Saturday, 14 April 2018

Mommy and Me Crochet Petal Stitch Slippers

The cutest spring booties/slippers you will ever make!
It is spring finally! Tulip leaves are poking out of the ground and planting season is starting in a couple weeks! I have been designing in flower theme in anticipation of spring and this is probably my favorite design yet!
So cozy and beautiful, these slippers are the perfect Mommy and me set Today I’m sharing with you not only the pattern for 3 sizes, Adult, Kids, and Newborn but a Step by Step Video tutorial of how to do the Kid Slipper Size!
Come check it out here!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Flower Crochet-Along

Flower Crochet-Along:   *Flower Crochet-along* Three flower patterns with a video crochet-along to help you master them! It’s fall. It’s gray outside. what better time than to plaster your home with …

In my last video tutorial I promised a quick fun way to practice all the basic crochet stitches. Here it is! Crochet along with me step by step and learn how to do 3 of my go to crochet flowers! Check out the blog post to see the video and print out the patters! Get some symbol pattern practice as well!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

New pattern up in store! Crochet Baby Shorts Pattern with Video Tutorial- Diamond Collection

New Pattern!

The Crochet Baby Shorts Pattern from the Diamond Collection!

First of the four patterns to be released! Here's the link for it
Why buy the pattern when I post so many free ones here. Well there is a full video tutorial included because no one has time to get confused. Also I include sizing for all the sizes from 0-24 months in written form with pictures! So head over to my store and check it out


*This is a Pattern for the shorts, not a finished product. Upon purchase the pattern will be available for instant download*
This is a pattern and video tutorial for the CUTEST COMFIEST Baby Shorts from the Diamond Collection. This pattern is perfectly wonderful on it's own or to be purchased in addition to the other 3 patterns in this collection. 
What makes this special??
* It's so comfy and stretchy for babies to waddle around in
* Elastic is used around the waist to keep the shorts from falling off while staying comfortable
* Great learning experience for learning how to make a shorts base with elastic
* Learn how to cable stitch crochet the diamond part of the shorts! Adding texture to crochet is just so much fun!
* Learn how to front post double crochet stitch if you don't already know or get some practice on it! (Not a common stitch)
*There's a VIDEO TUTORIAL... Need I say more?? 
*****I GUARANTEE CLARITY in my patterns!****
Nobody wants to spend money on unclear patterns. If any part of my patterns are confusing I will rewrite it...add to the video... and send the new version to everyone asap!
Included in this pattern: 
*Written pattern in standard crochet language for each size
*Pictures of steps
*Open work symbol pattern for the diamond part
***VIDEO TUTORIAL*** 1 hour and 30 minutes
The private video link includes:
*How to do the shorts step by step
*How to insert the elastic
My patterns are probably the most comprehensive pattern you will find and I am determined to help you learn so if anything is unclear just message me and we will figure it out!
The following sizes are included:
0-3 Months - 16" Around Bottom
3-6 Months - 17"
6-9 Months - 18" 
9-12 Months - 19"
12-18 Months - 20"
18-24 Months - 21"
**Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced (but don't forget I'm here to help so go for the challenge!) 
If you are good at counting stitches and can see which stitches are on top of each other you should have no problem because that's the trickiest part involved in the diamond part.
Materials Needed:
4 Ply cotton yarn (3 ply if your baby overheats easily)
5.00 mm hook
3/4" elastic (20" should cover any size)
Needle with a Large Eye

Monday, 13 April 2015

Vintage Collection - Boutique Baby Dress and Headband Crochet/Fabric Set in Store!

Introducing the Vintage Collection**  In My Shop Now!

A new collection in teal, aqua, white, silver, and grey! Perfect for that special occasion and for just plain showing off how cute your baby is! Each one packaged and ready to come straight home to you or to a friend! There will be 9 sets in every collection! Two Newborn, Four 0-3 Month, Two 3-6, and One 6-9 Month. I will always post when I introduce a new collection so you can jump on them! Come to the store to check them out I'm super excited about them so I hope you are too!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Annnnd I'm Back!

Hi everyone!

 I can't believe we've hit the 1 million views mark! This started as a place to record my crochet references and has quickly grown to everyone's quick reference which is just great I'm so happy about that!
I haven't been posting for a while consistently really because I've been trying to figure out what I want to do really...I mean so many options! Well I'm back and with full vigour and determination to teach the world to crochet and sell some finished products on etsy!

So here's the big news!

Introducing Crochelina Patterns!

I am now selling my patterns on etsy! I have posted the 3 patterns from my most popular collection thePurple Baby Summer Collectionto start off! I will be posting a new pattern in my shop every week so keep checking!
What's so special about these patterns?? VIDEO TUTORIALS!! Each pattern comes with it's own video tutorial because there's nothing more confusing than a written pattern or symbol pattern on it's own! Also included are full written patterns and symbol patterns so you can have as many methods as possible to make the learning process easier and more fun!

My Store

Let's Learn and Create Together 

Wait there's More!

For those of you wanting finished crochet products I have created a new line of100% cotton 100% one of a kindbecause I only make one of each, Half Crochet Half Fabric Boutique Baby Dresses with Matching Headbands!! (Feel free to cheer!) I am super excited about this design because each one is totally unique and shows the beauty and diversification of crochet in a modern and exciting way!

Introducing the Vintage Collection**  In Store April 13!

A new collection in teal, aqua, white, silver, and grey! Perfect for that special occasion and for just plain showing off how cute your baby is! Each one packaged and ready to come straight home to you or to a friend! There will be 9 sets in every collection! Two Newborn, Four 0-3 Month, Two 3-6, and One 6-9 Month. I will always post when I introduce a new collection so you can jump on them!

I'm Still Not Done!

Introducing Biweekly posts here and Weekly Video Tutorials!

For those of you wanted to become better crocheters I am going to be posting atleast 2 posts a week adding new resources and adding 1 video tutorial a week to the crochetpedia youtube channel!! 
Many of you have watched my Quick Basics of Crochet for Beginners video and have learned from that. Now I am going to start a playlist of how to crochet from start to finish adding a new video every week! It will be jam packed with all you need to know to become a confident expert crocheter. It won't be your basic how to videos...for example for the "How to Chain Video", I'll show you how to make the best chains, consistent chains, include fun projects you can do with just chains, and show different methods of crocheting into different parts of chains to give different looks! So check in again in May for new weekly videos!
Why am I doing this?? I love crochet so much! It is my relaxation, my creative outlet, and I want to spread that hapiness around! 
Last but not least have a wonderful day

Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Work - New baby girl collection done

I just finished another baby girl collection "Baby blues Summer Collection" with a dress, headband and shoes
They are up in my store now :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

My First Baby Model!

I decided I should model my crochet outfits so here is my first baby modddddel!!! And how adorable is he???? Let me hear it!!!
Modeling the Navy Diamond Collection
These pictures are going up on my etsy storeCrochelina soon so people can see how cute my outfits would look on their baby boys :) He is officially going to be my new cover baby! 

 This is baby Hamudi. He is almost 6 months old wearing my 6 month outfit :)

 Love the shirt on him it's sooo cute...
Awwwww...Thanks to Suzanne for letting me model my outfit on her baby Couldn't have wished for a better model!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Navy Diamond Baby Boy Collection

Just finished my new baby boy outfit the "Navy Diamond Collection"! I love designing.. it came out just the way I wanted it to! Here is the collection below The bottom fishing hat is going up on etsy as a pattern sale soon. So if you like it I will be selling the pattern for it :) I am in love with this collection

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My work - Baby Boy Outfit

Here is another one of my designs for baby boy outfit sweater and diaper combo... I need to add some shoes and a hat still probably a newsboy hat... anyways I have pictures with buttons and without. The person I sold this to wanted it without buttons so here it is :) I like the sweater a lot... and the diaper cover is adjustable with a tie to keep it snug! I will add color next time I make this maybe a couple stripes...anyways I like how it came out.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My Work - Yellow Summer Baby Dress and Outfit Design

Here is my second baby clothes collection! This particular one is for 3-6 months but I can adjust the size for any baby age... This is my daisy dress design for the summer ^^ getting ready to start my etsy shop after I finish my pink baby outfit... Anyways so the set consists of the dress... Sun hat... headband... and slippers..
 Here is the closeup of the dress with the daisy buttons and little daisy bouquet It's really fluffy and cuddly... who says crochet dresses have to be frilly! ^^
 Here is a little sunhat I made with daisy bouquet... it is super stretchy so as the baby grows it will stretch with their head!
 Super adjustable daisy head band... the buttons fit between every stitch so yes supperadjustable
 Cute Slippersss... very soft and stretchy Oh so cute...
Advice for everyone... when making a design write everrrything down... including the hook size and the little details because you will forget eventually! :P I keep a word document and I just add everything to it along with a little notebook for sketches...

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Work - Winter Blanket Completed!

Finally Finished my Winter Blanket Project! It was meant for a double bed but somehow it also fits on a queen bed with the edition of the border ^^ It would look good on either size. I have the start of my pillow project in the background to make a decorative back pillow with a brown and blue border... maybe some mini snowflake border.
 Here is the final center piece for the cover after a lot of animals made and trial and error... have some snowflakes and dear and two birds...I actually have white and blue parakeets so these were made to look like them ^^ Also I made a pile of snow at the base under the dear which is fluffy... So there is my 3d applique section of the blanket
 This shows the snowflake border... :)
 There is a close up of the start of the pillow... some snowflaky wintery kind of design... when I finish the pillows I'll post them :)
Final thoughts... this was a great project... I learned a lot from all sorts of stitching and reading symbol patterns because I did so many different kinds of squares and even designed some of my own... it was really fun and worth it... took a long time and a lot of yarn... but it will be forever ^^ 

Friday, 5 April 2013

My Work - Newborn Baby Girl Outfit, Dress, hat and shoes

I saw some cute baby girl dresses and had to try it out! Baby clothes are pretty fast to work up and oh so adorable...
Here is the outfit I came up with.
 Here is the front of the dress with the matching shoes and hat...
 This is the back of the dress with 2 flower buttons and one sewn in with the ribbons coming out...
This hat is completely my design to match the dress ^^ I love it...
 These are cute Marry Jane shoes with little flower buttons on the side :)
 I'm considering starting to sell my work... don't know about the time commitment...

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