Dryer for fish at home

Many men in summer love to go fishing. There are fish days and not very much. But what to do with the fish, if it was caught too much? There are enough options: freeze, make herring, invite relatives in the ear. Nevertheless, men also love the taranka they eat with beer. By the way, it can also be done at home. Prepare it to help dryer for fish, which you can buy or make yourself.

How to make a design yourself?

It is desirable to use metallic or wooden materials to create the device. So, it will be possible to use it not one year. The design consists of a frame and shelves. Therefore, the first step is to purchase materials, and then adjust them to size. The frame must be stable. In order for the dryer for fish to be of high quality, it must be fastened with reliable elements (screws). From above, the frame is covered with a thin cloth (chiffon) so that the fish is dried in air.Due to the free circulation of air inside the device, the products will dry much faster. By the way, the fish dryer can be made from the old cabinet, provided that the doors are removed. Otherwise, the fish may mate, which will cause it to spoil.

dryer for fish do it yourself

The advantages of this design

Due to the fact that the device is covered on all sides with material, it protects the fish from insects. If you prefer an overhead fish dryer, it is created in the same way as a stationary one. Only it will need to be fixed to the tree, using a strong rope. If there are no trees nearby, you can simply use several stakes. Due to this, drying of fish is carried out from below. The size of the dryer each determines its own. Although it is necessary to take into account that large fish is not recommended to be dried, as this process is too long, therefore the product may deteriorate. In addition, a self-made fish dryer can be lightweight, so you can even take it with you on a camping trip (if it is supposed to be long).


Simple model

If it is difficult for you to make such a construction, you can make a simpler model.To do this, take a wooden or metal stick, which must be installed somewhere higher. This is to ensure that pets do not sneak fish. You should also buy or make your own hooks for fish. They can be made of aluminum wire, but one end of the hook should be sharpened to make it easier to hook fish onto it. Everything, the dryer for fish which photo can be seen below, is ready. However, the disadvantages of this design is that the fish will not be protected from insects. Anyway, cats, as you know, can climb anywhere, so there is a chance that they can steal it.

fish dryer photo

There are other options for how to make a dryer for fish. Since in the store any design is quite expensive, so it is more profitable to create it with your own hands, to be sure of its reliability.

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