Feeding trough for squirrels do-it-yourself: instruction

Quite a few urban property owners today are often trying to be further from the bustle of the metropolis. Nature allows you to breathe fresh air, and if your site is near a park area or a forest, then you can watch the squirrels, because friendship with these animals delivers many pleasant moments for both adults and children.

Squirrels are friendly and very curious animals, which quite often settle near a person if they do not see danger. You can attract protein to your site by building a feeder on it for these animals. You can do it yourself.

Material selection

squirrel feeder

If you decide that you need a squirrel feeder at the site, then you should first think about what material is better to build. In nature, these animals settle in the hollows of coniferous trees. It is these varieties and should be preferred. You can use aspen or birch, but this choice is quite risky.If you build a feeder from a poplar, then it will definitely be empty.

Preparation of tools

squirrel feeder with your own hands

Feeder for squirrels can be built only after you manage to prepare all the necessary tools, namely:

  • gon; pencil;
  • drill;
  • sandpaper;
  • waterproof glue;
  • roulette wheel;
  • a hacksaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws.

Only after you can get to work.

The use of edged boards

squirrel feeder with your own hands

If you want to make a reliable and durable feeder, then you can prepare an edged board, whose width will be 30 cm, while the thickness will be 1.8 cm. Drawing is not necessary, because the design will be quite simple, and its production will not be accompanied by difficulties.

To carry out the work, it is necessary to measure 55 cm of the board and saw off the workpiece. The back wall of the feeder should have the following dimensions: 55 x 30 cm. It should be measured on the bottom and on top of 5 cm. These parts are useful for fixing the structure to the tree. The side walls are prepared in such a way that eventually managed to get 2 parts with the same dimensions: 45 x 25 cm.

When an internal partition is arranged, a part with dimensions of 20 x 25 cm should be prepared.The top lid of the feeder should be square with a side of 30 cm. As for the bottom, its size will be 25 x 30 cm. The squirrel feeder may have a small porch, you need to prepare two planks for its manufacture. In the upper left part of the facade it is necessary to make an opening for entry, its diameter should be about 8 cm.

It is possible to manufacture all the parts without drawing. In the next step, it will be necessary to assemble the structure. The elements are well treated with sandpaper so that the proteins do not hurt. The basis of the house is going with glue, and then everything can be fixed with screws. If the glue has a rather persistent and pungent odor, then it is worth refusing to use it.

Use logs

protein feeder photo

Feeder for protein can also be made with the use of logs. It should have a diameter of 40 cm in diameter. At the first stage a circle is cut off, the thickness of which will be 4 cm, it will act as a lid. Another detail is the 40 cm log, which will form the basis of the design.

A cavity is hollowed out in a log, its size must be such that the wall and bottom thickness is 3 cm. In the next step, the master has to make an entrance, nail the lid and strengthen the thick branch at the entrance to the porch.Such a trough will look as natural as possible, so it can be positioned anywhere, and the design will not go against its design.

Feeding trough installation

feeders for squirrels do it yourself photo

Feeding trough for squirrels with your own hands may well be performed. After completion of the work should not be varnished and painted, it will only scare away the little animals. Naturalness in this case more attractive. At installation of a design it is necessary to consider the following rules.

The feeder must be located 5 m from the ground, this will ensure squirrels safety, therefore it is not recommended to locate the structure below. The inlet should be oriented south or east. The most frequent direction of the winds in the area will indicate the correct location of the structure. When fixing the feeder, it is necessary to take care of the trees, so the structure should be bolted and not nailed.

Making trough out of the box

how to make a squirrel feeder

Feeding trough for squirrels with your own hands can be made from the usual box, this option will be much easier compared to the above. For the work should be prepared:

  • two pieces of plywood;
  • rope;
  • corn cob;
  • nails;
  • wooden pallet.

As the only difference between feeders for squirrels and feeders for birds, there are sizes. The “dining room” for squirrels will be somewhat larger; its entrance is also larger. Rodents, however, can broaden the entrance to the close bird feeder. The construction can be made out of the box, but if milk packages are perfect for tits and sparrows, then larger sachets should be selected for squirrels. For example, suitable box from under the kettle.

On the sides should be cut the entrances through which the animals will get inside. A rope is fastened to the upper wall. For this purpose, holes are made in the body through which the ends of the rope are inserted. On the reverse side you need to tie knots. On this we can assume that the trough is ready, now it can be hung from a tree.

Feeder for squirrels, the photo of which you can find in the article, can also be made of plywood. Additionally, wooden pallets with sides should be used. Two pieces of plywood need to fix the nails between each other on top. They are nailed to the edges of the pallet. Such a feeder can be not only suspended from a tree, but also installed on a low pole.On it the animals will climb up.

It is possible to make a feeding trough also of a corn cob. A rope or sharp bitch is being passed through it, one of which is fixed to a tree. The convenience of such a trough is that tits and pigeons will not be able to steal such food, because it is too hard for them. As practice shows, for squirrels the size of the feeder is not very important, the animal is rather attracted to hazelnuts, pine nuts, dried mushrooms, seeds of oats and flax, as well as sunflower. The most difficult time for these animals is early spring, as the stocks of nuts and seeds begin to germinate, so they become unfit for human consumption.

Making troughs from glass jars

feeder squirrel do it yourself from wood

Feeding troughs for squirrels with your own hands, photos of which are presented in the article, can be made from glass jars. Such a device allows a person to observe proteins, and for the animal itself, the design is very convenient. This feed will be given only to squirrels, big birds will not be able to steal food.

For work should use the usual bank, the transparency of which will improve the review.To create a feeder, you need to additionally prepare:

  • screws;
  • ruler;
  • sandpaper;
  • saw;
  • wood plank.

When preparing wood, you should take into account that the length of the workpiece should be 180 cm. 2 holes should be drilled in its walls, the ideal diameter in this case will be 15 cm. Another hole is cut into the central part of the board, where the neck of the jar could enter. Before you make a feeder for squirrels, you should take into account that from time to time birds will still enter there. Therefore, the design should be made collapsible, because from time to time it will also have to be cleaned.


For carrying out the work described in the article quite often used a variety of materials. For example, if you apply a cardboard box, then you should be prepared for the fact that it is enough only for the season. Whereas if you want to make the structure stationary and durable, you must use wood.

When the squirrel feeder is made of wood with its own hands, it may contain in the design a ladder, along which the squirrel will climb up. Alternatively, a small plastic bottle can also be used. Its volume can be from 2 to 5 liters.

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