Dumpling recipe: world wide

The name “dumplings” was born in Germany (Kloß, Knödel), and from there penetrated into many European languages. A common synonym for this word - "dumplings" - comes from the Slovak (halušky). This dish is loved in Italy and Finland, as well as in Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. Especially revered by the Czechs and Slovaks. Dumplings are good as an independent dish, and in the soup they are tasty, and can even become a wonderful dessert. The recipe of dumplings in each hostess is special: it received from her mother and grandmother and carefully kept for her own daughters and granddaughters. All culinary recipes of dumplings are united by one thing: they are based on eggs and flour, and sometimes even milk and melted butter. But how many variations of dumplings exist in the world! Let's try?

recipe dumplingsHungarian Dumpling Recipe

Take 5 yolks, beat them with a handful of powdered sugar and a half cup of soft oil. A piece of yeast dissolve in milk and pour into the mass. We begin to introduce flour - just a little more than 4 glasses. You can add some warm milk. Let's wander in the heat. Grease a large form with butter, and spread the dumplings with a wet spoon, alternating with grated almonds, raisins, apricot jam and pouring with ghee.Let us stand again, and then bake in the oven.

Shkortsy Slovak

We cook thick porridge from a liter of water and 0.5 kg of corn flour. Divide into dumplings and fry them in oil. Slice a piece of bacon and fry too, and grate the cheese (400 g). Sprinkle "shkortsy" cheese and bacon, pour fat.

Ukrainian dumplings recipe for fat

A piece of pork fat and a couple of large onions, cut and fry in oil at the bottom of the pan. Add 3 cups of water and boil. 300 g of flour (can be buckwheat, wheat or mixtures thereof) knead with half a glass of water. Add a couple of eggs and salt. From the kneaded dough knead the lumps and cook them in the fat of fat. Before serving, generously pour greens and pour sour cream.

Dish of Slovak cuisine - strapa (strapačky)all recipes

Grate some boiled potatoes on a grater, add an egg and a handful of flour, form lumps and dumplings. At this time, fry the onion in a pan, add to it the chopped sauerkraut and smoked lard. Stew. Put the dumplings and fry until done. And before serving, decorate with greens.

Finnish Dumpling Recipe

Cook 4 potatoes and knead them, add 3 eggs and some flour. Pour cream (about a third cup), add a small piece of ginger root, grated on a fine grater. Be sure to add a couple of spoons of raisins.Boil in boiling water, and before serving, decorate with fresh greens.

Czech dumplings: cooking with photoscooking with photos

From 700 g of boiled potatoes, 100 g of flour, 100 g of starch, two eggs, salt and nutmeg, prepare the dough, roll it into a layer, cut it into strips of 8 cm and boil. Czechs also stuffed dumplings with salted mushrooms, fried onions or meat. Before serving, dumplings need to pour the butter and sprinkle with herbs.

Gnocchi - classic Italian cuisine

About 600 g of mashed potatoes, a glass of flour and a couple of eggs mix, bring to complete homogeneity. Salt a little, add pepper. Gnocchi can be boiled in salted boiling water with spices, fried in oil in a frying pan or baked in the oven. Serve with meat or fish with gravy.

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