General assault armor 6B43: description, characteristics, protection class

A wide range of various personal protective equipment for military personnel is presented on the world market. In response to the overseas abundance of similar products, the Russian manufacturer issued a general-purpose assault armor 6B43.

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Since 2010, this protective agent is included in the equipment of Russian soldiers. Information about the design, purpose and characteristics of body armor for this model is contained in the article.


Body armor 6B43 is a means of individual protection for special forces officers and military personnel of Russia. Used by ground units, marines and airborne troops.

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In accordance with GOST R 50744-95, this combat equipment item is protected by class 6A. The bulletproof vest is made in St. Petersburg, at the Tekhnik enterprise.

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Unlike the previous versions, the bullet-proof vest 6B43 possesses the improved tactical and technical characteristics. The equipment element provides the fighter with reliable protection against cold and small arms, shell fragments, mines and grenades. A soldier, dressed in 6B43, a bullet of 7.62 B-32, fired even at close range, from a Dragunov sniper rifle, will cause absolutely no harm. According to experts, when using a 6B43 body armor, the likelihood of a soldier acquiring an armored contusion injury is reduced to the maximum.

About the design

The design of a bullet-proof vest 6B43 provides 4 sections: chest, back and two side. Each of them is equipped with an armored element of a certain shape.

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The connection of the thoracic and dorsal sections is provided by special adjustable devices. With their help, body armor can be customized individually for a specific fighter. Fastening the side sections from the back is made at the waist level. In the process of putting on protective equipment they are applied to the sides of the soldier. The connection of the side sections with each other is carried out in front. For this purpose, the early 6B43 models were equipped with a special velcro belt. Today, synthetic straps with fasteners are used.

general assault armor 6b43

After the side sections are fastened in the front, the chest is superimposed on the body of the serviceman. In the manufacture of body armor used modular principle. Equipment 6B43 presented in two versions: basic and advanced.

In the manufacture of external covers manufacturer used high-quality wear-resistant fabric. For matter, a special camouflage color is provided, due to which the attribute of combat equipment is hardly noticeable in the infrared and visible wave bands. Black color is designed for body armor used by the special forces of the FSB.

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For the product, a unified system is provided by which the pouches and pockets are attached to the product. According to experts, with the 6B43, you can also use the 6Sh112 universal regular transport vest.

About armor elements

6B43 is equipped with six corundum ceramic-composite armor panels "Granit". They are located in sections and provide body armor protection classes 5A or 6A. In the thoracic section and groin apron each contains one armored panel, and in the dorsal and lateral sections, two each.

About the basic configuration

The combat equipment attribute is equipped with the following elements:

  • Anti-splinter module with a total area of ​​47 dm. sq. Provides circular protection for the neck and torso of a serviceman.
  • Unified anti-bullet chest and spinal modules. The total area of ​​protection against each module is 8.2 dm. sq.
  • Thoracic and spinal ventilation damping modules.

The weight of a bulletproof vest with a basic configuration of not more than 9 kg.

About the extended set

Additionally, 6B43 is equipped with the following modules:

  • Side bulletproof (armored panels), covering 3.5 square meters. dm square
  • Inguinal splinterproof - 5.3 square meters. dm
  • An inguinal bulletproof module that also provides 5.3 dm protection. sq.
  • Shoulder splinterproof, an area of ​​17.2 dm. sq.
  • Dorsal lower bulletproof - 3 square meters. dm
  • Side vent-depreciation modules.

6B43 weight with an extended configuration is at least 15 kg. The price of a bullet-proof vest with additional modules varies in the range of 100-120 thousand rubles.

About security levels

This attribute of combat equipment, not equipped with ceramic armored plates, is able to provide 1st class protection. The same level is inherent in shoulder pads and an inguinal apron.Protection levels 5A and 6A is possible only in the presence of ceramic armored panels.

About Testing

6B43 was created in 2009. After successful state tests carried out in the framework of the Zabralo-Sh development work, this body armor was approved by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Testing 6B43 occurred in several stages:

  • The vest was kept for two hours at a temperature of -50 degrees, and then subjected to fire. A similar procedure was performed at +50. The fire was made of weapons of various calibers.
  • 6B43 fired upon soaking in sea and fresh water.
  • The armor panels were thrown three times from a 1.5 meter height onto a concrete surface.
  • In 6B43, with armor panels installed in the sections, an 80-pound mannequin was dressed, which was dropped from a 2-meter height.
  • The vest was also subjected to decontamination and decontamination procedures.

About the merits

According to experts, the strengths of 6B43 are:

  • Expanded scope of application. The vest is suitable for use in various climatic zones. Its high index of protective properties does not depend on the temperature regime: 6B43 is effective, both in 50-degree frost and in heat +50.In addition, atmospheric precipitations and fuels and lubricants are completely unaffected by the combat equipment.
  • The weight of the body armor can vary in the range of 4.5-15 kg.
  • 6B43 provides anti-bullet protection up to 30 dm. sq.
  • Thanks to an improved design, a soldier can quickly upgrade a body armor depending on conditions and combat missions.
  • Developers 6B43 provides for its instant reset.
  • 6B43 is characterized by improved ergonomic and overall indicators. You can wear it over winter uniforms, removing for this ventilation-damping modules. Also, it is not excluded the option of its hidden use under clothing.
  • Affordable price. Body armor can be purchased for 95 thousand rubles.

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Opinion of experts

According to Russian experts, the 6B43 model is designed very competently. Despite the fact that the Belarusian engineers were also involved in the work on this attribute of combat equipment, the body armor was made exclusively from domestic components. 6B43 has one single drawback. It lies in the fact that in the positions of "sitting" and "standing" soldiers often have difficulties with separate adjustment straps.The reason for this was the fact that the manufacture of rubber tapes over 60 mm wide was not established in Belarus. As a result, the creators of 6B43 divided the adjustment straps, thus increasing their durability.


Due to the high level of protection, 6B43 is not inferior to the best foreign models. On the basis of this model was created a bulletproof vest 6B45. The upgraded version is not much different from its predecessor. Special attention of designers in this development was paid to additional equipment.

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