Flu without fever: is it possible? Symptoms and treatment of the disease

With the onset of autumn they become such a frequent occurrence that it is just right from the very end of summer to stock up on antivirals, viburnum and raspberries. If a person gets the flu, then the first desire is to get under a blanket and sleep. The course of the disease is accompanied by weakness, sweating, headache. If there is a fever, then the disease is easy to recognize and start the correct treatment. But the task of the doctor is much more difficult if the flu is without temperature. In this case, only secondary symptoms can help you to make the correct diagnosis, which we will talk about today.

flu cough without fever

How to determine that you have the flu

It helps that each of us had them more than once. It is quite easy to remember how you felt when the doctor last made a diagnosis of ARVI. Usually this is a whole bunch of symptoms that are accompanied by weakness and poor health.Often they are joined by nasal congestion, sore throat, and sometimes a strong cough. If this does not leave a feeling of chills or fever, severe weakness and a complete lack of appetite, then most likely you have the flu. Without temperature, it proceeds not so rarely just is not always in this case, it turns out to correctly diagnose the disease.

Why the temperature does not rise

It is believed that if the thermometer creeps confidently up, then a person can safely stay at home and rely on a legitimate hospital. Otherwise, he should go to work. But flu without a temperature is also dangerous. He faces all the same complications, so careless attitude to his health is impossible. You need to call a doctor who must figure out what is happening to you.

Heat is a reaction to the penetration of viruses and the beginning of their vital activity. When they begin to divide and destroy the cells of your body, special substances enter the blood. They affect thermoregulation centers in the brain. From there, there is a signal that the temperature rises, which prevents the growth of bacteria.Accordingly, when the flu runs without temperature, the immune system does not work, that is, the body is not protected.

flu symptoms in adults without fever

Natural defense mechanisms

When the body temperature rises by 1–2 degrees, virus multiplication is inhibited. If it reaches 39 degrees, the effect of viruses on the body completely stops. At the same time, the production of immunoglobulin is enhanced, and the mechanisms for the extraction of toxic substances are activated.

This is all a normal course of ARVI, which we call the flu. Without temperature, the symptoms in adults proceed in a somewhat blurred form, but they are still recognizable. The risk of complications in this case increases, since most people suffer from asymptomatic disease on their feet. If treatment is undertaken, it is aimed at relieving symptoms, and not at the cause of the disease.

In general, doctors consider it an abnormal course of the flu. Without fever, symptoms in adults suggest that the body itself does not fight viruses. It turns out that a person is ill for a long time and often harder. Add to this the high chance of complications.It turns out that it is much better to lie down for several days with a temperature than to suffer for several weeks from less pronounced, but still very unpleasant symptoms.

What is the main danger

If you are worried about weakness, sweating, drowsiness, then be sure to consult your doctor. Ask him if there can be flu without fever. On the one hand, this will calm (for there is no other serious illness), on the other - it will make it clear that the defenses of your body are clearly reduced.

If you have flu and cough without fever, this does not mean that they are safe. Since the body's natural defenses did not work properly, viruses begin to actively proliferate in the lungs and bronchi. And, naturally, this leads to an inflammatory process. As a result, you can go to the hospital bed.

Such a flu is also dangerous due to the fact that a person does not observe due care. The patient may be unaware of the presence of a viral infection in the body. Therefore, it is dangerous to others. After all, when coughing and sneezing, the infection spreads to a distance of up to 5 meters. Therefore, in buses and closed premises the risk of infection is very high. No wonder doctors advise to avoid such places in the period of the epidemic.

flu-free symptoms how to treat

Standard options

If a person has an enviable health, the flu symptoms can only appear as mild signs of a cold. But such a course is extremely rare. Maybe in the mountain villages today there are healthy people who do not know what the flu is. But not everyone can boast of this in the city.

Without increasing the temperature of the disease most often occurs in people who are vaccinated against this disease and have good immunity. No wonder that pregnant women and children, the elderly and patients with chronic ARVI is recommended to be vaccinated.

Virus mutations

Considering the signs of flu without a temperature, it should be noted that the virus itself is constantly changing. It happens that the body is infected with a completely new type of virus. An example would be avian flu. Since the human body was not yet familiar with this strain, it could not react in time. The result was serious complications, and even deaths. Of course, doctors will conduct research, look for vaccines and medicines, but this takes time.

can there be flu without fever

Features of the course in children and pregnant women

This is the category of people who most often have flu without fever. Treatment with this is complicated by the need to choose sparing drugs. Why do children most often have flu without fever? Because their bodies are more vulnerable. But to make a diagnosis is not a big problem, since the remaining signs of the disease persist. Here again, you need to take into account several of the following points:

  • Lack of temperature can be a consequence of vaccination. The body is already familiar with this virus, moreover, it has a set of antibodies in order to effectively fight it. Therefore, there is simply no reason for heat.
  • While the baby is breastfeeding, the antibodies enter the body along with the mother's milk. Therefore, the disease can pass quickly and easily.
  • During pregnancy, the cause of this disease is a decrease in immunity.

Self-treatment is unacceptable for all people, but expectant mothers and children this applies especially. Consult your doctor before starting treatment.

signs of flu without fever

Diagnosis of the disease

Only an experienced specialist can determine how to treat the flu.Without temperature, it does not become less dangerous, so attention needs to be paid to it no less, if not more. Doctors usually make a diagnosis immediately after the examination. But if you want to find the true cause of the disease, then you can not do without laboratory tests. Today, two methods are used:

  • ELISA - that is, the analysis of venous blood, which allows you to find antibodies;
  • PCR - analysis of sputum, which contains the RNA of the virus.

The disease also affects blood clotting. Therefore, the doctor may see abnormalities in the study of the complete blood count. Often associated with increased blood pressure, as well as severe intoxication. This is manifested as a lack of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea. In order to neutralize these symptoms, it is necessary to provide a respite for the body. That is, restrict the diet to the diet until such time as the appetite wakes up.

flu-free treatment

How to treat

Flu symptoms without fever need a mild correction. Do not forget that antibiotics are ineffective in viral infection. Moreover, they only inhibit immunity. In the presence of a secondary bacterial infection, the use of antibiotics becomes justified.But you can take only those drugs that are prescribed by the doctor.

If there is no temperature, and the patient’s condition is satisfactory, then more attention is paid to eliminating the symptoms. You need to stay home and rest more. Doctors prescribe a half-bedded lifestyle and be sure to have a daytime sleep. Drinking plenty of liquids is the main recommendation, as the liquid helps to eliminate toxins from the body. In the early days of the disease it makes sense to take antiviral drugs. For example, "Arbidol", "Anaferon" and others.

What to drink with the flu without a temperature

Often parents try to feed sick children. But you need to understand that now the body has more important tasks than the digestion of food. And the strength to fight infection needs a lot. Therefore, give preference to light foods rich in vitamins. It can be chicken or vegetable broth, light soup with crackers.

But you need to drink as much as possible. Tea with honey and lemon will be very useful. Just do not add them to boiling water, so that useful properties are not destroyed. A good drink is tea with raspberries. Doctors recommend making healthy berry fruit drinks.To do this, currants, cranberries, lingonberries or viburnum need to be folded in a teapot and pour boiling water. This fruit drink will be not only tasty, but also very useful for the child's body.

how to treat flu without fever

How to deal with other symptoms

Often a few days after the appearance of the first symptoms of a person begins to disturb a cold. Doctors have different opinions about the correction of this phenomenon. Most believe that it is not necessary to treat a runny nose, because the discharge of mucus is a natural defense of the body. Moreover, the vasoconstrictor drops that are used to treat it simply prevent the outflow of mucus, but do not remove the cause of its formation. To alleviate the condition in case of a head cold, it is recommended to rinse the nasal cavity with a solution of sodium chloride or sea salt (1 tsp with a small slide into a glass of very hot water).

Coughing is the second symptom that is typical of the flu. Syrup from black radish juice and honey (one to one) will help to improve expectoration of sputum. Take it to the tablespoon three times a day.

It also happens that a few days after the start of treatment the temperature suddenly rises. In this case, the appointment of antipyretic drugs.It can be paracetamol or coldrex. At the first sign of the flu, it is better to stop going to work and stay at home.

Preventive measures

Regardless of whether the flu is flowing with or without fever, it is still quite a serious illness that puts a serious strain on all organs and systems. And of course, the disease is better to prevent than to cure. The most important thing is to strengthen your immunity. This is a general concept that includes a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, vitamin intake and hardening.

It is also important to avoid the risk of infection:

  • do not visit places of large concentrations of people in the period of epidemics;
  • do not contact people who have the flu;
  • follow the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Air your home regularly.

Herbal-based medications also help strengthen the immune system. These are tinctures of echinacea, ginseng and eleutherococcus. Flu without a cold is a reason to think about the state of the immune system. It may be worthwhile to consult a doctor.

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Flu without fever: is it possible Symptoms and treatment of disease 5

Flu without fever: is it possible Symptoms and treatment of disease 40

Flu without fever: is it possible Symptoms and treatment of disease 10

Flu without fever: is it possible Symptoms and treatment of disease 86

Flu without fever: is it possible Symptoms and treatment of disease 8