"Engry Birdz" - passing games of the series

It is very difficult to find today among the computer gamesseries, which with the advent of new parts really develop, and do not stand still or even degrade. Now any successful project is trying to use one hundred per cent, squeeze out of it all the juices, without thinking about users. Therefore, the second, third, and later episodes usually do not stand close to the original. However, this can not be said of the Engry Birds series - although most of the games here are very similar to each other, with each new release you will find something new and unusual, not only in terms of the plot, but also in terms of game mechanics. In this article you will learn the basics of the Engry Birds series - the passage of episodes, their features, similarities and differences.

Engry Birds series

engry berdz passage

As in all other computer games, in "EngryBirdz "the passage of the story line is the most important for every gamer, it should be noted that the plot in all the episodes is the same - there are two warring parties, birds and pigs.Each pigs kidnap bird eggs to make eggs out of them, and you have to save your own It seems to be a pretty simple idea, but it fits perfectly into the gameplay, and most importantly - does not repeat with every new release.Of course, every time you still have to save eggs from the captivity of pigs, but it's always obor ivaetsya to a different cover and presented in the original light. Thus, in a series of "Ingres Berdz" passage will never be the same.

Original Games

Engry Beards Epic Walkthrough

To begin with, it is worth considering how in EngryBirds "was originally a game.To complete the game and save the eggs, you need to consistently go through single levels.Each of them is one big screen on one side of which there is a slingshot - with it you will launch into the flight of birds. in pigs that are on the other side of the screen - most often they are protected by special structures, so the task before you is not the easiest .You will have to use the different abilities of each of the bird species to overcome all the pigs on each level for the minimum number of shots.Note that at the end of each level, the score is calculated based on your success, after which you are awarded a rating of one to three stars.Now you have a general idea of ​​the mechanics of these games, but it is worth note that the passage of "Engry Berdz: Star Wars" will still be slightly different.

Passage of improved games

passage of Engry Berdz Star Wars

As you already knew, the new parts of the classic gameYou offer unforgettable trips to the already familiar legendary worlds. You can go on a journey through the universe of "Star Wars", where the birds will act as Jedi and rebels, and pigs - in the role of Sith and Imperials. There is also a part about the parrot of Rio and its friends, there is an episode dedicated to the cosmos, as well as many others. In the latter, for example, you will have to take into account the gravity of the planets on which the pigs are located, as well as some other factors. In general, the passage becomes even more exciting, but the level of complexity also increases.

A special episode

It has already been said above that in most casesThe games in this series represent the same arcade with their own characteristics. However, it is worth noting that there is one episode that is very different from the others - "Engry Birdz: Epic". The passage here is more like a step-by-step role-playing game, where you will need to pump your birds as full-fledged fantasy characters and send them into battles with evil pigs. Collect the team, select the right characters for each battle and pave the way to the eggs. In the game "Engry Birds: Epic" the passage became even more fascinating.

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Engry Birdz - passing games of the series Engry Birdz - passing games of the series Engry Birdz - passing games of the series Engry Birdz - passing games of the series Engry Birdz - passing games of the series Engry Birdz - passing games of the series Engry Birdz - passing games of the series Engry Birdz - passing games of the series Engry Birdz - passing games of the series Engry Birdz - passing games of the series