It is indicated that it is prescribed for depression and panic attacks. It is not recommended to drink it in case of irritability and nervousness, since for these purposes there are a number of sedative medications.

The condition in which the pills "Tsipralex" are assigned, is determined by the doctor. As a rule, they are accompanied by excessive fatigue, which is felt constantly, the complete loss of interest in everything, unwillingness to live, lower self-esteem. The man is haunted by despair, tormented by constipation. Insomnia appears. Disturbed appetite. The patient does not want to communicate with anyone.

Most often, doctors are prescribed to take 10 mg per day and very rarely prescribed large doses (20 mg). Begin treatment with a minimum dosage of 5 mg. The therapeutic regimen is indicated by the doctor after a thorough examination of the patients. Experts believe that the drug is convenient to dispense.

The drug "Tsipraleks" (reviews of the host say that the drug has improved their life, gave energy and efficiency) can be used in combination with other medicines, such as antipsychotics.

Doctors say that this is an expensive medicine and about 2,000 rubles will be needed for a month. As a rule, it is not advised to replace it with other drugs, especially if there are no side effects. It is considered the best and softest of all. Indicate that the effect can be achieved in the second week of application. It is well tolerated by patients, including the elderly. Tablets help align circadian rhythms, eliminate insomnia. Convenient to use, as they are drunk once a day. Do not cause lethargy and drowsiness.

Among the side effects of the doctor emit increased anxiety. This phenomenon is considered normal, especially at the beginning of treatment. It is advised to suffer for two weeks, after which the alarm should disappear.

Positive opinion about the drug

drug cipralex reviews

Reviews of patients "Tsipraleks" distinguished among other drugs. They say that it helps to get rid of depression, including chronic. It works best if it is drunk for the first time. Removes panic, anxiety, nervousness. Helps fight various phobias.

Cipralex medication also relieves migraines. Reviews note that the pills act quickly and in the second week of regular intake, an improvement is felt.
Thanks to medicine, a person's quality of life changes and he begins to perceive the world differently. There is energy, the desire to live, optimism. Fears, nightmares and apathy are leaving. Depression and panic attacks are gradually passing.
People do not advise to drink the drug on their own, without a doctor's prescription, and do not recommend replacing them with analogues. According to them, “Tsipraleks” - the purest antidepressant and causes the least side effects.

Negative patient reviews

The medicine "Tsipraleks" has negative reviews of patients. These individuals indicate side effects such as decreased libido, vivid nightmares, loss of appetite, drowsiness, diarrhea, and burning of the skin. There are those who, after taking pills, nausea and lethargy, confusion, sedation. People were tormented by severe sweating and a feeling of dry mouth. Some suffered a yawn, but did not want to sleep. There was increased anxiety and concern. In rare cases, suicidal tendencies were observed. Many have similar symptoms after increasing the dosage of the drug.

Some doctors asked patients to suffer for two weeks. They said that the negative symptoms will disappear and it is necessary to go through a period of adaptation to the medicine. Others reviewed the treatment and prescribed other drugs, gradually canceled "Tsipralex."

Reviews of some individuals indicate the need for long-term use of the drug, because the course of treatment of some patients comes to two years. There are those who resent the cost of medication, since a month of treatment with pills costs the patient two thousand rubles.

Analogues of the drug

If for some reason the treatment did not come up, then the drug “Tsipralex” analogues can always be replaced. Reviews warn that it is not possible to select a medicine on your own, but only with the help of a doctor, since the drugs are serious.

Analogs that can replace "Tsipraleks" include:

  • "Escitalopram";
  • Asipi;
  • Zoloft;
  • Prozac;
  • Lenuxin;
  • "Elycea";
  • "Selectra."

These drugs, if necessary, can replace "Tsipraleks". Many of them are much cheaper, but they are equally effective. Can easily cure both panic conditions and depression.All analogues containing escitalopram oxalate are made only in tablets and can be used only for oral administration.

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