DVR with antiradar Street Storm STR-9970 Twin: specifications, reviews

In modern society it is difficult to imaginedriver who does not use the DVR. Gadget Street Storm STR-9970 Twin is a radar detector, DVR and GPS-navigator (or GLONASS-navigator) in one device. About him and will be discussed in the article.

street storm str 9970 twin


This combo device has a number of features:

  • the basis is the newest module based on MicroElectronics;
  • the viewing angle of the built-in sensor is 360 degrees;
  • for greater sensitivity and increasing the detection range, the speaker antenna is larger than other similar models according to the functional models;
  • there is a built-in modern noise filtering system;
  • built-in USB port, through which you can make automatic software updates;
  • can detect radar installations such as "Robot" or "Arrow-ST" at a great distance;
  • The radar module has the functionality to track systems such as Vocord, Avtouragan, Avtodoria;
  • is able to detect laser systems for determining the speed of a new generation of LISD and Amata;
  • Easily locates the radars Iskra, Chris-P, Vizir, Sokol, Binar, Radis, Arena and notifies the driver;
  • if there is obvious braking of the system, it is provided to disable some frequency ranges to optimize the workflow;
  • adjust the volume of alerts, those are produced in Russian;
  • there is a built-in G-sensor;
  • MicroSD memory cards are supported;
  • possible settings video stamps containing the date, time and license number of the car.

Thanks to the listed functions, the DVR Street Storm STR-9970 Twin has won the trust of many car enthusiasts.


A number of qualities that the STR-9970 Twin possesses:

  • the viewing angle is 170 degrees with a refresh rate of up to 60 per second;
  • has a liquid crystal display;
  • Used as an integrated GPS-module, and the GLONASS system;
  • there is a built-in motion detector;
  • all video can be saved to a separate medium via a USB drive or by removing a memory card, the video is saved in the MOV format;
  • The heart of the system is the new generation Ambarella A7L processor;
  • There are customizable modes "Route", "City 1" and "City 2";
  • The temperature range at which the correct operation of the device is ensured, starts from 20 degrees below zero and ends with 70 degrees of heat.

3-in-1 video recorder

Shock sensor

An integral part of any DVR (notonly Street Storm STR-9970 Twin) is the presence of the G-sensor. It is designed to track changes in the speed of the car. The moment when there is a sharp decrease in the speed of movement (and the increase in load), provided that the machine was in motion, is regarded as the moment of impact. If the machine does not move, its position is fixed in three dimensions. Accordingly, after receiving the blow, events are also recorded. The 3-in-1 video recorder also allows you to set the time interval after the collision (from 10 seconds and up).

This function is a very important nuance, because the information read from the gadget can help restore events in detail.

Additional functions

In addition to the above, it should be noted thatThe gadget is pretty easy to learn. If you have any questions about working with Street Storm STR-9970 Twin, the instruction is available on the official website of the developer.

Another important aspect that thisgadget is an indispensable friend of any motorist - a sensor that monitors the position of the markup when driving. Accordingly, if there is an approach to this band, the system will notify the driver.

You can adjust the distance to the markup and turn off this option.

anti-radar radar

Positive sides

Leftover on Street Storm STR-9970 Twin reviewsindicate that the gadget is easy to use in terms of its small size. The body of the device is pleasant to the touch, the interface is intuitive. Buyers positively respond to the model also for its reliable fastening. The stand firmly holds the gadget, even if the car accidentally hits the hummock.

There is a positive evaluation of the screen split in two: anti-radar STR and DVR. Thanks to the modern system of options, it is possible to disable one of the screens.

An important factor is the possibilitya convenient firmware update, connecting the device to the monitor screen with an HDMI cable. Also, buyers often highlight the fact that when a G-sensor triggers, video recording immediately begins. And the recorded file is marked as especially important and moves to the area protected from deletion.

Negative sides

Such, unfortunately, a lot. The first thing that causes discontent among Street Storm STR-9970 Twin buyers is the price. The figure varies from 19 000 to 22 000 rubles, which is very much for a small gadget with a number of key features that are common to many devices cheaper.

Buyers express dissatisfaction, becausethe STR-9970 Twin gadget often overheats quickly. That is, the upper limit of 70 degrees is clearly overestimated in the characteristics of this device. Overheating is fraught with the fact that the screen turns off, the recording stops (the file is saved with an error), and the operation of the device is completely interrupted. In this case, the client prefers not to bother with the elimination methods, but simply returns the Street Storm STR-9970 Twin under warranty.

Often customers note that the device does not work at all after overheating and does not even turn on. In any case, if such a problem is identified, the goods can be returned under the warranty coupon within a year.

str 9970 twin

Video recording and display

A number of clients claim that the quality of video recordingStreet Street STR-9970 Twin does not correspond to the stated. Maybe it's in the settings that were set. And the lack of a traffic sensor also creates a negative opinion about the manufacturer.

Repulsive effect is created because of not verybright display. A number of reviews indicate that the 3-in-1 video recorder makes you look at the screen, which creates a certain discomfort during operation.

Confuses the customers and the fact that the package does notthere is an SD card. It must be purchased separately. DVR 3 in 1 has an incorrect setting of the volume of the alert: then quiet mode, then the full volume is turned on abruptly.

Software and bundling

Software update occursrarely - firmware versions are not updated for more than six months. The latest version of the radar database, dated July 2016, does not load entirely - often a broken archive is downloaded. Also, the developers on the official website do not comment on the problem with the overheating of the gadget, which indicates the poor support of the released product. They only refer to the difficulty of the video player installed on the STR-9970 Twin.

In addition, it is worth noting that the gadget, thoughis a flagship among registrars, very cumbersome, compared to cheaper samples - this is a significant minus of Street Storm STR-9970 Twin. An overview of the built-in 360-degree sensor can justify the above disadvantage, but not always.

street storm str 9970 twin price

A bit about GPS

Video recorder, radar detector, GPS-navigator -it is for these three components that this gadget is categorized as 3 in 1. It should not be forgotten that weather conditions, terrain, interference in the immediate vicinity of the device can influence the GPS signal. If it rains, the car passes somewhere in the tunnel or nearby there are devices capable of drowning out the signal of the satellite, the operation of the GPS module may not be entirely correct.

In addition, in many devices (not only inbut also any gadget such as phones, tablets, smartphones where there is a GPS-module) is set to a high-precision mode that uses Wi-Fi signal to determine the location, which can also incorrectly display the coordinate: the satellite will see the gadget in one place , and the Internet network - in another. The error can range from ten meters to one kilometer.


Disadvantages of GPS are compensated by the built-in systemGLONASS. It is an analogue, which was developed in the USSR. It operates on the basis of navigation signals of two types: FDMA and CDMA. Satellites move in different planes of the orbit and do not enter into resonance with the rotation of the planet, which makes the signal more stable.

The downside of this method of determining the coordinates is only that the satellites have a shorter period of operation than the GPS technology. Therefore, GLONASS is not as popular as the mentioned "competitor".

Altogether, there are about 25 objects of the GLONASS-M type and two GLONASS-K in orbit. And in 2018, the launch of the advanced GLONASS-K2 system is planned.

video recorder street storm str 9970 twin


Gadget consumers choose in appearance andnumber of positive reviews. But the gadget and the motorist are "rubbing" against each other with the help of another "factor" - the frequency of false positives. It is this fad is the most important in the work not only of this device, but also of any other motorist friend in general. DVR, radar detector, GPS module, split screen, a lot of convenient modes, protection against overheating - all these features can be crossed out if the device does not correctly recognize the captured signals and reacts like a radar, video camera or something else. In this case, the function "Anti-radar" can simply be disabled, as it is of little use, and the device will be used only as a DVR and navigator.

In modern society, it is something like a rule of good tone, the presence of a DVR. After all, sometimes it is difficult to identify the culprit of an accident, especially if it disappeared from the scene of the accident.

Earlier, when considering a trialthe judge could decide, at his own discretion, to take a videotape from the registrar as evidence or not. After the release of the legislative amendment in May 2016, it is considered that the recording of the registrar can be regarded as material for evidence. However, the judge may reject such a decision if there are obvious signs of installation.

In view of the foregoing, the driver injured inAccident, it is recommended immediately at all to declare that in the car installed DVR, then remove the memory card and in the witnesses to seal in an envelope for transfer to law enforcement officers.

street storm str 9970 twin reviews

Such actions should be taken to avoid accusations of fake video. Therefore, you should carefully consider the choice of gadget. The 3-in-1 video recorder is great for this role.

The registrar is useful not only on the road. Sometimes a video recording, accidentally made on a gadget parked car, can serve as a very important material in the consideration of criminal cases.

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