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Generic - what is it? The question certainly interests anyone who has ever met this term. And the answer to it is very simple: these are drugs that are cheap, effective, and absolutely reliable. What is the difference? Say, there is "Aspirin" - an expensive drug known German brand "Bayer". And there is acetylsalicylic acid in simple packaging, which costs about 15 times cheaper. So, generic is the second option.

Why cheaper?

The creators of generics save on scientific research, they do not need to pay for the work of scientists and physicians who would create a new tool for many years, improve it. And this process takes not only money, but also time. To recoup their costs, well-known brands are forced to put a high price tag on the product.

generic what is it

Generic tablets are easier and cheaper. The manufacturer takes a ready-made prescription and makes it medicine, which delivers to the pharmacy, changing a few letters in the original name.This medicine will not be patented, the manufacturer will invest a minimum of money in its production, therefore the price for the consumer is lower.

Is it according to the law?

Reading about drugs such as generics, reviews, it seems that you can trust these drugs. But doubts creep in: is it a fake? If you resort to exact terms, then you can call the drugs of this group that way. Nevertheless, they are completely legal and really high quality. At the same time, the original manufacturers dislike generic companies, and this is not surprising, since such “fakes” significantly reduce their profits. There is another aspect: the manufacturer of the original composition improves it and releases a novelty to the market without side effects, but it does not attract the attention of the buyer, who is attracted by the cheap generic.

Avoid fakes

There are original generics and fake drugs. It is necessary to be able to distinguish these two groups in order not to be in an unpleasant situation. Generics can be compared with pirated films - they are identical to expensive drugs, but are produced under a different name.Sometimes minor changes in the composition are possible, but the main active substance does not change.

generic viagra

But a fake is a medicine in which the manufacturer has replaced the main substance with a cheap composition. There is a chance that there is no medicine at all, but a certain neutral component, for example, chalk. Generic drugs in our country occupy up to 95% of pharmacy shelves, in Canada they own 64% of the market, they are chosen by half of French buyers, up to 30% by Japanese and up to 15% by Americans.

Below are some well-known drugs and their generics, which allow you to save on the most important drugs that should be in every home.

Original drug


"Aspirin Ups"

acetylsalicylic acid
















echinacea extract




Generic "Cialis" is a quality product with a strong effect. This tool has gained wide popularity among the male population of the planet.The components of the drug have a positive effect on:

  • an erection;
  • potency.

The use of "Cialis" leaves in the past erectile dysfunction, psychological problems, self-doubt, inability to build normal relations with the fair sex.

best generic

"Cialis" was created by men and for men, so the medicine is different:

  • the duration of the result;
  • rapid onset of effect;
  • lack of addiction;
  • harmless to the human body.

Power, effect and benefit

Many have come across such a thing as a generic. What it is? For example, when choosing an analogue of "Cialis" the effect will be the same as when using the original medication. At a relatively low price (the difference with the original is substantial), the impact force on the human body will be no worse than when using an analog. Please note that the drug has practically no contraindications. Very rarely manifestations of side effects are recorded. The use of the drug is possible at any age, so the problems with erections have ceased to be a misfortune for young people and those who are older.Undoubtedly, social status also no longer plays a role, because the best generic can be bought for little money. Virtually any man can afford this.

Action - like the original

Generic - what is it, how does it work? Consider the example of "Cialis". Since the main active component in the analog and the original is the same, the effect of these medicines is identical. As for the situation as a whole, Cialis is similar to other drugs developed to restore erection. When taken after a short time, relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis is observed. Blood circulation is becoming more active, which provokes not only a powerful erection, but also lasts for a long time.

original generics

Indian generics "Cialis" affect the genitals in such a way that increases sensitivity, erogenous zones are activated, and a man can enjoy an orgasm, experiencing new, bright, stronger feelings than he had known before. The problems of untimely ejaculation are a thing of the past. The time of intercourse is lengthened. The pleasure of sex can get more both partners.

And how else does it affect?

"Cialis" with regular use has an additional positive effect on the human body (however, not only this generic can boast of this). What it is? Watching:

  • increase immunity;
  • body recovery with increased speed;
  • resistance to stress loads.

What does it work on?

On the example of "Cialis" you can see what generics are made of. The list of ingredients always begins with the main active substance. In our case, this is tadalafil. This component has been developed to improve blood circulation in the genitals and relax the smooth muscles of the male penis. With the regular ingestion of tadalafil, the hormones return to normal and the production of testosterone is normalized. The problems associated with early ejaculation are forever gone, and the erogenous zones become more sensitive.

generics list

Tadalafil is completely safe for humans. It does not cause addiction. As auxiliary components in the generics are present:

  • cellulose;
  • lactose;
  • magnesium stearate.

It is allowed to use generics "Viagra" when taking alcoholdrinks (up to 100 ml). You can compose the drug with vitamin supplements and biologically active drugs.


This drug has proven to be extremely effective. The practice of using it for erectile dysfunction is common. When it is necessary to prolong an erection, or for various reasons, a man cannot achieve it, it will help him exactly the generic "Levitra". The components of this medication act very quickly and show their effectiveness regardless of the age of the patient. In the course of the experiments conducted by the manufacturer of the original medicine, it was proved that portability is simply excellent. The original tool was developed by the largest company, Bayer. But analogues on sale mainly come from India.

Is there any difference?

Before you buy the generic "Levitra", carefully examine the packaging of the proposed funds for you. In that case, the drug is trustworthy when the main active substance in it completely coincides with that used by the manufacturer of the original drug.

indian generics

If it is determined that the agent is identical, you can take it without hesitation.Levitra generics are manufactured in licensed factories under the supervision of highly qualified specialists. There is no doubt about the quality of the medication you are interested in. But avoid questionable points of sale, illegal and unlicensed. In such places there is a chance to encounter a fake, where instead of really working substances in the composition there will be only a white harmless and useless powder.


Finally, generics of “Viagra” are the most sought-after drugs on the modern market for male potency. It so happened that the drug developed by Pfizer turned out to be the most popular, effective and efficient, which was assessed by men who doubt their sexual power. Over the years, the drug has proven to be effective, useful, completely safe and non-addictive. On sale it is represented by bluish tablets. Their reception requires only a few seconds - you need to drink a capsule with water. Easier and can not be! The result can be expected in the near future.

For everyone

Is there such a person in our society who have never heard the word "Viagra"? Perhaps, there are none - unless they are very young children.A generic of this medicine is produced by Indian pharmaceutical plants. The popularity of a relatively recently developed drug proves its effectiveness. Not to mention another advantage of the drug - it is more than affordable.

generic drugs

Key positive features:

  • quick response;
  • the duration of the orgasm;
  • the power of sensations during sex;
  • the possibility of repeated sexual contact without a time period.

All this is due to the main active ingredient of "Viagra", called sildenafil. Invented a few decades ago, the drug was an excellent way to eliminate problems with the presence of arousal and the duration of erection.

Viagra: how does it work?

Generics "Viagra" are indispensable for those people who regularly suffer from erection problems. Statistics show that erectile dysfunction in most cases is caused by the state of the vessels of the reproductive system. When you take the drug significantly increases the blood flow to the male penis, so that an erection occurs quickly. It is important to note that such a reaction is not forced, it is absolutely natural,and therefore does not pose a danger to health.

generic reviews

The main component of "Viagra" is activated when the body is experiencing sexual arousal. When sexual intercourse has reached its peak and ejaculation has occurred, the penis relaxes - everything happens exactly the same as during normal intimate interaction. The effect of taking the drug manifests itself in the course of natural attraction. The drug affects the natural mechanisms.

How to use?

Generics "Viagra" are on sale in the form of small tablets. Take them inside, focusing on the time so that between the time of swallowing and the beginning of sexual intercourse was at least an hour of free time. At one time can not take more than 100 mg. In some cases, the maximum possible dose for a single dose is reduced to 25 mg. At the same time, they are guided by weight, age, general state of the organism and individual features peculiar to a person. Do not get involved in the drug, if the history contains dysfunction of the kidneys, liver. When violations in the work of these bodies can not actively use generics "Viagra".

When can and can not?

You can safely choose "Viagra", if a person knows his problems with erection. The drug is effective in a wide range of disorders in the field of sexual relations. It helps with psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction, and with organic. Of course, you can choose it if a person suffers from a complex of both. "Viagra" well helps with impotence. It can be used as an effective drug for pulmonary hypertension.

generic levitra

But it is not recommended to use generics of "Viagra" in the case when hypersensitivity to one or several components of the drug was detected. It is unacceptable to combine the reception of "Viagra" with:

  • nitrates;
  • nitric oxide donors.

People who have been diagnosed with the following pathologies choose these drugs very carefully:

  • genital deformity;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • leukemia;
  • myeloma;
  • sickle cell anemia.

It is not recommended to take Viagra and its generics at a younger age.

Summing up

In conclusion, it should be said that generics surround us in everyday life, although we don’t even think about it.How often do you buy aspirin, the packaging of which costs 200-300 rubles? You must admit that in the home first-aid kit there are probably simple paper packages of acetylsalicylic acid, which cost 10-15 rubles. Without fear of choosing such well-known, widely used generics, you can equally safely buy and analogues much less commonly used in everyday products. In particular, generic "Cialis", "Levitra".

generic cialis

These drugs have shown their high efficacy at low cost. There is nothing to fear here: the whole thing is the absence of patents and the fact that the manufacturer does not spend time and money on the development of the drug and its testing. He just makes the drug according to a premeditated prescription. But generics can only be used in accordance with the instructions (as well as the original drugs). When used correctly, you can be sure that they will give you the happiness of a full-fledged sex life.

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