Film "Diary of Memory": Viewers reviews

An amazing love story tells the film "Diary of Memory". Reviews of the tape show how a couple of lovers can touch the audience. Their lives are so different that it is generally surprising how they met. It is impossible that such a coincidence does not become the beginning of something special.

What does the "Diary of memory"?

Reviews of the picture is often praised feed tape. The creators decided not only to show the romantic story, but even more to move the viewers with several details of the continuation of this story.

It all starts in a nursing home. One elderly man reads every day to a woman about two lovers who have experienced many difficulties before becoming happy.

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In the center of the story of the old man are Noah and Ellie. The guy grew up in the most ordinary rural family, and the girl had very rich parents. The main characters meet in an amusement park, and Noah falls in love with a girl at first sight. Soon he invites Ellie for a date, but she refuses."No" does not stop the young man, and he continues to seek the location of a new acquaintance. Unexpectedly, the girl realizes that romantic Noah is constantly spinning in her thoughts.

Soon between the main characters flashes the love of incredible power. In the reviews of the film "Diary of Memory" you can often see how fans admire what is happening, because the tenderness and dedication of lovers with amazing speed conquer the hearts of millions of viewers.

At the end of the tape, it turns out that the man and the woman in the nursing home are Noah and Ellie, who have lived together all their lives. However, even in old age, fate never ceases to test their feelings for strength. The fact is that Ellie is very sick and periodically forgets everything that happened in her life, even Noah. Then a middle-aged lover reads to his wife their story, thanks to which she comes to herself again, even for a short while.

More about Noah

In the reviews of the film “Diary of Memory” (2004), Noy and his devotion to Ellie are repeatedly admired, because the guy always tried to do better for his beloved, even when it could hurt him.

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The beginning of the relationship of the main characters was very beautiful, but soon they had problems. The fact is that Ally's parents do not at all share the choice of her daughter.Since their family is very wealthy, the girl’s couple should be appropriate, and Noah cannot boast of her financial position. Because of this, Ellie strongly curses with her parents, and the guy becomes a witness to the skirmish. Then Noah decides not to interfere with the life of his beloved. The main characters strongly quarrel and decide to disperse.

The very next day, Noah regrets his act and decides to fix everything, but he finds out that Ally's family has left. Then the guy writes a letter to the girl, in which he asks for forgiveness for all his words, but does not receive an answer. Noah continues to send his messages to his beloved every day throughout the year, but none of them brings results. Soon the war begins, and the guy with his friend goes to the front.

What happened to Ellie?

Ally and her parents came to California for the whole summer. The girl did not even think to start a relationship with anyone here, but then she meets Noah, and everything changes dramatically.

The main heroine of the film "Diary of Memory" does not share the views of their parents that the companion of her life must be rich. That is what she is trying to prove to her family, however, Noah is the first to break off relations, which almost kills the girl, but pleases her father and mother.

The next meeting of the main characters takes place in seven years. The war is already over, and Ellie is going to marry Lon. She met the guy in the hospital where she worked as a nurse, and he got there because of her injury. Parents are happy union daughter, because Lon is very rich. Ellie, it seems, is also happy, but from time to time she is haunted by the thought of Noah.

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Just before the wedding, the girl comes across a newspaper. One of the articles tells about a young guy who has restored a 200-year-old mansion and now wants to sell it. In the photo, Ellie sees Noah and decides to meet him like an old friend.

At the meeting, the girl learns about the letters that a boyfriend wrote to her for a year, but she did not receive any of them. Later, she finds out that this mother hid messages for Ellie so that she would not return to Noah.

Leading roles

Repeatedly in their reviews of the "Diary of Memory" viewers praised the cast. According to fans, the creators very well chose the performers of the main roles, because it is known that many other popular actors claimed their places.

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We remind you that in the image of a young and romantic Noah, Ryan Gosling appeared before the audience.Ellie introduced Rachel McAdams. Lovers in old age played by James Garner and Gina Rowlands. The role of Lon went to James Marsden.

Other heroes were introduced by Joan Allen, Sam Shepard, David Thornton, Jamie Ann Allman and others.

Positive points

In the reviews about the Diary of Memory, viewers do not get tired of repeating that directors, directors, artists and other participants in the set created an incredible atmosphere on the screen. The mood of the film makes you really worry about the characters, who seem to be literally made for each other.

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Often, viewers also say that the events in the tape made them think. The love shown in the film was preserved, even despite the long years of separation, no difficulties could trample her. This is what leads viewers to thoughts of how sincere their feelings are and whether they are able to endure the same ordeals.

Negative reviews

Like any other film about love, the “Diary of Memory” of 2004, received not only laudatory reviews, but also really unpleasant comments.

Most often, the criticism does not concern any particular points, but the entire project as a whole.It is believed that if someone remained dissatisfied after viewing the tape, it was only because of their own taste. Someone also believes that the plot of the picture is very predictable and even primitive. Of course, you can feel the story in a completely different way when you see it yourself.

Interesting Facts

A large number of interesting moments left behind the frame of the film "Diary of Memory" (2004). Virtually no one knows that Ryan Gosling, preparing for the role of Noah, made the table with his own hands, which he then used to shoot.

Also little known is the fact that the first scenes that were filmed were events occurring after seven years of separation between Noah and Ellie. Some viewers have noticed that it is in these frames that the characters are especially shy with each other. It even contributed to creating the impression of how the heroes actually missed each other, because at the meeting they were so embarrassed! In addition, when the film set began work on creating scenes of dating and the beginning of a couple's relations, the actors got used to each other and looked more natural.

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During the filming of the tape, Ryan had to constantly use contact lenses,to make his eyes appear brown. All due to the fact that the actor who played the old Noah, they are dark, and Gosling - blue.

Awards and nominations

Professional critics also appreciated the "Diary of Memory." The tape claimed many awards. Among the awards that the film project has received, there is an MTV statuette for the best kiss. Also, the film was awarded a large number of awards from the Teen Choise Award.

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