Gastritis in pregnancy: symptoms and treatment

With the diagnosis of gastritis in acute or chronicabout 80% of the working population face the form all over the world, with the age this figure even more increases. The period of bearing of the child does not refer to painful conditions, rather, on the contrary, pregnancy is a sign of good female health. But what if there was an exacerbation of gastritis in pregnancy? After all, conventional medication can be contraindicated. How to ease the condition and not harm the child? Let's look at the situation in more detail.

The diagnosis of "gastritis"

Gastritis - this is the name of the disease,caused by inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Can have acute and chronic forms, manifests itself in different ways with increased and decreased acidity. This disease is not considered serious, but if you do not pay attention to the symptoms and do not eliminate the causes, a simple gastritis can lead to ulcers and even tumors. Gastritis in pregnancy is aggravated for the simple reason that such a state of a woman is a stress for all systems of her body, they must work with a doubled load and therefore become more sensitive to all negative influences.

gastritis in pregnancy

Symptoms of chronic gastritis

Gastritis during pregnancy is diagnosed bythe symptoms are difficult, especially in its chronic form. The fact is that some of its signs are similar to the manifestations of first trimester toxicosis. Disease of the stomach, in turn, increases toxicosis and negatively affects the well-being of the future mother. In chronic form, gastritis is manifested by slight relaxation of the stool, flatulence, heartburn, fatigue, increased excitability and frequent overwork from small physical exertion. It is important to recognize gastritis in time in pregnancy. Treatment, started on time, will help to avoid many problems.

Symptoms of acute gastritis

Attack of acute gastritis begins with discomfortand pain in the stomach, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, general weakness, fever. Dizziness is possible. The pain is spastic. The color of the tongue changes, usually in this case it is covered with a yellowish or gray-white coating.

Different characters have symptoms with increased andreduced acidity. With a high acid content, gastritis during pregnancy symptoms show heartburn, especially after taking acidic or sweet food; eructations and frequent stool disorders; pains in the abdomen appear on an empty stomach and often disappear after eating. For gastritis with low acidity, a characteristic manifestation is an unpleasant odor from the mouth, burping with the smell of a rotten egg, heaviness and rumbling in the stomach, nausea in the morning.gastritis in pregnancy, than to treat

Causes of gastritis

  • Bacterium. If before doctors believed the main cause of the disease is malnutrition, then after promulgation of research scientists acknowledged that most often gastritis causes the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. This discovery was made relatively recently, in 2005, and was awarded the Nobel Prize.
  • Food. Overeating, frequent consumption of fatty and high-calorie food, lack of vitamins.
  • Bad habits. Alcohol in large quantities leads to a violation of the acid-base balance, a similar effect has and nicotine.
  • Chemicals. The development of gastritis can lead to uncontrolled use of certain medicines, abuse of products containing harmful chemicals, excessive air pollution from industry and transport waste.
  • Causes of psychological nature. Influence on the normal work of the stomach is often a neurosis, stress, depression.
  • Internal problems. Genetic tendency to defeat the mucous membrane, pathology in the structure of organs. Duodenal reflux is the so-called rare phenomenon when bile from the duodenum enters the stomach, irritating its walls.
  • Glistovye infestations.

Why there is gastritis in pregnancy

To better manage the disease, you need to knowits cause. The state of health of the future mother depends on her health before the onset of pregnancy. Why is a woman called a "weak sex"? At all, physical strength is not meant. The state of health of the girl, the woman from the very birth is directly related to her childbearing function and the further state of pregnancy. It happens that problems with GIT organs appear in absolutely healthy women precisely in the period of expectation of the child. Gastritis of the stomach during pregnancy can appear as a consequence of hormonal disorders. This may also lead to a restructuring of the endocrine system of the future mother, a lack of iron and other vitamins and trace elements. The fact that during pregnancy chronic "sleeping" gastritis is manifested by an acute form is often caused by a change in diet: women often lose their appetite, or, conversely, the feeling of hunger increases, and the absorption of a large amount of food begins.

gastritis in pregnancy, treatment

Diagnosis of the disease

Suspected of gastritis in pregnancy? What to do? Be sure to go to the doctor! Since the symptoms of gastritis are very similar to the symptoms of other diseases, you can not make yourself a diagnosis yourself. All the unpleasant feelings future mother must necessarily voice to her doctor, and he will send for further examination, if necessary. At the reception the expert conducts palpation - it helps to identify the places of painful sensations, suspected inflammation. Diagnose gastritis in pregnancy, primarily through laboratory tests: a biochemical analysis of blood, urine and feces. If these primary analyzes do not give a complete picture of the disease, a probing and ultrasound examination is prescribed.

Ultrasound can examine all organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The sounding makes it possible to obtain a sample of gastric juice for study.

The most accurate representation of the stateThe shell of the stomach gives an endoscopic examination with the help of a chamber lowered into the cavity. This method of diagnosis, like sounding, refers to unpleasant procedures, so doctors try to apply it only in case of emergency, when otherwise it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis.

chronic gastritis in pregnancy

Diet for pregnant women

To gastritis in pregnancy is not the causeunpleasant additional ailments, especially women are prescribed a special diet. This rule applies to those for whom the disease has taken a chronic form, and those whom it does not yet worry: you already know that during the period of childbearing the factors contributing to the occurrence of gastritis are doubled. Proper and adequate nutrition is the main thing for an excellent health.

The main dietary requirements recommended by doctors during the period when gastritis has become worse during pregnancy are as follows:

  • meals in divided batches at least 5-6 times a day;
  • sharp, smoked and fried dishes are prohibited;
  • Salt, sugar, jam, baked goods - are limited;
  • useful mineral water such as "Borjomi", provided that the woman does not have swelling.

The basis of the diet should be dairy andsour-milk products, cereals, puree from non-acidic vegetables and fruits, compotes and kissels. Low-fat varieties of meat and fish cook better for a couple or boil. You can eat steam omelettes, eggs, steam cutlets and meatballs. Allowed butter, vegetable dishes, non-acid soft fruit. Of drinks, a decoction of the dog rose is useful, but from coffee and strong tea one must refuse.

After stabilizing the state, you can enter into the menu potatoes, pasta, weak and low-fat broth.

A special diet is useful for all pregnant women, without exception, not only during the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

gastritis during pregnancy what to do

We will treat!

Gastritis is a disease that many suffer, andThere are a lot of medicines produced. The situation is aggravated by the fact that drugs that are prescribed usually for pregnant women are not all. Chronic gastritis during pregnancy is not treated. For this, first of all, it is necessary to destroy the Helicobacter pylori bacterium. Antibiotics, which are mandatory for this, are harmful to the fetus and are contraindicated during pregnancy. Antimicrobial "Metronidazole" can not be used in the first trimester, in other periods only for the intended purpose and under the supervision of a doctor.

With acute gastritis and exacerbation of chronicPregnant women are prescribed drugs that protect the inflamed mucous membrane of the stomach and facilitate the condition of the woman. To this end, apply "Gastrofarm." From pains in the stomach, "No-Shpa" relieves, of nausea and vomiting - "Tserukal." Reduces the increased acidity, relieves heartburn "Maalox" (in some cases, this drug is prescribed with reduced acidity).

Gastritis with a low level of acid is treated with drugs "Panzinorm", "Pepsidin", "Riboxin".

In addition, in combination with drugs, multivitamins and preparations that raise the level of iron can be prescribed.

Know the causes and methods of treatment should eachwoman, but only a doctor can appoint an individual medicine according to individual indications. In no case can you do self-medication, not only the mother's health, but also the baby's health.

gastritis in pregnancy, symptoms

Gastritis in pregnancy: treatment folk

Do not be skeptical about recipestraditional medicine. In the case when the drug chemistry is undesirable for use, medicines donated by nature are no less effective. Often doctors for future mothers to remove the unpleasant sensations of gastritis are prescribed herbal teas and decoctions. Again, a caution: not all herbal preparations for gastritis during pregnancy can be consumed. Some fees may include components that cause bleeding and miscarriages. Therefore, buying a pharmacy gastric collection, carefully read the annotation, there are always indicated the features of use by pregnant and lactating women.

Universal healer for all troubles withthe stomach is chamomile. Useful broths of St. John's wort, fennel, thyme, willow-tea, parsnip, cumin seeds and dill. Additional sources of vitamins are teas with the addition of dog rose, ginger. The utility of herbal tea increases if you drink it with honey. Just do not forget that honey at temperatures above 60aboutC loses its properties, it is better to add it to warm tea or use a snack.

All familiar and popular echinacea, ginseng, parsley, peppermint can be taken in small doses.

Prohibited during pregnancy, oregano, wormwood, lovage, yarrow, tansy, barberry, nutmeg - these funds can dramatically stimulate the uterine activity.

preparations for gastritis in pregnancy

Folk prescription for gastritis

Miraculous properties for the treatment and prevention of gastric diseases are oats, and not only in the form of porridge. Stabilize the mucous membrane will help its decoction.

It has no contraindications, has an enveloping property, relieves heartburn.

Hercules in this case is not suitable. We need whole dried oats with husk. Grind them in a coffee grinder or blender. Half a cup of the powder obtained, pour half a liter of water and cook for 20-30 minutes. The resulting broth cool, drain, divide into three doses and take half an hour before meals.

How dangerous is this?

The main question that interests futuremothers: how dangerous for a child gastritis in pregnancy? Than to treat or not to treat at all, to avoid side effects from medicines? Let's say at once, gastritis is not a disease that affects the development of the fetus, it is not included in the list of contraindications for pregnancy. But it is necessary to treat it, it is unequivocal. The best option, when the expectant mother in advance, before the onset of pregnancy, will undergo a course of health therapy, will adopt a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

But if something happened that happened, to remove attacks of exacerbated gastritis and not to allow their recurrence is necessary. What is dangerous gastritis? Let's sum up.

Because of it the general condition of the woman worsens, there is a constant weakness, dizziness. The period of toxicosis lasts longer and harder.

Spasms of the stomach, frequent nausea and vomiting can cause uterine contractions and lead to miscarriage.

An untreated gastritis can eventually develop into a peptic ulcer and become the root cause of tumor formation.

Cure the chronic form of the disease during pregnancy will not be possible because of contraindications in the use of many types of medications, but to calm the irritation of the mucosa is necessary and possible.

The most favorable for treatment during this period are herbal preparations and strict adherence to the diet.

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