Extension of the spine at home

A widely used procedure in medicine is stretching and stretchingthe spine. This procedure is based on prolonged or short-term stretching, with the overcoming of spasm of muscles, elimination of deformations and displacements of vertebrae in the spine. Those people who suffer from scoliosis, intervertebral hernia, acute pain in the thoracic, cervical, lumbar spine, postural disorders, frequent dizziness, numbness of limbs and other diseases associated with the spine - it is recommended to stretch the spine.

spinal traction

As a rule, such a procedure is betterTo carry out in medical institutions under the supervision of specialists and with the help of specialized equipment. Due to research, the opinion was confirmed that spinal traction reduces the pressure in intervertebral disks, improves blood circulation, and also reduces stagnation of blood. This procedure helps reduce pain, and restore sensitivity.

There are two types of spinal traction: dry and underwater. In modern medicine, special equipment is used for dry traction - a traction table of various types and a couch. Dry stretching of the spine can be vertical and horizontal. The patient lies on the surface, which is slightly inclined, and under the weight of his weight, stretching occurs. With the help of a doctor, you can perform additional traction manually, or using loads. Extension runs from a couple of minutes to several hours, with a force equal to several tens of kilograms. It is advisable to spend 15 to 18 sessions.

spinal traction at home

Sprain the spine in the homeconditions is possible only provided that there are no acute symptoms of the disease, in the form of prophylaxis. For this, you need a bed, a solid mattress and sewn straps (length 1.5 m, width 7cm). Lie on a high (30-40 degrees) without a pillow bed, put your hands in the straps, which fasten at the head, and so lie for three or four hours. Also, spinal traction can be done on the Swedish wall, the procedure can be repeated a couple of times a day.

You can stretch and stretchspine with simple exercises. To exercise had a positive effect, you need to perform them for at least 10 seconds. When performing, it is necessary to feel a slight tension for 8 seconds, then increase the tension gradually. And so do 3 to 4 times.

dry spinal traction

Simple exercise to stretch the spine.

I.p. sit on a stool, the back while holding exactly and one hand to hold on to the seat. Tilt your head forward and away from the one you need to pull. Then turn your head until you feel the tension. With the other hand, hold your head and pull it in the opposite direction from the fixed shoulder. This exercise is a trapezoidal muscle.

After the traction procedure, you must immediately givestrain the muscles, otherwise not achieve the desired result. And to ensure the least risk to health, it is better to perform this procedure in a special institution with trained health workers.

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