Gazprom's bonds are a security asset

In a crisis of the economy in peoplethere is a problem of saving earned money. There are several options: investing in real estate, buying currency, replenishing strategic food stocks, placing on bank deposits.

In addition to the above, there is another possibility - the acquisition of debt receipts of reliable companies. Long-term securities provide an opportunity to receive an annual small but regular income.

One of these securities is Gazprom's bonds.gazprom bonds

Issuer rating

PJSC Gazprom is an energy sector company. Types of production activities:

  • exploration of mineral resources;
  • handling of oil and gas resources;
  • processing and sale of hydrocarbon products;
  • production and sale of electric and heat energy.

PJSC "Gazprom" is in the lead in the world's top three public feedstock companies according to Forbes magazine.

The Government of the Russian Federation controls the activities of PJSC Gazprom.

The company's reliability rating and forecast as of 2017 look like:

  • Dagong: AAA; stable;
  • S & P: BB +; positive;
  • Fitch: BBB-; stable;
  • Moody's: Ba1; stable.

Alternative to deposit

The deposit is more familiar to the consumer. Let's compare the proposed type of investment with a deposit.

Log into the transaction. A deposit in some banks can be opened from one thousand rubles. Debt securities are usually issued with a face value of 1 thousand rubles. But they are traded on the stock exchange more often than the face value with a lot in one paper. That is, you can invest less than a thousand rubles.

On deposits the client receives profit in the form ofof the declared interest. The yield of Gazprom's bond consists of coupon payments plus the difference between the face value and the purchase price. Suppose a customer bought one paper at a price of 95 percent of the face value, that is, for 950 rubles. Then, at maturity, he will receive a profit of 50 Russian rubles. This is a plus for coupon payments.

As a deposit can be closed at the request of the client, andto sell the bond on any day. But if the deposit contract is terminated prematurely, the depositor usually loses interest. And when a bond is sold, a coupon profit is accrued to it for the period of possession of the security.

It is often necessary to visit the bank for deposit operations. The client can perform all actions with bonds independently, having concluded the contract with the broker and installing the trading program.bonds of the gas industry

Ruble debt receipts: price, schedule, yield

The nominal value of ruble bonds of Gazprom is 1000 rubles.

There are several ruble issues in circulation. For example, the series BO-19 and BO-20 with a maturity date in 2043. The yield on them is determined by the issuer from the calculation of the interest of the coupon period Kmn:

TOmn= (CPI - 100)% + 1%,

where the CPI is the consumer price index.

The coupon is directly linked to the current inflation index. During the existence of the BO-19 series, the coupon interest varied from 7.3 percent to 17.4 percent. In recent years, the income is 8.3%.

Currency receipts: cost and demand

Eurobonds have a price in euros or in dollars.

For transactions with European bonds of Gazprom it is necessary:

  1. Conclude a brokerage service agreement with a reliable company.
  2. To make the first payment to the brokerage account.
  3. Install the trading program. The broker will advise convenient free software.
  4. Think over the terms of investment and formulate for yourself the purpose of acquiring. Select one or more suitable Eurobonds.
  5. Make a purchase.
  6. Control the change in price and quotes.

gasprom yieldYield of one European bond of Gazpromlies in the interval 2.75-9.25%. The total amount of the profit from possession is made up of the amount of coupon payments and the difference between the prices of acquisition and sale. Revenue of 12% is achievable when working with brokerage shoulders.

Additional profit at maturity may arise from exchange rate differences at the time of purchase and on the date of termination of ownership.

The owner can submit in the program at any timean application for the purchase and sale of tradable debt receipts. For example, if the price has risen to 105 percent of the face value of 1 thousand dollars. Then at the sale the owner receives plus 50 dollars.

How to buy a piece of Gazprom

You can buy securities in many ways.

The first option is to establish a trading program andwork through a broker. Be careful. Not all issues are available for trading through the program. Some assets need to work directly with the broker over the phone.

The second option is to buy shares of open mutual funds. Two funds work with both ruble and foreign currency assets.gazprom bonds plus

The PIF "Gazprom - Bonds Plus" accepts minimum investments in the amount of 1 thousand Russian rubles.

The mutual fund "Gazprom - Foreign currency bonds" starts from 5 thousand rubles.

The register of issues, taking into account valuable debt receiptsorganizations "Gazprombank" and "Gazpromneft" contain almost 60 titles. There are papers with a circulation period of up to 2034. There are issues with the end of circulation in 2018. The choice of the duration of investment of free cash remains with you.

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