Fried hake Simple recipes

If anyone does not know, silver hake was very popular in the vast Soviet country. It was used in canteens on fish days, on holidays and on weekdays. And all because it is really very tasty fish, despite all its “mass character”. It is non-greasy, without annoying small bones, useful. In addition, it has a low calorie content. Fried hake is a favorite dish not only here, but also, for example, in Japan. Without any competition, as they say. Let's try and we cook it!

fried hake

Fried hake

If you like crispy and lean fish with a fragrant crust, then be sure to fry the hake in the pan in a large amount of boiling oil. And we will show you how to do it correctly.

Ingredients: several headless hake carcasses, a lot of vegetable oil, salt and flour.

We defrost the hake at the natural temperature in order not to lose the useful qualities of the fish. Then we trim the fins and rinse thoroughly. We cut fish for portions and salt. You can roll in any seasoning for fish (the main thing - do not overdo it with this case).Next, roll the pieces of hake in flour. Heat oil well in a skillet so that the fish do not drown, namely, it is fried. We turn over gradually so that the “blush” is formed evenly. The crust should be smooth and golden. This can usually be achieved in 15 minutes. We spread on a large plate. We decorate the dish "Hake fried" with fresh herbs. Serve to the table, for example, with mashed potatoes.fried hake

Hake fried in batter

Pre-preparation of fish produced on the same principle. The secret of the dish is the right batter. It can be prepared in various ways. Here are just a few.

Option 1. Beat one egg, a spoonful of mineral water, salt and flour until the state of uniformity (consistency - thick sour cream). Next, the slices of prepared fish (preferably small ones) are dipped in the batter, put in the pan with almost boiling oil. Fry very quickly, before the formation of blush on both sides of the piece.

Option 2. Klyar is intoxicated, on beer or white wine. The remaining ingredients (except mineral water) are the same. All mix to the desired consistency (dough - like pancakes).

Option 3. With cheese and dried herbs. Ingredients of batter: egg, a little dried greens (a teaspoon), half a cup of dry white wine, grated hard cheese of any brand - 100 grams, flour, seasonings.All mix up gradually to the desired thickness.

Option 4. No eggs. Ingredients: flour - a glass, a little turmeric, a glass or one and a half of light beer, salt, pepper, ground. Greens can be put dried.

Mix turmeric and pepper. Add flour. Slowly pour in the beer and bring to the desired density.

In any of these options, the fried hake should be very tasty. The main thing - to monitor the formation of the crust and not overcook. And also - the pieces of fish should be small enough so that the process of frying itself takes place quickly.

hake fried fillet


Fried hake (fillet) cooks well in the slow cooker and in the oven. However, in the first case, the process is still a bit like extinguishing. And in the oven (especially with the function of aerogrill) - just out of competition! Or on an open stove, grill, standing in the courtyard of a private house in a specially equipped place, on wood or coal - generally wonderful!

On a pillow of vegetables

We will need: a kilo of fillet of hake, two carrots, two onions, several medium-sized potatoes, hard cheese - 200 grams, vegetable oil.

On a baking sheet, pre-oiled, lay out a pillow of vegetables, cut large: potatoes and carrots.Next - fillet, cut into small pieces. Top - onions, and - in the oven for half an hour. Before readiness for 10 minutes, you must sprinkle the dish with grated curd cheese to form a brown crust.calorie hake fried

Another option is hake, fried in foil, with salt. Here we act as simple as possible: we sprinkle the prepared fillet of hake thickly with sea salt, wrap each piece in foil and roast it in the oven at 180 degrees. Salt can not be sorry. Her fish will "take" as it sees fit, without overloading. Before the finals (after 10 minutes), you can open the foil to form a crust on top. To do this, we also introduce hard grated cheese into the components of the dish. Then we take out the work of culinary art, develop and eat with a side dish and salad. Well this dish is combined with mashed potatoes, french fries.

Enjoy your meal!

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