Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation

Facial massage - effective effect onskin, improvement of health in general and a good mood. Among a large number of different methods and techniques, it is worthwhile singling out shiatsu massage (you can often find another version of the name - siatsu). Almost everyone has ever heard about the magic properties of this procedure. It regains youth and elasticity of the skin, improves the complexion, can relieve severe headaches and even has a beneficial effect on the body after paralysis and stroke.

facial massage

However, ordinary people who do not study techniquesmassage, it is quite difficult to distinguish shiatsu from ordinary exposure. Point facial massage is a gift of oriental cosmetology, which has many positive qualities. Therefore, it is worthwhile to examine it in more detail and understand how it works.


The system of health-improving massage was developedin Japan as early as the beginning of the 20th century by a doctor, Namikoshi Tokudziro. After several years of research, he published his discoveries in the book The Shiatsu Method. There all the possible techniques and techniques that are used in this kind of massage are described in detail, as well as the ways of affecting the human body.

Japanese face massage against wrinkles shiatsu

Six years after the publication of the book was openeda hospital specializing in shiatsu treatment, and then an educational institution in which young people were taught how to conduct the massage properly. This college exists and today. The Ministry of Health of Japan accepted the shiatsu as an official medical technique.

Massage Features

Acupressure for facial rejuvenation is not in vainis called shiatsu. Translated from Japanese this word, consisting of two parts, means "finger" and "crush". This is the hidden feature of the massage. During the procedure, the therapist presses on certain areas of the face and head with the help of fingers and palms. In this case, no rubbing the entire palm or stroking movements is not done.

Time and force of impact depend on what kind of effect it is necessary to achieve. At the same time, shiatsu masters even with strong and deep pressure do not force the patient to experience discomfort.

Another important feature is theThe fact that the massage itself is not, in fact, curative. But it allows you to get rid of the symptoms of ailment, which is much more important. After all, the right treatment and involves identifying and getting rid of the root cause.

Energy release

Facial massage - effective effect onskin, thanks to which forces are awakened, and energy is restored. This helps the body to cope faster with viruses and various diseases on a nervous basis. In order for the reaction to proceed correctly, the physician triggers the regeneration mechanism by pressing on certain points, called the "tsubo" by the Japanese.

Massage to rejuvenate the face from wrinkles and swelling

Shiatsu also allows the masters to accurately diagnose the whole organism. More than 90% of diagnoses are confirmed by studies using modern apparatus and analyzes.


For today there are 3 different directions of shiatsu:

  1. Western (based on a scientific approach and relies on modern means).
  2. Classical (the original school of Dr. Namikoshi).
  3. Zen (bioenergetics and intuitive method of examining the patient's body).


Massage for rejuvenating the face from wrinkles and swelling can be done independently. To this end, many different techniques have been developed. In addition to affecting the skin itself, this massage will help:

  • relieve migraines;
  • get rid of insomnia;
  • improve vision;
  • to get rid of stress and constant fatigue;
  • cure cold and other small colds;
  • cheer up.

point massage of the face of the gift of oriental cosmetology

During the massage the pressure is producedsolely with small thumb-pads. Permanent massage sessions will not only improve the color and condition of the skin, but also slow its aging by accelerating the production of elastin and collagen without any cosmetic products. Mimic wrinkles are strengthened, and blood circulation in the head improves markedly, which will help to avoid pressure problems and reduce the risk of stroke.

Terms and conditions

The massage should be done smoothly smoothmovements. Avoid scrolling and stretching the skin, as this will have the opposite effect. The force of pressing directly depends on the fat layer located under the skin: the thicker it is, the more powerful the push should be. However, exposure should not cause any discomfort or pain.

acupressure facial massage for rejuvenation discussion

Movements are performed immediately with both hands withequal force of impact. With a cosmetic massage, pressure is applied no more than 5 seconds. The effect of such manipulations will persist for a whole day. With therapeutic massage, the duration of the pressure can range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, but it is better not to try it yourself, but rather trust the master.

There are many videos thatdemonstrate how to properly do this procedure. However, only the shiatsu master knows the exact massage of a facial massage, therefore, before you conduct such a session yourself, you should see as much video as possible and read about its features.

Preparing for a massage

Facial massage for rejuvenation, discussionwhich has become quite popular both in beauty salons, and on television, is held in the morning. In general, it takes about 15 minutes for the entire session and almost as much for the preliminary warm-up.

First of all, the face must be treated with a cleansing agentmeans. It is advisable not to use alcohol solutions, as they drastically dry and damage the structure of the skin. It is best to use herbal lotions, infusions of medicinal plants or filtered water.

acupressure for facial rejuvenation

After that, the skin of the face needs a littleto warm. The steam bath is the best for this case. This will relieve tension. In addition, you can light scented candles or include pleasant music. Then you need to treat the skin with vitamin cream. Now you can start the massage itself.


Despite many advantages, Japanese face massage against wrinkles shiatsu has a number of contraindications. These include:

  • neoplasms on the skin of the face;
  • herpes, dermatitis and other inflammation;
  • individual intolerance;
  • open wounds on the body.

The easiest option

A facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin, which will give results in 2 weeks.

  1. We press the fingers of both hands above the eyebrows. Hold for 4 seconds. We pass a little further towards the temples. This transition is made in 4 steps.
  2. Immediately press three fingers on each eyebrow. After 7 seconds, remove the fingers. We touch first the outer corners of the eyes at the same time, then the inner corners.
  3. In three fingers we put pressure on the bridge of the nose - just along the line of the eyebrows. At this point, wrinkles appear deep enough, so you can press and harder.
  4. Again with three fingers press on the eyelids. Here the pressure depends on how much pressure feels comfortable. Duration of pressing - 5 seconds. It is important that your fingers do not touch the eyeball.
  5. Similarly, we work on the lower eyelid.
  6. Press three fingers on the area under the cheekbones and hold for 7 seconds.
  7. By the big palaces we press lightly on the area near the nostrils.
  8. With the thumb of one hand, we press the point above the lip. Pressing time from 5 to 7 seconds.
  9. It is important to find the right muscle, which is under pressure. It is located in the corners of the lips. The effect is produced by the thumbs of both hands.
  10. Again, with the thumb of one hand, press the point under the lower lip. The pressure is on the gum, but in no case on the teeth.
  11. Raise the head and touch the chin with three fingers of both hands. In 4 touches we pass the whole line of the lower jaw.
  12. Three fingers for 3 seconds lightly press the neck from both sides. Do this exercise very carefully, so as not to damage the arteries.
  13. Slightly press one thumb on the jugular cavity for no more than 3 seconds.
  14. With your thumbs, press down on the points located at the base of the ear.authentically about facial massage

This completes the session. After such a massage, you should rest a little or just lie on the couch for about 5 minutes.

Facial massage - effective effect onskin that will restore youth and prevent wrinkles. Just a few minutes a day will save your youth and attractiveness. However, in addition to an independent massage, it is worth at least once to go to the reception to the master, in order to understand, with what force and exactly which points are pressed. In addition, only a professional can perform a quality medical massage.

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Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation Facial massage is an effective treatment for the skin. Massage for face rejuvenation